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This Week in TurtleCoin (November 19, 2019)

Teacup made this

Developer Updates

This is a place where anybody in our community can submit a post about the TRTL project they’re working on. It’s a great way to attract helpers for your project and show people what to keep an eye out for. We encourage you to show works in progress as well as finished products, as we’re happy to see them all and it shows that we’re an active community.

First Annual TurtleCoin Crypto-Hackathon!

Big shout out to all the teams who’ve registered so far for the hackathon! We still have about 10 days for new team signups so whether you’re on your own or have a crew of friends, you still have time to sign up!

Also, when you sign up, don’t forget to let us know if you want to be interviewed and how to get in touch with you!

Click here to signup your team!

CantiLib / CS-TurtleCoin

Another overdue update. I set aside a day to write up everything that goes on while talking to and syncing with an existing node, getting back to my reverse-engineering roots. Since then, I’ve been working on implementing these communications into CantiLib. This mean that soon™ a CS-TurtleCoin node will be able to act as a functional peer on the network, able to relay and propogate data to and from other nodes. I have also moved to utilize EF Core 3.0 for local data storage, and have rewritten block caching to suit, which means that a user will be able to choose which database type they’d like to use to store their synced data. At the moment, I have implementations for SQLite, MSSQL, Azure Cosmos, among others. Once these changes are completed and pushed, there will still be a lot left to add to get it to the same level as an existing C++ node, such as fleshing out API functions, but it’ll be a big step forward in my daemon rewrite.


“TRTL Logo 3d” A 3d animated gif of the TRTL shell emblem by vr_nico#3176

Proton Wallet – Halloween Release!

“Hey guys, Extra here, the new version of Proton wallet is going to be coming out on Halloween, 10/31 and it has some features I’m very excited about. We’ve implemented a brand new address feature and a search feature, which should make it easier to send transactions and navigate through the wallet. The search feature is pretty nifty; you can search transaction hashes, contact details in your address book, or even for settings you’d like to change, and it will return any results to you in a nicely formatted list. In addition, I’ve found and squashed a few more bugs that result in faster syncing when minimized, and an overall better user experience.

You can grab the newest release at the link below, and please let me know what you think or if you have any feature requests for Proton!

For next month’s release, I’m going to be focusing on adding deterministic subwallet support. This means you’ll be able to generate as many new addresses as you’d like and use them, and be able to restore them all with a single seed. It”s a feature I’ve wanted to see in a TurtleCoin wallet for a while.

Thanks everybody and stay cool! BD”



“On Wednesday the 14th I finally put out an update to TonChan, for 10% of users. If there are no errors discovered then I’ll deploy it to everyone shortly. This update has some big fixes, the major one being a fix where your wallet received a ton of transactions, and you were on Android 9, you may have been unable to open your wallet.

This is caused by only being able to read 1MB of data at once from a single row in the database. This is fixed by just chunking the wallet in the database, and hopefully retroactively fixed by those who have too large wallets by performing chunked reads.

Another big feature is the ability to swap nodes. Now if there’s ever maintenance on the blockchain cache, you’ll still be able to sync your wallet. Furthermore, you can choose a node which is closer to you geographically or potentially under lower load for improved sync speeds.

Finally, I made some tweaks to ensure that the UI is always snappy whether your node is having issues connecting or not.

I’ll not bore you with every single little change made, if you’re interested in that then you can check out the full changelog here:

Let me know if you’re having any issues with the new update. Hope you like it.”


GitHub Actions CI/CD

GitHub has finally released its own CI/CD with some amazing specs. So I decided to try it out and move the entire CI pipeline of TurtleCoin from travis and appveyor to GitHub Actions. This week I have tested the new caching feature to reduce build times significantly. I have also created a PR to use the artifacts produced in these builds for releases and testing purposes..


