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Weekly Roundup (Mar 16, 2018)

The chat grew to 8,902 Turtles this week!

“When I first came across TurtleCoin I loved the idea of it and the culture behind it. I wanted the logo intro to show the speed, encryption, and strength of the coin with the reminder to, have fun in the end. I look forward to being a contributing member of the community with the goal of helping to translate the concept of Turtle Coin visually, through design and marketing.” — Nolo Yojimbo

woo-turtle makes it really easy to accept TRTL on your woo-commerce store
  • Fexra’s Woo Turtle Extension — Fexra made a Woo-commerce integration that securely talks to our TurtleCoin software so that merchants can open stores in just a few minutes and start selling! This is awesome! I had to get a quote: “The TurtleCoin WooCommerce Extension, a gateway plugin for the ecommerce software WooCommerce that runs on WordPress, has received some very much needed updates today! Thanks to @TheTimeWalker the plugin supports now any local currency that CryptoCompare offers a BTC pair with. Furthermore, I have added RCP password support, allowing the plugin to interact with the latest version of the TurtleCoin walletd daemon. I would also like to thank @derp-derp-derp for getting me motivated to siginificantly improve the readme file and admin panel instructions. For instructions, screenshots and the code head over to our repo. Much love, Fexra.”

Iburnmycd’s Public Tracker and Public Daemons! Thank you!
  • Iburnmycd’s Public Daemon Tracker and Daemon Proxy— “My wife and I love TRTL and the community. This is our way of contributing. I’m working on improving on my node monitoring wrapper over the next few days that helps keep the node synced and responsive. Once that’s done I’ll be working on cleaning up my API proxy that interacts with any publicly reachable node so that I can publish that to github as well. Sometime in between those things I’ll spin up additional nodes in Europe for my Public node service. Looking forward to big things with Turtlecoin.”

Wiedo’s Transaction Checker Bot
  • Wiedo’s Transaction Checker Bot —“I love the TurtleCoin community so I’d like to give something back. I have a little bit of time and it’s been a while since I programmed something so I started with something small. Four hours later I had a discord bot running which checks if your TRTL transaction is confirmed or not.” Great job Wiedo! I can’t wait to see this in our #bots channel!

Ms Bones aka Mooshmouse on Facebook submitted some really cool fan art that got a really positive response in the chat a few nights ago! Her art is NSFW I’ve been told, so save that search for after work!

When asked to provide a quote about his new role as Warden, Moot slid a kite under the door to Watter which read the following…

ZPalmtree’s new CLI wallet
  • ZPalmTree New Wallet — “I’ve been working on updating simplewallet to be a bit more user friendly. Hopefully the UI will be a bit a bit easier for newbies to get used to, and the program will let you know when things are taking a while rather than leaving you in the dark. It also has some cool new features like fusion transaction and transaction splitting to prevent your turtles from ever getting stuck, and view only wallets!”

  • Cision’s Block Explorer —“I’m really happy that i’m able to contribute a blockexplorer service to our turtlecoin community, i will set up a load balancer over the weekend so there will be a failover system for it — alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
    Turtle-Block Block Explorer —

Take V’s GUI Wallet
  • TakeV’s GUI Wallet “Shell Wallet”— “Slowly adding a simple network monitor to my wallet app, and fixed most of the bugs I was having. Need to fix up the loading time since it still takes like 5–10 seconds to load a wallet file and verify the password and server info, getting there”

Rainbot’s taking a week off — It has come to our attention that the rainbot has been used for a malicious purpose, for this reason, we have decided to temporarily disable it. In hopes to relaunch with a fair and equal system that makes everyone feel included — Xsais

Wise words from Alien

Madk’s Tipbot++ is an instant hit!
  • Madk’s Tipbot++ — “Turtlecoin is a community project, and the best way to grow it is to share the love, which is why I wrote trtlbot++, a new tipping bot for the discord channel. Plenty of new features are on the way, including tipping multiple people at once and joining in on someone else’s tip!” mad “not a professional quote maker” k

  • CptCrunch’s Stickers — Looking to show off to the other TRTL Miners? Wanna Slightly increase your miner’s hash rate? Then get yourself an OFFICIAL TRTL Sticker. Currently we have The Turtle Shield with the Name And just the Turtle Coin Shield Each Sticker can be yours for 9K Turtle. + FREE Shipping within the US. For all you International Turtles. Shipping is $1.15 USD. I am currently still covering this cost but I do take TIPS to my Wallet 
    All payments can be sent to : TRTLuy3FLBFaqyi13pgp3g7h8tH5BffSNeeEMF9c2e2CRKx2yJFpN9kcDnpfrHbynr5LpM8Li9UY4ifTrs4wAtm2WxVyYfQRi59
    DM me your shipping address or an address you can pickup the stickers from if you want to stay anonymous. I don’t disclose your mailing address with anyone or 3rd party Advertisers! LOL Above is a Picture of the Stickers. Cowabunga! TRTL Crew

Ryan’s Turtle Racing
  • Ryan’s Turtle Racing — “Turtle Racing is developing slowly and steadily. Turtles are now saved entities so every time you see one by that name it will have the same skin, accessories, and some base stats that will be surfaced. Names are now read in from chat and put into a database with a daily login bonus. Betting odds and camera angles are currently being worked on. Keep an eye on the chat where I look forward to having some test races soon.”

Fexra’s Web Wallet
  • Fexras Web Wallet — “Development on TurtleWallet took a slight detour this week, with the implementation of a queue job processing system. In simple words, this will allow turtles too keep using the TurtleWallet like normal (except for receiving transactions), when connection is lost with the blockchain. This creates a very smooth user experience, which I hope will make the web wallet and its API a stable solution. I’m further pleased to announce that sending, receiving and confirming transactions is now fully functional, along with an app and email notification system. About 95% of the functionality has been implemented now, and focus will be put on the public website, user design and server security the coming days in preparation of the Beta. I know I promised the Beta this week, but it may take a tad longer due to the slight detour, stated earlier :)” — Fexra Zuckerberg Esquire III
  • TurtleCoinCashGold RIP — We hardly knew ye.

