Weekly Update

This Week in TurtleCoin (Jan 7, 2019)

It’s been one of the biggest weeks yet and we can’t wait to share our updates with you!

Every week that isn’t directly following a major drinking holiday we like to write an article like this to tell you about our progress over the past week to keep the community in-the-know about our projects. If you have project you’d like to tell us about, tell us about it and you will probably see your project featured in next week’s article!

Now that we’ve got that explanation out of the way, here’s what we worked on this week!

Art by WarlordN1K who runs the TurtleCoin Minecraft Server

Developer Community

Who Sent 10 Turtle – Last week TurtlePay came out so I decided to try and learn how to accept TurtleCoin on a website with it!. After lots of learning and with the help from the Turtle community, the result can be seen in this little game I created: You send 10 TRTL to see who sent 10TRTL before you and what messages did they leave. I purposely made the app and design layout super simple (without even a DB) and open source, so people can contribute or hopefully fork it and open one page shops and apps accepting TRTL through right away. The code can be found here: – mrrovot

Oiboo’s Game Emporium – New Year New Look! I have been busy revamping Oiboo’s Game Emporium, some come and take a look… Over the Christmas break I have been inspired by TRTL EDU and created the “Learn” section. The first tutorial is an intro to “make games quick with open source code”. There are plans for more tutorials from other turtle creators in the community with more fun, exciting projects on the way. So come and play some games or learn how to make then yourself! As always, if you have a project you want featured or if you have any questions, contact me on “” or message me direct on the Dev_Gaming Channel! – Oiboo

TurtlePay – I’ve received some good feedback from a few different developers that are working with the platform. As a result, I’ve made a few tweaks to the core code behind the service this week.
1) Faster delivery of callback messages by disallowing the queue to stack up
2) Data payloads between workers are now encrypted using AES encryption to prevent tampering.
3) The public API now provides a ‘publicKey’ parameter that is generated for each request. All callback messages are being signed with the related ‘privateKey’ to provide verification that callbacks came from TurtlePay.
In addition, I’ve been working diligently on the documentation for the service. I hope to have that done in the next week. – IBurnMyCD

Art by Teacup from the TRTL Network Discord
Art by Teacup from the TRTL Network Discord

TRTL-Stak – TRTL-stak is back with vengeance! The latest release supporting CryptoNight Turtle is ready at Grab your copy today. Special shout out to @WhassupZA#2473 from Plenteum for the hard work he put in making this available for the community. – The Core

Thank you for listening when we asked for help :D
Thank you for listening when we asked for help 😀
This week we are holding strong at #16 Dev Score ranked at 
This week we are holding strong at #16 Dev Score ranked at

Thanks to Andehou from the chat who translated our ASIC article to Chinese!

From The Blog..

    This is an interview with IBMCD who is the development lead on the CN Turtle fork upgrade!
    We also interviewed Cryptohispano about TRTL mining in the Spanish speaking community.

Artwork by Teacup from the TRTL Network Discord

Community Advertising – List of public TRTL nodes, automatically updated with fees, block height, etc. – Our little pool is still looking to grow. Help us get our block times down and help decentralize the mining network. – Tired of those lame old TurtleCoin faucets that throw ads at you, don’t always work, or provide you with a mere pittance? Come on over to where you can earn an infinite amount of TRTL just by completing a Captcha or setting it and forgetting it!

Artwork by Teacup from the TRTL Network Discord

Shoutouts & Thanks

To any developers who are currently developing apps with turtle – I would love if you would try out my new API ( – It’s a replacement for turtle-service, and it gives a bit of a friendlier, REST based interface. If you are having trouble getting it working or have any queries, let me know and I’ll be happy to help. – Zpalm

Thanks to Teacup and Warlord for providing awesome artwork for our publications. I hope you guys keep up the good work, it’s a nice visual touch. – Rock

Shouts out to Biolith and Roger who are both pushing their projects forward despite what people’s expectations were. – Rock

Im thankful for zpalm hes sexi oowwWoooo – Anon

Shoutout to Z. You make me whet with all your mad skillz. One day, I want to be with you. – Fexra

I can’t wait to be at the wedding. – Rock

Weekly Update

This Week In TurtleCoin (Jan 1, 2019)

Happy new year! It’s been a great year with you all, and I hope you’ve all made the resolution to mine more TRTL this year, because we’ve got a heck of an update for you! Read more about the upcoming PoW upgrade! 30 days!