Turtle Tinder

It’s what happens when two turtles meet under the covers of a blockchain transaction <3. They spawn new extra special turtles, only for you my friend! They are not turtlecoins but rather virtual turtles, in the spirit of cryptokitties and titties. I could write how it could work here, but the margin is too narrow to contain it. Therefor, just do it your way!?


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Extra’s Reporter Articles

Hey everybody, Extra here, reporting on some of the goings on I’ve seen in the past week.

New Reporter Role

We’ve been having some issues getting enough submissions for the roundup, so we decided to switch up the way we do things a little bit. We came to the conclusion that lots of stuff worth talking about was getting done each week; but these folks weren’t to keen on writing up a few sentences for our blog. So, we created the reporter role on discord. Zpalm, ibmcd and I, and perhaps a few others I am not aware of, will be writing up short reports on cool goings-on we see down in #dev-general and other areas when we see them. This is an attempt to get some more content into the writeup, and also perhaps encourage the authors of these cool projects to come forward and write little bit about them to the community so that all of you guys knopw what is going on. With that being said, here are some of the cool things I’ve seen in the last week or so…

Mysterious Third Party Wallet Integration

A new face has appeared down in #dev-general asking some techie questions. His name is @zhang, so if you see him around be sure to give a turtley “”hello.”” He’s been working with the turtlecoin-wallet-backend-js on a mysterious-sounding project. We reached out to zhang for comment, and he informed us that he was working on integrating TurtleCoin with his third party wallet application. That sure sounds interesting to me, and we are looking forward to seeing what happens with it! Welcome zhang to the community and good luck with the integration!

It is a pleasure to add turtle to HebeWallet, the first purely anonymous coin for Hebe Wallet.
We got a lot of help from the turtle community in integrating Turtle in the wallet. Most communities ignore third party development, but we were able to get alot of questions answered very quickly. This saved us alot of time. We will release it in the next version.

New Test for the JSON Node List

Ibmcd has been hard at work as usual, and he has a certain talent for setting up cool CI testing. For those that don’t know, we run a list of turtlecoin public nodes on github that other applications can use in order to find active TurtleCoin full nodes for their users here: Up until now, maintainers of that repository have had to manually check to see if a node is online: However, no longer is that the case. IBMCD has written a fully automated check that happens with Travis and will ensure your node is reachable from the internet directly in the CI testing. If you say, open a PR with a dead node, the CI test will fail and you will be automatically notified on the pull request page on github. That’s really neat! Nice job IBMCD. :muscle: :triumph:

Aneki’s Bootstrap

Aneki has recently updated his bootstrap of the TurtleCoin blockchain for those of you with slow CPUs who want an easy way to get synced. As always, you can find the updated bootstrap at the link below:


Moving Up!

It’s always good to be recognized! These are the people who gained new roles in the community this week!

This week we added two new reporters to a new role called… you guessed it, Reporter! The reporter’s role is to write down cool things that happen during the week that would otherwise not make it into the roundup. Pitch them a few TRTL if you see them being helpful!

Also big thanks to Spookypool who’s starting up a new TurtleCoin pool, we thank you! Best of luck!

Reporter: ExtraHash, Zpalmtree

Service Operator – Munchiehigh420 Spookypool

Congrats guys!

Good First Issues

Good First Issues are tickets that are marked as ‘easy wins’ for new developers. If you want to be a TurtleCoin Developer, these are great tasks to start with!

Free Advertising

This is a spot to spam anything TurtleCoin related that you would like to advertise, it’s free to put an ad in the roundup.

  • is the new one stop solution for every crypto trader; developed with one mission in mind: keep crypto stats fake volume free. ist the first ever public statistics website that analyzes all trades in realtime across a large number of trusted exchanges in realtime. Combined with out Trading Terminal you will never miss a good trade. is still in active development, expect bugs which will be fixed as soon as we find them.
  • Hello. My name is Kevin, owner of My goal with SpookyPool is to create a great community with fun people and having a nice chat about crypto and other stuff. Having TurtleCoin in my pool since a while ago has been fun. Learned alot of new things and meet alot of new people. I would like to ask u to join the community of SpookyPool by mining TurtleCoin or some other currency!
  • Please support the muxdux turtlecoin mining pool – Active Discord with great people, very low pool and tx fees, great hardware infrastructure

Shoutouts & Thanks

This is the place to mention someone in the community who has done something nice or deserves recognition.