  • Just in case you missed our livestream on Category5TV, our community members 98Shiraz and Jeffw did our first 4 hour long typhoon party live stream on their awesome channel, Category5TV on YouTube. You guys should check them out and give them a subscribe to show thanks!
  • turtlecoin-walletd-rpc -python — “this is the beginning of the library and basic funcationallity like creating addresses, viewing balances or keys, sending transactions work fine. Fusion transactions are missing but i’ll work on that next. Also there will be proper docs and package will be uploaded on pypi (so people can just pip install it)” -FantasticSleep

  • derp-derp-derp iOS Tracker — “The iOS version of Pool Monitor picked up some help from another Turtle this week and we published a couple of maintenance releases including:
     — Remote pools list management for faster updates
     — Bugfix where app crashed when no hash rate chart was available from pool API
     — Connection check and API down error handling
     — Added
     — Added
     — Removed
     — Removed”

Shoutouts and Honorable Mention

We are excited to be introducing a new dev-turtle to the pack! Welcome wmccurry!

Alien shouts out the TurtleCoin Instagram

Join our Steam group TurtleCoinTeam
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This Week In TurtleCoin (Mar 2/9, 2018 )

The chat grew to 8,467 Turtles this week!

“/V or even /^” — nnamon

Tonight’s Turtle Typhoon Event!! Free TRTL!! 
Mine the Storm!You are Invited to the Raindance Party!

  • From 8pmEST/1amGMT on Friday 9th March

Category5TV has offered to livestream the typhoon:

If you are mining TRTL and would like to donate to the rainbot during the Turtle Typhoon, change your wallet_address in your xmr-stak config to the raindance donation address: TRTLv3nW7vX3WXx5CRprf1ifYcY26yYPiVK9E6ocN91DKpUmqADA17n9qcE9QBCgJriGZZcbHuwwKFC8RomYVPDZah8dBN32BbZ

  • Guys at Coinlib just put trtl up:
  • TurtleCoin now has a YouTube channel for posting tutorials and howto’s for new uers! The guys in the #dev_marketing channel really are turning this into something cool looking, as always
  • Montcalm’s Pool- “Cool Mining Club is back in Cryptonote mining, opening a new Turtle pool at ,high end support/server for all miners, lot of experience from running a Monero pool during one year at early age of Cryptonote coins. Low fee (0.2%) and lot of good luck ! 🙂 Happy Mining eveyrone”
  • TMAC25’s turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-php — “turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-php, is just a simple PHP wrapper for the TurtleCoin walletd JSON-RPC interface. Feel free to bang away at it and let me know where I’ve screwed up. I’ve been lurking around the discord for a while, and really just wanted to start trying to contribute. Love the community around TurtleCoin!”
  • EncryptedUnicorn’s One Click Miner —I’m pretty excited about this project, because it really legitimizes the project in a lot of new user’s eyes. This is a big step forward for the ease-of-entry for TurtleCoin. EU came out of nowhere with this one, which seems to be a theme around the TurtleCoin Discord chat, and something I’ve come to appreaciate about the community 🙂

A few days ago I had the idea of making some kind of (desktop) one click miner for Turtlecoin and I started to develop it myself and it has already progressed faster than I expected. It’s pretty much just a GUI for xmr-stak that selects best trtl pool to mine on (currently only considering the ping time) and starts xmr-stak in the background with the chosen settings. It also has a “mine to raindance” option ;)It’s far from being perfect or finished yet, but it already works as it’s supposed to. I’ve written it in C# for windows.” — EncryptedUnicorn

  • fexra’s TurtleWallets— “TurtleWallet aims to close the gap between TRTL (TurtleCoin) and real world application. Our vision is to lower the barriers of entry for not only the average day-to-day user , but also app and game developers. We hope to achieve this by offering an easy-to-use web wallet, that comes with API support and advanced monitoring and insight reporting. These are just a few of the many features we are working on. If you would like to participate in the beta, follow @fexra on twitter or keep your eyes peeled on the TRTL reddit page.”

TurtleWallets has one vision: lower the barrier of entry for 1) average people, 2) app/game developers

Hence TurtleWallet will come with API support, and offer plugins for wordpress, magento and perhaps even libraries for langauges in the future

“I have a day job working on games, and am working on a turtle racing game at night, I hope to share more with you guys in a few weeks.” -Ryan, Turtle Racing Game
  • Ryan’s Turtle Racing — “Turtle Racing is a 3d game being developed in Unity that will be a livestreamed and let viewers place horse race style bets via chat commands. Players can enter and name their own turtle, and buy them cosmetic hats! It is mostly using open source assets and being developed in my spare time slowly but steadily. I am hoping to have a beta race in a few weeks!