Developer Updates

TurtlePay™ – I’m proud to say that the TurtlePay™ Public Beta launch occurred as promised just before Jan 1 2019 00:00:00 GMT. For those of you that have not been following the development of the project, there’s quite a bit of work going on behind the scene to make TurtlePay™ an awesome tool for developers. The service is FREE for everyone to use and the only fee is the standard network transaction fee of 0.10 TRTL.
TurtlePay™ is a payment processing service that is designed to help developers integrate TurtleCoin™ payments into their existing applications. By providing an easy to use set of tools to incorporate TurtleCoin™ payments into more applications, we hope to drive adoption of the technology to new heights.
Some people just want to write cool applications and develop new tools that allow them to use the technology without worrying about how it works, why it works, or keeping up with the latest and greatest features. Let us worry about the hard parts while you build awesome applications that use TurtleCoin™.
We’re looking forward to see what kind of cool things people start to build based on the platform. We’ve already identified a few tweaks to the current system that need to be made given some of the feedback a few people have provided.
In the next few weeks, I’ll be building out additional documentation on how to leverage the full power of TurtlePay™ and its related tools as well as adding additional features that will only make the platform better.
The platform is designed with scalability in mind and can easily grow as the needs of community grows. You can even run the platform yourself! Stay tuned for further updates! – IBurnMyCD

Mobile Wallet – A lot of people have been asking about a mobile wallet, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’ve got a simple UI running on the phone, simply generating wallets and not much more yet.
I’m working on building out the main wallet functionality in a separate node package ( so it can be used for other things – think web wallets, native GUI wallets that don’t need any of the C++ code, etc. For that reason the repo will be pretty quiet until I’ve got that sorted out. Once the backend is done, it should just be a small matter of hooking it up and making everything look pretty, then off to the races.
This is going to be a native mobile wallet, so it’s not just a web wallet wrapped in an app. Furthermore, you’ll own your own private keys. This does mean you’ll have to scan the chain, which might be a bit heavy on CPU and battery life, but if you create a new wallet rather than importing, it shouldn’t be too bad. – Zpalm

TurtleCoin RPC Nim – This is a Nim wrapper for the TurtleCoin RPC APIs. It includes two modules, `walletd` for wallet JSON RPC commands and `turtlecoind` for the daemon HTTP and JSON RPC methods. There is also a simple example on github showing how to use this package. I have been learning Nim for about a month so let me know if there are any bugs! – DSanon

TurtleCoin-Utils – I’m happy to report that the TurtleCoin node.js utilities are almost complete. This package is designed to provide native JS (and TypeScript — Thanks Z!) methods and calls that work in Node and in browser to create addresses, decode addresses, scan transactions for funds, create new transactions, and even generate the ring signatures necessary to create a valid transaction on the network. I’ll be working on improving (and in some cases creating) the documentation for the package in the coming days to make the entire package easier to use. – IBurnMyCD

Turtacus – Turtacus has been rapidly draining funds recently with very few donations coming in to support him. For that reason, I have begun looking at new ways for his prizes to be generated and funded. In coming time, I will be changing the way the tournament works. There will be an entry fee which will only allow those people who have entered, to make it onto the leaderboard. Anyone will be able to fight but only those entered will gain points for the tournament. On top of this, there will be a new points system for the tournament whereby winning will net you 2 points, losing will net you 1 point. In this way, participation is encouraged win or lose. The entry fee is yet to be decided but will likely be between 2500 and 5000 TRTL per person since this is an easy sum to acquire even just from tips during the week. The tournament prize will be 90% of the overall entry fees collected, with the other 10 % going to Turtacus’s prize fund which will be added to an occasional tournament prize pot. As you can tell, there are a lot of changes coming. It will take time but hopefully, it will encourage more fighters. – Rynem

New Turtle-Service API – To any developers who are currently developing apps with turtle – I would love if you would try out my new API  – It’s a replacement for turtle-service, and it gives a bit of a friendlier, REST based interface. If you are having trouble getting it working or have any queries, let me know and I’ll be happy to help. – zpalm

Promote Your Bounty

250,000 TRTL – Integrate popular hardware wallet from SatoshiLabs, Trezor T in TurtleCoin’s Nest wallet in order to create and encrypt, decrypt wallet and sign transactions with the device. – Elkim

teacup made this :D

Teacup made this 😀

Community Advertising

Tired of all that hard work in the turtle mines, and just want a little bit of TurtleCoin for free? C’mon over to the Llama & Horse TurtleCoin Faucet! It runs a little differently from the other faucets, but we hope this leads to it being self-sustaining in the long-run.