  • Michael Meyers Dont touch my lunchmeat. Or the bread. Or the mayo.
  • Japakar pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
  • Japakar Thanks all to the community as always! You guys are great!
  • Turtley McTurtleton McDrizzle Hi there!
  • Rock Thanks to the reporters and new service operators for entering the fray 🙂
Weekly Update

This Week in TurtleCoin (April 15, 2019)

Coming in hot with the dual issue! This Week and Last Week in TurtleCoin just didn’t have the same ring to it, so we did our best with the title. As you know this is a semi weekly article we like to do when time permits to keep the community up to date with our progress. If this is your first time with us, stop by the chat and say hello 🙂

Join TurtleCoin Discord @

Developer Updates

This is a place where anybody in our community can submit a post about the TRTL project they’re working on. It’s a great way to attract helpers for your project and show people what to keep an eye out for. We encourage you to show works in progress as well as finished products, as we’re happy to see them all and it shows that we’re an active community.

To submit your update, click this exceedingly long link

Turtle Express Starter

A boiler template for node.js using express.js for quick development. Comes with user system, dashboard and settings, including 2FA and password management. Further comes with a few small middleware scripts for RabbitMQ, user/input validation and recapcha and 2FA verification. It uses knex.js for sql query building and supports mysql, postgres, sqlite, and oracle. knex.js also builds your database schema for your, see the schema.js file in /utils/db. fexra

The current global hashrate is 254.57 MH/s

It’s probably gang-related.

TRTL Button

Hi Turtles! Super excited to share TRTL Button this week, you can generate a button for free and start accepting TRTL with just 2 lines of code on any webpage, it is powered by TurtlePay behind the scenes and it is super simple to setup, just a few clicks.

I am also offering a bounty of 100TRTL for anyone who adds a ‘Pay With TRTL’ button to a web page! (check bounty section)

You can test a live site using the button (check the source to see how it works) here https://trtlbutton.surge.shPlease try it out and let me know if you find any bugs or have feedback.” Turtle Max


TRTLint provides a free API to convert a TurtleCoin address and a payment ID to an integrated address. The HTTP API is easy and free to use. It’s free for projects and of course for commercial use too. If you find the service helpful, please consider a donation at fipsi | The Machine

Boostrap’s Back Baby

“I had been watching an influx of new users coming into the discord lately asking why it takes so long to sync, there are a few options to use. public node, checkpoints or just wait, wait, wait……..

So I thought why not bring back the trusty ol bootsrap for those who want to run their own daemon, so I zipped up my DB and was born. I have rented 2 seedboxes with unlimited bandwidth, 1 with a 20 Gbit/s connection and 1 with a 1.5Gbit connection. The theory was to release it as torrent only however I feel the need for a direct download is also required for ease of use so have put that on the site to see how it goes.

I plan to add some tutorials on the site on how and where to put the downloaded files and also make the site a little bit better and smaller css wise.

A shoutout to TurtlePay and TurtleButton for the awesome work on providing an easy donate link for those who like to donate to these kind of projects.
If you find the bootstrap useful and it is something that we need, give me a shoutout and I will make sure it’s updated once a month and keep the seedboxes running.” aneki

Image result for money turtle


Over the last week or so, with the help of @Turtle Max#3183, we’ve added the ability to generate a payment request, encrypt it, and use it later to start the payment process. @Turtle Max#3183 has leveraged this to create which makes it very easy to add a simple “pay now” style button to any site. The button leverages TurtlePay to handle transaction processing and we’ve found it in use in the wild in a few different ways. We’re excited to see what else the community can build using the base things we’ve put together. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to swing by #dev_turtlepay to let everyone know. IBMCD

Image result for hot bikini
I know this pic has nothing to do with the next post, but the post didn’t have a picture attached and I really wanted you to not miss it. Congratulations, you played yourself. Buzzfeed taught me this.