Actually betting would be cool, it is being developed for pure fun not profit, I am planning to give a free daily reward of an in-game currency and have a special race once a week or so that the winner would get turtle coin as a prize, but I am up for other ideas or when I’m done someone can take the source code and make it into a gambling thing.” -Ryan

  • GT3000’s TRTL Game — “Another week another milestone, with content complete, we have begun polishing the UI. Here’s another teaser image to keep you guys sated. Still no date on release but it won’t be too much longer now. Keep fighting the good fight against our ILLUMINATI overlords! Turtle Forever!” 
    Man I cant wait to see how this one turns out, Im dyin! — RockSteady
  • derp-derp-derp iOS pool tracker — “You might remember Adi G.’s pool monitor for Android being released a few weeks back. Well now an iOS version is available as well. The functionality is similar to the Android version, where you can put in your wallet address and the pool you’re mining on, and it gives you all of your stats right on your iPhone or iPad. TRTL Power!”
  • cvstn’s Riddle — “I made a series of riddles to give the folks in the TurtleCoin Discord something to scratch their heads over while hanging out. Each level in the riddle contains keys to a wallet with increasing TRTL rewards. It’s been a lot of fun watching the community tackle the weird questions in the riddle, even if certain questions are a little abstract. At the time of writing there is still over 1 Million TRTL waiting to be claimed by some clever person.”
  • CPUGuru’s Pool — “The Challenge Coin project (, whose mission is to ‘Give Back’, is utilizing mining as a means of social outreach and purpose for disabled, mobility impaired and shut-in Veterans.They have fired up an off-centered Turtle Pool called ‘Turtle Power’ at where currently 24% of TRTLs mined by the pool are donated to the @TurtleBotRain address for raindances!The Challenge Coin project chose TurtleCoin as their debut cryptocurrency because of the community involvement and laid back atmosphere.”
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This Week In TurtleCoin (Feb 24 2018)


It was another steady week here at TurtleCoin HQ, many rains were had, but no turtles were hurt in the ensuing floods!

Aditya’s TurtleCoin Pool Monitor

Let’s enjoy Reddit while it’s still a thing!

The /r/TRTL Subreddit is celebrating 1,200 subscribers!! Congratulations to our community team that is memeing our way to the top, around the clock! Subscribe now for all of your quality TurtleCoin content and discourse ->

  • Decentralized Exchanges — Work continues on getting TurtleCoin added to a decentralized exchange, for the purposes of reliability and security. Remember, if your TRTL is on an exchange, you’re not in full control of it.
    The current integration effort is for a DEX called Bisq, which you may remember as BitSquare. The qualifications and requirements for being listed are few, but you have to code your own integration and then get it successfully merged as a pull request to the main software repository for the exchange, and the author explicitly states that you get one chance, and one chance only at this, or you’ll be blacklisted. Needless to say, we are measuring three times and cutting once!
    Bisq DEX —
  • Fixing Stuck Transactions — Recently, we’ve noticed people sending transactions with a large amount of inputs, but only the network minimum fee, and they get stuck easily in the transaction pool, which can really suck! Fortunately, we’re working on making these types of sticky transactions less of an issue. ZedPea had a quote and some ideas in regard to a solution: “Would be cool if you could mentioned the transaction pool bugs being attempted to be fixedI guess just don’t worry folks who have stuck tx’s, we’re working on fixing it — if they want more info there’s an explanation here —
    Thanks, Zed, I hope we’re able to help free the Turtles! — RockSteady

This one came attached to GT’s quote, and I’m just going to leave this filename how it is… (wrongneighborhoodmotherfucker.png)
  • TRTL Game Devs, UNITE! — Our game devs really lit a fire under things this week in the chat, and I can really see some steam building in that department! If you’re an aspiring game dev or asset designer, you should check them out in the chat! Bebop took a second to get with GT3000 for a quote on this week’s developments, “Work progresses on our untitled turtle game, we’ve finished the Minimum Viable Product, and have begun fleshing out the content. Our noses are on the grindstone to really get this out to people and we’ll have more information soon but here’s a teaser image to tide you over. Keep fighting the good fight against our ILLUMINATI overlords! Turtle Forever!” Nice! I can’t wait to play! Good job, you all!
  • Life’s Pool Tracker and Converter —“I’ve made an android app for pool tracking and converting TRTLs to other currencies. there is no github repo yet, it’s going to be opensource someday… it’s getting updates weekly, I’m currently working on notifications, so if your miner stops, you get notified, etcyou can test it out yourself” — LiFe[MGLolenstine] 
    Good job! I hope to see this one open sourced some day, so the community can learn from what you’ve made. — RockSteady
    Pool Tracker —
  • Derp’s Pool Watcher —“hoping to have an alpha of iOS pool watcher ready by Sunday or Monday night. steady she goes on my side” — derp-derp-derp, thanks for your hard work! We for sure need more of an iOS presence, and this could help.
  • Turtle Runner — Kinjo shared with us a preview of the Turtle Runner Game that’s being worked on. This one’s really cool, and takes me back to my early Atari beginnings, thanks! I can’t wait to lose hours of productive time playing this 🙂

Turtle Runner!

Turtle-Wallet, Python GUI Wallet for TurtleCoin (Image credit, CodIsAFish)
  • GUI Wallets — Just in case you weren’t aware, we have a few GUI wallets that are receiving regular updates and lots of love from our community contributors, and if you’re into graphical programs rather than command line, these are right up your alley!
    Turtle-wallet is our python GUI wallet; if you’re into Python or like tinkering, this is the one for you!
    Xamarin-wallet is our windows GUI wallet; if you just want to unzip a folder and double click an icon to get started, this one is your best bet.
  • Docs and Wiki — AC, Bebop, Zed, and a bunch of other industrious Turtles have been working hard on our documentation fragmentation issue lately. We have a lot of guides, but they’re all spread out, so these guys came together to bring you some cool documentation repos for users, devs, and operators. When they are done, these repos will merge, and become our knowledgebase. I hope some day we can be the most well-documented project out there, and these guys are pushing that vision forward every day!
    “docs repo has been consolidated with turtlecoin-wiki and closed. Documentation organization and cleanup is underway and we’ll have a nice, organized structure for documentation and guides together in the next couple of days” — Bebop
  • —” has been updated with a new way to add your pools. Go to and enter the data. Requirements are not set in stone, and will change with the network. “— Watter from

