Zedwallet, A New Simplewallet for CryptoNote Currencies

Some of you may have noticed in the last few releases that Simplewallet has been looking a bit more polished. In fact, what you may not have noticed is the old Simplewallet is gone, and we’ve all been using the new Zedwallet since v0.4.2.

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This Week In TurtleCoin (June 10, 2018)

TurtleCoin turns 6 months old this week! — Web Wallets, GUI Wallets, Pay per Pixel and more!

turtlecoin-api-docs-site — “The Walletd RPC client documentation effort wrapped up this week and was moved to https://api-docs.turtlecoin.lol. It currently has code examples for Shell/cURL, JavaScript and PHP, with Python coming soon.” — ar-x & tmac25 Continue Reading →

This Week In TurtleCoin (June 3, 2018)

We passed 500,000 blocks this week, and learned that pinging 11,000 chat users is the quickest way to get to 10,000 chat users!

Gladiator Bot —“Gladiator Bot is now in full swing! He has a fully functional leveling system where turtles can fight to the death and earn experience to level up! At present, levels provide you with bragging rights. As time goes on, that will change. More importantly, wins and losses are now being tracked and can be displayed per user by typing *level in the colosseum! Gladiator Bot now also has his own wallet set up which in the coming days will be incorporated into his code to allow fight prizes to be won! The leaderboard code is coming together nicely and this could also spell the beginning of weekly tournaments! For my first JS project, there have obviously been hiccups and times when the bot has crashed but I thank you all for being patient with me as I fix these bugs and thank you still for pointing these bugs out to me! As always, I’m happy to receive suggestions for the bot and am taking them all on board.”— Rynem Continue Reading →

RogerRober and CrappyRules Take NYC

A Turtle in Los Angeles and a Turtle in Chicago both leave by car at the same time to reach a crypto conference in NYC by 4:20PM. Who gets asked to leave first? Let’s find out!

RockSteady — Today at 7:09 PM
Thanks for taking a minute to tell me the longer version of the Crypto Influence Awards night. I hope this relates to the readers some of the insanity of that whole event, and everything that led up to you guys getting there
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TurtleCoin Weekly Roundup (May 20, 2018)

This week we commandeered a crypto conference, released two web wallets into beta, rubbed elbows with rappers, explored MUDdy text-based dungeons, and won the Crypto Influence Award for Best Community of 2018. We are just getting started.

Fexra’s Web Wallet —After weeks of anticipation and false promises, I’m happy to announce that TurtleWallet Beta has officially been launched! There are still many kinks and performance issues to be addressed, and that’s where I need to help from all the wonderful turtles! Please head over to https://beta.turtlewallet.io to signup. Continue Reading →

LIVE Stream — Crypto Influence Summit 2018: Will TRTL Win “Best Community”?

For those of you who aren’t aware, we’ve been nominated as “Best Crypto Community” by the folks at Crypto Influence Summit. You can watch live on https://www.cryptoinfluencesummit.com

We are honored!

We have to thank the community in our Discord Chat for helping us reach almost 11 thousand members in such a short time! We’ve been the most active crypto community out here, with a mission to educate people who are new to the crypto space. Continue Reading →

We’re Under Attack.. Here’s what’s happening, and how you can help.

The network is being hit with small denial of service attacks. Nothing is at risk, or being destroyed, it’s just annoying, and we need your help to stop it.

Whats the attack?

By spamming small transactions with lots of tiny inputs and high mixins, someone is knocking daemons offline that can’t handle the mixing of such a high number. Mainly it is affecting pools and public nodes. Windows daemons don’t seem to be affected. Linux and Mac daemons may see an increased number of segfaults. Continue Reading →

Weekend Roundup (May 6, 2018)

In this episode, Zpalmtree crashes half the network and we all try to keep eating like everything’s fine…

  • Network Blip — Services are returning to normal after this morning’s interruptions 🙂 Please check your daemons for uptime just in case.
  • Nest GUI — Jon’s “Nest” GUI gets an upgrade, with help from Zoidian! “With Nest featured on the official TurtleCoin website as the number one GUI wallet came a spike in downloads, and with that, a spike in dev motivation. Today’s 0.21 release of Nest brings, among other things, the possibility to change the fee and the mixin count, a button to transfer the full balance, confirmation dialogs for transfer and wallet creation, the app has its proper icon, and last but not least, thanks to zoidian, no more annoying, unnecessary, exasperating, infuriating walletd black window. Our windows users will know what I’m talking about…” — Jon

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