Come join us and help our ducks find turtles. We are a small TurtleCoin mining pool looking to grow. Low fee and friendly discord channel (link on site)

Shoutouts & Thanks

Massive shoutout to MadHatter for building the Nibblebot! You can now send & receive NBX as tips in the NibbleClassic server! – Sups

HAPPY NEW YEAR TURTLES!!! – Turtley McTurtleton

Thanks everyone for a wondrous year! You are all amazing! Here’s to next year! – Oiboo

Shout out to the whole community on such a great year and for helping each other out no matter the problem! Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. – Khem Boi

2019 will be big for TurtleCoin – mkid

Happy 2019 @ everybody – if(true)

Thanks for the last year, its been a blast! Looking forward to next year! Great community and group! – japakar

Thanks to all turtles fot a year full of inspiration and fun(bearbeitet) – bernd

happy new year turtlecoin and lads <3 – mufalo

Thanks Rynem for creating Colosseum! Thanks community for the donations to it and the work he put into it! – Rynem

shoutout to the whole TurtleCoin community for a great first year, and ending of 2018. you’re a fun group of people, and our developers keep working hard. thanks for making it real, gang. – greywolf

Z, you’re just plain awesome. I appreciate the banter you provide and look forward to a mobile wallet soon™. – ibmcd

Dear Dominos, we’re through. – Rock

Thanks to @ibmcd and all the turtlecoin community to have patience and keep teaching me new programming stuff every time I come – mrrovot

Shoutout to CapEtn for helping to test lots of my code. It’s great to have people using my code before it goes live so we can fix all the bugs! – zpalm

To any developers who are currently developing apps with turtle – I would love if you would try out my new API ( – It’s a replacement for turtle-service, and it gives a bit of a friendlier, REST based interface. If you are having trouble getting it working or have any queries, let me know and I’ll be happy to help. – zpalm




Feature Story

Getting TRTL Network Ready For Enterprise w/ Fexra from TRTL Services

RockSteady (TRTL)

fexra thanks for agreeing to the interview. I think this one will really put some perspective out there for people who are skeptical about the enterprise capability of the TRTL Network. If you had to shill me your hosted services in 30 seconds or less, what would you say?

fexra |

Hey rock. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me. TRTL Services provides a simple interface and RESTFUL API for developers to start building with TurtleCoin right away. It takes care of all the under the hood infrastructure such as hosting and maintaining the turtlecoind and turtle-service so developers can focus on what matters; building decentralization applications on the turtle chain!

RockSteady (TRTL)

That’s really cool, to help us visualize this, can you give me a few examples of what a user would use the system for?

fexra |

Right on. The possibilities are more or endless; ranging from integrating TurtleCoin you mobile apps and games to creating your own bookmarking tool :). To get more specific: some of your readers may remember the web wallet that I’ve been working on. The code that TRTL Services runs on is more or less the backbone of that web wallet, but separated and hosted as a service. The web wallet ( is fully powered by TRTL Services and a good example of what could be build with it. Currently, I’ve got a few developers and merchants waiting for the release. One wants to build a TRTL Messenger app; another wants to start accepting TRTL on their online store without worrying about the technicals and a third wants to integrate TurtleCoin as a currency in a mobile game he’s building.

RockSteady (TRTL)

So it’s not necessarily a service where you could point and click deploy something like a pool or explorer, right?

fexra |

No, currently we only offer Turtle-Services access via API, but what you’re hinting at is ultimately the goal and is something I’m working on with Slash-atello. The idea is for users to be able to deploy their own turtlecoind/turtle-service daemons in Dockerized containers in minutes which they could connect their pool or explorer too.

RockSteady (TRTL)

That’s pretty cool. How do you charge for something like that? I’m guessing people get allotted a certain amount of API access- I could be wrong. Is there any plan for how something like this can be priced and paid for yet?

fexra |

Currently, Turtle-Services charges a 2.1% convenience charge on every transaction completed with the API with no other limits – it’s really up to the developer to decide who carries that cost. As the project expands and the userbase grows I will be looking into diversifying prices. I have some ideas that would incorporate the flat node fee and am also looking at offering packages, but for now I think it would be wise to keep it simple and not create walls that may get in the way for developers.

RockSteady (TRTL)

How are you able to charge a percentage convenience fee on each transaction? I imagine that’s quite difficult.

fexra |

When the user creates a new transaction with the API, the API splits that up in two transactions. One for the intended receiver who and one for the fee wallet. Hence when sending a transaction with the API, you will have to calculate in the service fee beforehand. There will will be for the API in Node.JS, PHP and Python that come with tools to handle this.