Bebop’s shoutouts:

AC — invaluable work on documentation, dev site, etc.

fexra — working on a web wallet, support and testing for turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-js

Rybofy — ads

cpnCrunch — stickers

Note: As I’m writing this weeks update (Mar 2, 2018), I see that this article was here, almost-done and unpublished. My logic in posting it now is that I figured it was best to post this in it’s half written state rather than not at all, for historical purposes. Bebop and I were working to pull together quotes and mentions for this issue, but he thought I was posting it, and I thought he was posting it, and ultimately neither of us did it, and while everyone was all-hands-on-deck for a few important issues, this article had to be re-prioritized. If you submitted an update or a quote, please contact me personally and I’ll update this article. — RockSteadyI’m probably missing a few; it’s been a big week! If you’d like your project or update added, please shoot me a line! — RockSteady

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This Week In TurtleCoin (Feb 17 2018)

The chat grew from 4736 to 6945 turtles this week!

This past week has been a rager! We survived the 187000 algorithm change, but the battle’s not over- everything’s forksville again on the pools! With that being said, I’ll keep this weekend update brief while we work on a solution so our pool admins can get a nap! As they say, ‘the crazy life of a blockchain never stops’, if you’re the type that is jazzed about witty puns 🙂

Today’s Value, 2SAT — BTC@10782
  • TurtleCoin on ABC Australia TV?! — TurtleCoin was featured on a segment on ABC Australia, which was quite the surprise! About a minute in to this video featured on ABC, on the right of the screen you can see TurtleCoin’s logo, just about as big as the Ethereum logo next to it. Funny seeing that! A little premonition.. maybe?
    ABC Australia —
  • RPC Disclosure — Our industrious brains on the Turtle Team were working hard last week in disclosing a quite vicious RPC vulnerability, surprisingly still with a lot of bite in 2018, as it was first discovered years ago. The vulnerability allowed an attacker to drain an open wallet as the users surfs the web. MalwareBytes recently interviewed RockSteady about the matter, pending publication.
    RPC Disclosure —

Aditya’s TurtleCoin Pool Monitor
  • Aditya’s Pool Monitor — We have a new contributor who’s currently tearing up the mobile scene with all of his hard work, his name is Adi, and he’s the guy who makes our new Android Pool Monitor! If you’re out and about and you have a cluster of rigs up and mining, you can now check stats from your favorite pools to make sure everything is still moving forward. Great job, Adi!
  • TradeSatoshi — Wallet is finally out of maintenance mode. Thanks to Kim and the team at TradeSatoshi!
    TRTL on TradeSatoshi —
  • Mnemonic Seeds! — Our very own ZedPea seized the day and has integrated importing from mnemonic seeds in Simplewallet, which matches the work that Ereptor did on Paper Turtle that enables us to create them. This means instead of using long view and spend keys, you can now regenerate your funds from a phrase of simple words you can write down or remember.
    Mnemonic seeds will be in the next release, 0.3.3

Out of the Shell, #2 — Turtle? is interviewed about being our best helper
  • Out of the Shell #1, #2 — Our very own, Gigantomachia, has begun a new TurtleCoin interview series that’s getting pretty popular, called “Out of the Shell” where we pull aside contributors from our community and ask them a little about about what gives their shell a spin 🙂 
    Check them out if you haven’t yet!
    #1, Adjoining —
    #2, Turtle? —
  • TurtleCoin Core 0.3.2 —A few changes went in to 0.3.2, and the good news is, this has helped out the exchanges, the bad news is, we’re getting some reports of high volume daemons coming out of sync. This means pool operators are about ready to toss me off a bridge right about now as their chains can get just enough out of sync sometimes to cause problems. We’re working hard on replicating the issue on dev machines so we can narrow down a concrete fix, but in the mean time taking many stabs at possible solutions just in case. As always, we’re optimistic, and this should not affect the overall stability of the network, but it is our first priority and a primary concern to fix this issue. Service operators keep this network moving, often un-thanked! Don’t forget to say thanks to your pool operator, if you see them today.

Golang, will you be our savior? Circle [yes] or [no]
  • Golang, Stability, and the Future — We’ve been hard at work making reliability and stability improvements to the current codebase, in C++. Some bugs have been easier than others, but the whole way, we’ve been getting closer and closer in familiarity to our code base and its little quirks, and it’s left us wondering what more we can do..
     Long story short, rather than put too much more duct-tape on the current project, we’ve begun taking a close look at what a complete redesign may look like, starting with a base written in Golang, with performance and security in mind from step one. We officially broke in to teams Thursday and began the process of assessing the Daemon and Simplewallet components of the project. This starts by diagramming from a protocol level what is needed to make these components work from scratch. 
    I look forward to this project quite a bit, as it will be a fresh start for all of us to create this machine how it was meant to work, from the ground up.
  • Proposal 001 — A proposal has been made for a solution to fix stuck transactions — be sure to make your opinion heard on this issue if you have any feelings one way or the other.
    Proposal for Standardized Mixin, Transaction Size, & Transaction Fees for Large Sends
  • Forknote, Call for participation — Forknote, the project that helped us become TurtleCoin, is looking for development help in integrating Monero into their build software, and as a community, we’re keen on helping those who’ve helped us. Please take a minute to review the details here:
  • GUI Wallets — Just in case you weren’t aware, we have a few GUI wallets that are receiving regular updates and lots of love from our community contributors, and if you’re into graphical programs rather than command line, these are right up your alley!
    Turtle-wallet is our python GUI wallet; if you’re into Python or like tinkering, this is the one for you!
    Xamarin-wallet is our windows GUI wallet; if you just want to unzip a folder and double click an icon to get started, this one is your best bet.
  • Wreiner’s Build Script — This one is more for us nerds, and less for the regular users, but there’s someone named Wreiner in the chat who’s helped us out quite a bit and made a build script that does a few things we were forgetting to do in the Linux builds, which is including static libraries for a few things. If you use Debian to run TurtleCoin, then this one’s for you, my friend!
  • Docs and Wiki — AC, Bebop, Zed, and a bunch of other industrious Turtles have been working hard on our documentation fragmentation issue lately. We have a lot of guides, but they’re all spread out, so these guys came together to bring you some cool documentation repos for users, devs, and operators. When they are done, these repos will merge, and become our knowledgebase. I hope some day we can be the most well-documented project out there, and these guys are pushing that vision forward every day!

I’m probably missing a few; it’s been a big week! If you’d like your project or update added, please shoot me a line! — RockSteady

All Weekly Update

This Week In TurtleCoin (Feb 9 2018)

Today’s Value, 4SAT — BTC@8805

The chat grew from 4736 to 6032 turtles this week!

TurtleCoin turns 2 months old today, and to celebrate, we threw a party for our 5000 members. We intended to make it rain turtles in the chat for only one night, but what followed was a 3 day long monsoon of non stop tips. Bebop was the organizer for the party, and I look forward to what he has planned for 25000 members!

  • TradeSatoshi — We’ve been listed on TradeSatoshi Exchange, and featured as coin of the week. Because of the algorithm upgrade, it’s been a bit of a bumpy road to get them set up, but we’re taking responsibility in finding a solution, while in the mean time TradeSatoshi has been very helpful and patient. Big thanks to Kim and the team at TradeSatoshi!
    TRTL on TradeSatoshi —
  • CoinGecko — Big shout out to CoinGecko this week for getting not only TurtleCoin but also TradeOgre integrated in record time after users started tweeting up a storm demanding Turtles. Thanks guys, you really work fast!
    CoinGecko —

  • /biz/cord AMA — Thanks to ChadTrad for inviting Bebop and RockSteady to the /biz/ discord server to hang out for a few hours and answer some informal AMA questions and have beers with the community. We had lots of fun, answered lots of answers, and made some new friends (hey howard!)
    /biz/cord AMA —
    Astronautt Coverage — by PrinceTurtle
  • Delta Crypto Tracker App — We got added to Delta, so for those of you who need that quick pocket price update for your hoard of shells, you’re in luck! 
    Delta Crypto Tracker App —
  • TurtleCoin Core 0.3.1 — The new algorithm update designed to discourage botnets and hash rate spikes has proven a bit troublesome, which has caused sync problems at our newest exchange integration, TradeSatoshi. 
    We owe a great thanks to use DiscoTim, and his helper Tom, who have done a magnificent job of pinpointing the issue to daemons that use the --data-dir and --log-file were experiencing issues calculating network difficulty. They determined that out of everyone who upgraded to 0.3.1, those who ported their legacy chain from 0.2.2 were fine, and those who syncd a fresh chain from 0.3.1 were unable to run successfully for longer periods, causing many orphans and much frustration. This is my mistake, and thanks again to all of our pool operators and bounty participants who have worked patiently and diligently around the clock to get our services back up again.
  • TurtleCoin Core 0.3.1 Bounty — On the bright side, a chat and github user “DeerTacos” has contributed what they believe to be a fix in a pull request currently being review by our own Napoleon Bonafrog.
    “After running the daemon for a while, the wallet could start to throw an ‘Internal node error’. Sometimes the wallet would get stuck like this, and throw it a few times a minute. You’d then have to restart the daemon to get it to work again. I’m pretty sure my pull request has it fixed. Some other guys are running my code as well to make sure my fix works for them too.” — DeerTacos 
    PR —
  • Facebook Asia — Chat user and contributor Rybofy bought a Facebook ad targeting the eastern community, thank’s so much Rybofy!!
  • Tom’s Block Explorer — Tom’s a good dude, and usually the guy to say “I got a server for that” for just about everything. Check out his block explorer and watch a few blocks get assembled live. “So it looks like an edge case was missed in the difficulty upgrade, existing daemon block caches would be upgraded if present, but new instances would sync from 0 as if the change was already applied. Sorry about this, fix in the works”-Tom —
  • BitcoinTalk Announcement —Thanks to Adjoining, and Napoleon and the rest of the turtles who urged us along and helped us launch our BitcoinTalk ANN.
    BitcoinTalk —

MoonMoonDogo’s Turtle Rain Bot in the #Raindance channel
  • Turtle Rain Bot — Chat user MoonMoonDogo made a really popular bot that accepts TRTL, and makes it “rain” on chat users who try to catch it by responding to the bot with the right emoji. It’s been such a big hit! Thanks Moon!
    rain-turtle —
  • Brand Guidelines —Turtle contributors from the #dev_marketing room put together a really nice brand guidelines book that rivals a lot of professional brands out there, and it’s really helped the community come up with a cohesive look for the project. Outstanding work, you guys!
    Brand Guidelines PDF —
  • TurtleCoin GUI Wallet — Our python GUI wallet got some upgrades to the way payment ID’s and RPC works, so if you were able to send money to an exchange this week successfully, drop those turtles a thank you note and tell them thank you for the great work!
    Turtle Wallet —