RockSteady (TRTL)

That’s quite the undertaking. How long until people will be able to get their hands on this service? We know the web wallet, which as of this writing, still isn’t released, is there a time frame when the API services that rely on the completed backend of it will be ready?

Image result for freedom is a meme, only the intelligent survive

fexra |

Yes it is indeed. Code wise everything is there ready to go online. I’m currently, with the help of Slash-atello, setting up the backbone; mainly spinning up servers and putting the daemons behind node balancers. The web wallet will go live first and will act as a kind of test for the Turtle-Services network. While this is happening, a few developers will get access to the Turtle-Services API to start building and testing their apps; they can expect to start building this weekend :). Depending on the amount of problems that will occur, I expect some, Turtle Services can go public soon afterwards.

RockSteady (TRTL)

That’s really cool. If someone reads this interview and says “wow man, I want to get involved in this”, where can I point them? Is there a repository where this is being worked on currently so people can pitch in? If someone is a developer of their own apps, is there already a learning resource or website or something where they can grab an example piece of code and start working?

fexra |

Yes! The API documentation is already available – however the repository is still private. I been promised a security audit by IBurnMyCD, which I would like to wait for. However, the Node.JS, PHP and Python wrappers will be available at the time when the first developers get a go at it. The repo for the web wallet will go public too, and will act as the first demo app utilizing the service.

RockSteady (TRTL)

This is all coming together very nicely, good job to you and IBMCD, I know I’ve been watching you guys work on this for quite some time. What made you finally break off this bit of functionality from the main web wallet? Surely you saw a need for it, but what was the moment when it clicked that you needed to build hosted services? What types of applications do you see people deploying initially, and what do you hope they use it for down the line when it gets more popular?

fexra |

Thanks man, it means a lot :smiley: Well since late January my ultimate vision of the web wallet was to be a bit more than just a simple online TRTL wallet. I got the idea of building the web wallet because of my first project, Woo-Turtle, which allows WooCommerce powered e-commerce websites to accept TRTL. I realized quickly that although this was a neat plugin, most people that run an online store are well … not so tech savvy – and so I came up with the idea to build an online wallet that comes with API integration and third party integration plugins to allow merchants to accept TRTL in ease. As I started working away web wallet got quite bloated and it became difficult to have an oversight on the code and IBMC suggested to turn it into two standalone projects, one powering the other, which honestly is the best advice I have still received from him so far :wink:

I expect most of the customers to be online merchants and mobile app developers that are looking for a quick and easy way to integrate TRTL as payment option on their store, game or app. I’m the most excited about integrating TurtleCoin in mobile apps and games and see an huge market potential for that. As it gets more popular I would love to see apps completely build around the TRTL Network but that will also depend on the development of Karai and if Turtle-Services can keep up with the demand.

RockSteady (TRTL)

Ah that’s making a lot of sense now, with your vision for the future. Will this be powering the first TurtleCoin <-> Karai <-> Athena exchange also? Until we get smart contracts going on Karai and cross-chain transfers on Athena, we will likely need that as a means of exchange between the three. I’m very optimistic about your API services and look forward to see what gets built with it. Who are the app developers who have helped you so far with the core system, and who are the developers who will be the first ones to develop apps, as testers on the platform? We should recognize their work here, because I’m sure it’s quite the responsibility.

fexra |

I like your thinking! Although that is certainty possible with Turtle-Services, I think IBMC’s TurtlePay™ project may be better suited for that – I’m sure if we put our heads together we can come up with something 🙂 Thanks Rock, it means a lot! All the code has been written by myself so far and I must say it has been quite a journey the last half a year… but I have learned so much! None of this would ever been possible without the countless hours of advice, help, guidance and patients from @Ereptor, @Bebop (TRTL), @rockSteady, @IBMC and @SoreGums, and the hundreds of others who have helped me beta test and have provided feedback, bugs and exploits. Currently three devs: @fruktstav, @sajo and @AndΞrson one merchants: @HamHands and a pool owner @Cision – will get early access. I would also like to give a shoutout to HamHands who has been so generous to cover the costs for my servers for a month when I was in trouble :t_heart: Honestly TurtleCoin is one of the, if not, greatest online communities I ever been part of.(edited)

RockSteady (TRTL)

Sounds great, I look forward to seeing the developer guides that are coming out soon, and I can’t wait to write about the first services that get deployed on your system. Good luck! Is there anything else you want to mention?

fexra |

Thanks! I think we pretty much covered it for now. All I can say for now is keep your eyes peeled for the developer guides!

RockSteady (TRTL)