Ereptor’s Turtle Map, currently on
  • Ereptor’s Turtle-Map! — This is by far the coolest thing to replace particles.js since the invention of the sparkle GIF. I can’t wait for people to see our new website with the turtle map replacing the old particle animation, because it shows you just how many people there are on our network and how spread out we are. Thank you to all of you, and especially the one guy on that tiny island in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean operating a node; you’re the real MVP! website —
  • turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-js — This is a really important project being worked on, and even though it started out just as a fun common sense thing to Bebop, it ended up being used in some pretty important integrations. Thanks Bebop!
    rpc-js —
Play Turtle Trouble —
  • GT3000 —After the success of last week’s Turtle Trouble, GT3000 couldn’t be stopped as he got right back in the saddle for his next installment in the Turtle Arcade. “On the heels of Turtle Trouble we’re not resting and going into our latest project, as of now it’s untitled but we have a working premise. “In the dark future of 2084, Turtles are a prized commodity that have displaced the USD as fiat currency. However their printing is tightly controlled by the ILLUMINATI until you showed up. From your TURTLESTATION, print Turtles and grow in power. Topple the ILLUMINATI’s control of Turtles and save the world.” We hope to have a working prototype soon and get it into your hands!” Thanks GT3000!!! Love what you’re doing with the story line!
    Play Turtle Trouble —
  • Kinjo’s Turtle Runner Game — Kinjo says We have started development on a new TurtleCoin video game with a native TurtleCoin store. The primary concept involves playing as a turtle who is slowly moving forward. Jump around and hide in your shell to avoid obstacles. But if you get hit, it’s game over! And best of all you can play it in browser whilst you mine!”
    Beginning Dev Soon —
    Kinjo’s GitHub —
    CptCrunchy’s GitHub —
    Giselle’s GitHub —
  • Docs, Docs, Docs! — ZedPea has been really putting in work as far as organizing docs and guides from the community for all types of useful things, but the biggest hit so far is the guide on catching rain!
    Docs Repo —
  • Wiki, Wiki, Wiki! — Bebop and a few others have a work-in-progress on porting docs from the docs repository over to our wiki, and he’s looking for helpers last I heard, so if you’d like to contribute a guide and get your name on the wiki, this is your chance!
    Wiki —
  • Paper-turtle — Paper Turtle got an upgrade this week from the guys in #dev_general who made a mnemonic decoder to match the mnemonic scheme on our paper wallets. Thanks MoonMoonDogo for the decoder, and Ereptor for fixing the paper wallet to provide mnemonics as well as a decoder.
    paper-turtle —
    turtle-decoder —

Follow @crypto_rocky
  • Rocky’s Big Giveaway! — Rocky’s wildly popular Twitter giveaway was a massive success, and was totally a generous way to introduce some new turtles to the community! 
    Three lucky new turtles got 50,000 TRTL as prize for their participation. Great job you all! Thanks to bdougiYO, TayoHatch, and redsandisk for joining the community!
    Twitter —
  • Turtle Memes on the Twitters — Twitter just got a lot cooler this week with the introduction of April O’neills very own personal twitter account, which dispenses all the shelly-meme goodness from our chat’s #meme channel, service up hot copy pasta for all your shelling needs! Post one today!
    Follow TRTLMemes on Twitter —
    TRTLMemes on GitHub —
  • Turtle Xamarin GUI Wallet — This is probably our most popular wallet, and this week it got some updates which should have automatically been pulled in by your wallet, so if you have run it this week, you’re all set! There’s some unavoidable hiccups with the wallet while we transition to our new difficulty algorithm next week, so post issues if needed, but keep in mind it’s only temporary as the network works out the new algo switch.
    Xamarin GUI Wallet —
  • Wreiner’s AUR Repository — Chat user and code contributor Wreiner has done all of us neckbears a solid and made an AUR repository for those of us who are cooler than our friends. You can install with your favorite manager by pulling in turtlecoin-git 
    “For our Arch Linux users we created AUR packages to install with their preferred AUR helper, a bin and a git-based build”-Wreiner
    AUR —

And now a message from our sponsors…

Need some sweet Merch to show off to others that you are a TRTL Coin miner?

This is the first run of TRTL Coin approved die cut stickers for purchase off of the TRTL Coinwebsite.

($1.50 minimum or $0.00035 TRTL Coins, Both are accepted)

For stickers, contact CptCrunch in the Discord chat

For stickers, contact CptCrunch in the Discord chat

I’m falling asleep at the keyboard here, so I want to wish everyone a great weekend, you’ve earned it! If your project didn’t get an update and you’d like to be included, let me or Bebop know about it and we’ll get you all fixed up. — RockSteady

Cowabunga dudes!

All Weekly Update

This Week In TurtleCoin (Feb 2 2018)

Today’s value, 7SAT — BTC@8579

The chat grew from 2736 to 4736 turtles this week! Turtle-devs consumed 14.3 gallons of Red Bull while submitting updates for everything they’d ever touched, it seems. The dev team has grown by a factor of three, and we got a lot of good feedback after the success of the update article last week, so here’s another status check!

Sidenote: Just in case you were about to ask for a different type of update, no, TradeSatoshi hasn’t contacted us about the review yet.

  • The Meetup — Blockchain901 cryptocurrency group invited TurtleCoin developers to present TurtleCoin at the FedEx Institute of Technology. Several TurtleCoin contributors showed up to talk about the technology, the community, and their experiences with TurtleCoin to a large audience of crypto enthusiasts. Bebop attended to lead the discussion and @RockSteady joined remotely via Skype to tell the story of TurtleCoin’s origin! 1,200,000 TRTL was given out and everyone had a good time. Big thanks to @brianwentzloff @serroft and @Ereptor !
    Blockchain901 —

Check out Turtle Trouble by GT3000 —
  • Turtle Trouble Video Game — When I saw this project, I had to take a step back and think about how far this Turtle thing had really gone. GT3000 made a really cool game that is surprisingly addictive. Check it out! 
    Turtle Trouble is inspired by the amazing community surrounding Turtlecoin. I wanted to make a game that would reflect the light-hearted approach to cryptocurrency that you just don’t see very often and is sorely lacking.” — GT3000
    Play Turtle Trouble! —
  • Make It Rain Turtles! — Chat user MoonMoonDoggo adapted the TurtleBot code from CodIsAFish’s TurtleBot and has turned it into a rain bot! Now Turtles in the chat can send coins to the bot’s donation address and the bot announces pending rain, giving everyone a chance to PM their wallet to the bot and do a rain dance to catch free shells as they rain from the sky!
  • WooCommerce TurtleCoin Payments — New user Fexra came in with a bang, quickly putting together our WooCommerce payments integration! Here’s a quick snippet about this project from the creator themself! 
    I’m happy to announce the turtlecoin powered payment gateway for WooCommerce. This plugin will allow any ecommerce store powered by WooCommerce to start accepting payments in TRTL. Currently the plugin only supports USD, EUR, CAD and GBP but the next release will support the 20 most used currencies.” — Fexra
    GitHub —
  • TurtleCoin Multiplatform Easy Installer — Cowabunga! The turtlecoin project installation process is now a fully automated bash script supporting both OSX and Ubuntu which can be loaded and run in one single easy command. Try it yourself in your terminal with the following command all on a single line:
    curl -sL "" | bash
    GitHub —
  • Brian’s TurtleCoin Tshirts — Shirts are still a hit, and new designs have been added to the store! Check them out!
    Store —
  • madk’s Free TurtleCoin Faucet — The faucet took a beating this week, with hungry Turtles chomping at the captcha piece by piece! Adjusted for demand, the faucet now dispenses 1 TRTL, 3 times per day per Turtle! Remember, the faucet is preferred to be used by first timers so they can try out the network, please don’t be greedy! Madk had this to add: “development on the faucet has continued due to overwhelming growth. Implementing security measures to keep it alive as turtlecoin has become more popular have just finished and appears to be a success.
    To add TRTL to the faucet for new users, send donations to: TRTLv14M1Q9223QdWMmJyNeY8oMjXs5TGP9hDc3GJFsUVdXtaemn1mLKA25Hz9PLu89uvDafx9A93jW2i27E5Q3a7rn8P2fLuVA
    Faucet —
  • Tek Syndicate featured a video on how to mine TurtleCoin 🙂 Thanks Logan! We apologize in advance for the price of GPUs, and our effect on them!

  • Paper-wallets —@Ereptor fixed up our paper wallets with better entropy generation. The wallet is now adding extra entropy in every request, giving you better and more secure keys every time.
    Paper-Turtle —
  • TurtleCoin Android — These guys are building an Android wallet using a programming language that is hot on the Android scene called Kotlin. I spoke with mobile developer HolmHolk for this update: there is a dark theme (night mode) now, and some implementation optimization
    Github —
  • Sue from pool had a baby!! 5:02AM – Feb 2nd, 2018! Congrats Sue!
  • Block-Explorer — The bounty for the block explorer has been claimed, and we’ve established a permanent installation thanks to community member Watter who set it up and continues to add improvements. Thanks Watt!
    Watter’s Block Explorer —
  • TurtleCoin FAQ — ZedPea and Bebop have been hard at work assembling our Documentation repository. If you’re a new turtle and you don’t feel like coding but you still want to pitch in, start here! We always need help with Documentation.
    Github —
    FAQ —
  • Community Directory was updated; a simple website called has links to all community services and projects. Please email on gmail if your TurtleCoin service or website is not listed.
  • desktop-xamarin (Windows GUI Wallet) — This is a GUI wallet being created by ‘TheRealCrypt” who goes by the Github username codingwithredbull. This wallet was created using Xamarin, and is quickly becoming the most visually ornate wallet we have. Currently, the wallet splits large transactions, chooses sensible fees, helping new users generate successful large transactions to and from the exchange. 
    Github —
  • turtle-wallet (Multiplatform GUI Wallet) — I spoke with CodIsAFish who has been working with Serroft on our Python and Glade multiplatform GUI wallet. Currently the project is reviewing a sizable pull-request that includes many usability improvements. As our first baked-at-home wallet GUI, this project has a special place in our hearts, minds, and liquor closets. Thanks guys!!
    Github —
  • turtlecoind-js — Our very own TurtleCoin core dev Bebop is working on a javascript wrapper for our software that will let us do cool things like web wallets and bots. He had a few things to say “All rpc interface methods are implemented for both turtlecoind and walletd. Next step is callback handlers and testing and then it should be ready for beta” This is a cool idea, and I can’t wait to see how other projects end up using it! Keep going!
    Github —
  • TurtleCoin v0.3.1 — This forthcoming update has contributions from many devs who spotted improvements and best practices we could implement in the next release. The work is never done! This version includes substantial work from Nnamon and TheRealCrypt. 
    “A few security improvements for v0. 3.1 were made to the core executables. The RPC interfaces to the simplewallet and walletd will require RPC authentication (or an explicit override). Other improvements to walletd include more secure networking defaults.” — Nnamon
    Great work guys! 
    REMEMBER!: Pools and service operators, please update your daemon and service/pool software before block 187,000.
    Github —

Thank you to everyone who provided quotes for this weekend wrap-up! Contributors, readers, users, project leaders, you all did a fabulous job this week! Have a great weekend!

All Weekly Update

This Week In TurtleCoin (Jan 26 2018)

Today’s value, 10SAT — BTC@10856

The chat grew from ~600 to over 2736 turtles this week . Morale has been at an all time high, as well as our ticker value, and even our brawlers have stopped arguing about the practicality of tuples in C# code. All around it has been insanely productive, and you all owe yourself a pat on the back and something bubbly.

Here is a little weekend status update for those of you that are curious what the community did all week:

  • TurtleCoin dev ‘Rocksteady’ was interviewed on episode #3 of Kevin Rose’s new BlockZero podcast about the beginnings of the TurtleCoin project. Please subscribe if you like what you hear, and drop Kevin a line in the chat if you want to say thanks!
    RSS —
    iTunes —
  • Brian’s TurtleCoin Tshirts — These were a surprise hit with the community, and I even got one for myself and Mrs. Steady. Check out this link if you want one, and you can even pay with popular cryptoassets. 
    Store —
  • madk’s Free TurtleCoin Faucet — One thing that’s been an even bigger hit than the shirts, and something that has saved my fingertips has been madk’s Faucet, where you can fill in a TRTL address, complete a captcha, and get a bunch of free TRTL per day, which is completely community supported. “Turtlecoin stood out as an impressive and fun project just from the website. The community was very welcoming and I wanted to get involved in the development work. No working faucet had been made at the time, so I tackled it as my project. A faucet is important to any coin’s growth and I’m proud to say that I made turtlecoin’s first.” Without generosity, this community doesn’t function, and without madk’s generosity, we’d have a lot less turtles out there!
    Faucet —
  • TurtleCoin Android — These guys are building an Android wallet using a programming language that is hot on the Android scene called Kotlin. I spoke with ShAdY in the #dev-mobile chat for this update: 
    “We implemented a basic contact book with a Database(almost done with this, will add search/filtering & backup/restore), QR-Code Features, and an About screen(edited) I’m gonna finish working on the contact book and hopefully we can implement real functionality soon” 
    Developer neverdot also had an update to add, “UX is coming along nicely, as shady said QR and address book is also working, network stats are functional. Still don’t have the turtle code compiling on mobile but there is a bit more progress.” Outstanding work, guys 🙂
    Github —
  • Block-Explorer — We held a bounty contest for the block-explorer, which we forked from the Karbowanec project, and the responses were very quick. The first complete entry was Devopsralf who claimed the bounty of 1MM TRTL Thanks to all who participated and continue to submit updates: Turtle0x1, islandjim, Watt3r, Devopsralf
    Devopsralf had a few words for the readers, “I stumbled upon TRTL by sheer luck. I was instantly drawn to its active community and solid development atmosphere. I wanted to create something that would help the project in general and having a need for a block-explorer was the perfect opportunity for me. I really hopes this project succeeds and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Turtle. Cowabunga!” Good guy Ralf, thanks man!
    If you’d like to host a block explorer, please contact us to be added to
    Github —
  • TurtleCoin FAQ — This one was a much needed labor of love from ZedPea, who took the time to take all of the common setup questions and concerns, plus a concise solution for them and put them into this FAQ for us. This is a fantastic contribution to the project that anybody can contribute.
    Github —
  • Community Directory was created; a simple website called has links to all community services and projects.
  • desktop-xamarin (Windows GUI Wallet) — This is a GUI wallet being created by ‘TheRealCrypt” who goes by the Github username codingwithredbull. This wallet was created using Xamarin, and is quickly becoming the most visually appealing wallet we have. TheRealCrypt said, “I could tell TurtleCoin was a unique project from the start, and wanted in on the development right away. All the developers, including myself, have overcome great feats in very short periods, and it shows the nature of how great one project can be when it has a large amazing community behind it. I have had the wonderful pleasure of working on the wallets for TurtleCoin to help users better manage their coins, and I tried not to stop there. I have been working on modifying the current daemon for use on mobile products, and also help with adding ideas to projects to help push PR higher so that all of us my benefit from the amazing community and project that is TurtleCoin.” And we thank you for supporting us, Crypt 🙂
    Github —
  • turtle-wallet (Multiplatform GUI Wallet) — I spoke with CodIsAFish who has been working with Serroft on our Python and Glade multiplatform GUI wallet. Cod said “Turtle-wallet is currently progressing very nicely, with several pull requests having been made, fixing up a lot of things. We hope to have a bit of a redesign at some point, but our main aim is to get a functional GUI wallet out of the door and working for everyone! Currently we’re just working on a few final things, then the wallet can be tested for a very basic functionality release.” Thanks, guys! This wallet is really fun, and is a perfect start for a new developer who wants to tinker with TurtleCoin.
    Github —
  • turtlecoind-js — Our very own TurtleCoin core dev Bebop is working on a javascript wrapper for our software that will let us do cool things like web wallets and bots. He had a few things to say “turtlecoind-js and turtlecoinwallet-js (name may change there) are JavaScript libraries that wrap TurtleCoind daemon and wallet JSON-RPC calls into easy-to-use JavaScript APIs. These libraries will enable the development of JavaScript/HTML applications that depend on interaction with the TurtleCoin blockchain and wallets.” This is a cool idea, and I can’t wait to see how other projects end up using it! Keep going!
    Github —
  • TurtleCoin v0.3.0 — This update has contributions from many devs who spotted many typos, inconsistencies, and functions that needed help. One of the biggest improvements was a change of difficulty algorithm to remove some of the incentive for large botnets to swarm our network and spiking the hash rate. This change should take place by block #187,000 automatically as long as you’re running the updated software. 
    The source code is up for inspection if you’d like to compile on your own, but if you’re a Windows or Mac user or just don’t have the time, community compiled binaries are on the way. Thanks to nnamon for the git-fu to the rescue!
    Github —
  • paper-turtle — This is our cold wallet or paper wallet generator that we use for We had an issue where it was supplying a mnemonic and GUI key, even though we don’t have anything to interpret or receive those yet, and there were many tears while that got worked out. The mnemonic and GUI key should have never been on there, and it was put up in such a hurry that we ended up overlooking the fact that it didn’t work in our graphical wallet.
    Github —

Thank you to everyone who provided quotes for this weekend wrap-up! Contributors, readers, users, project leaders, you all did a fabulous job this week! Have a great weekend!