For those of you watching #dev_general, you’ve probably seen the notices from the GitHub bot that @zpalmtree#1337 and myself are trying to clean up some of the open issues on the repo by submitting patches. These patches resolve a few open issues as well as add new functionality to the core suite of tools.

One of the new sets of features I’m really excited about are those added via: Most notably the new –rewind argument that will hopefully allow people to recover from local DB corruption without a full re-synchronization of the blockchain.

  • Builds & Links sqlite3 into the project
  • Experimental: Enables the use of of a sqlite3 database for the local blockchain cache in the daemon via the --sqlite command line argument (replaces blocks.bin and blockindexes.bin with blocks.bin.sqlite3)
    • Conversion between the two formats is not currently supported. Switching between the two mechanisms will require a full re-synchronization of the local copy of the blockchain
  • Adds the command line argument --resync to the daemon that deletes all of the relevant data from the data directory which is useful for forcing a resync without having to look for the data directory on the different platforms
  • Adds the command line argument --rewind # to the daemon whereby it will rewind the local blockchain cache to a point where the blockchain syncronization will restart at the specified block (inclusive).
    • This is useful in attempting to recover from arbitrary database corruption (see #694 and countless Discord discussions in almost every channel) as it removes blockchain data starting from the specified height
  • Altered the core “Corrupted Blockchain Database” message to provide possible recovery solutions including using the --rewind # and --resync options
  • Altered the daemon to always create the directory specified by --data-dir if it doesn’t exist thereby preventing the dreaded message about the directory not existing – IBMCD

TurtlePay & TurtleCoin

I’ve been working on some concept artwork and assets for a few different marketing items to be used when advertising that TurtleCoin is accepted in by a merchant/vendor. I had a bunch of drink coasters, window clings, and tent cards printed up recently to see how they look. I’ve been leaving a handful of the coasters around London while I’m in the area and will be leaving some of all of them with @zpalmtree#1337 when I meet up with him later this week. He’s promised to guerrilla market using the window clings — let’s see how this goes. IBMCD

Image result for dora the explorer turtle

Turtle Explorer Desktop (Local Turtle Explorer)

This is just an GUI update based on the previous version. The new version uses kivy instead of pyQt5. I decided to use kivy just so to explore different tools for python. Also a more clear overview of the program is added in the in the github repo. Sabo (Revolutionary)

TonChan + wallet-api

TonChan v0.1.0 went out a while back, with some features I talked about in a previous roundup, I think. The main fix was swapping the database backend. The stats are looking great, with app crashes WAY down. Have basically had no bugs reported, so this is looking like the first app release which is working pretty perfectly. Hopefully your experience is similar.

I’m noticing quite a few crashes still being reported from people running v0.0.8 – please upgrade! Less crashes and more features 🙂

On another note, I was working on some performance improvements for wallet-api/zedwallet-beta/WalletBackend this week. A wallet, which has multiple subwallets/subaddresses, is meant to sync virtually as fast as a single wallet, however, with the WalletBackend, this was not the case.

After some investigation, I found out this was because I was using an inefficient data structure to figure out if we had sent an outgoing transaction. After replacing it with a hashmap, we’re back to full speed again when utilizing tons of subwallets. This should make services using wallet-api a lot quicker to sync.

I posted a comprehensive report in #dev_core, if you’re interested.

If anyone else is interesting in profiling some code, the tools I used to profile was valgrind, with the callgrind backend, and kcachegrind for the pretty visualizations. Hit me up on discord if you want exact instructions.” Zpalm

The mythical Taintoo

Rig Of The Week

Pop in the #mining channel and shoot the breeze with the roughnecks in the mines for the best tips and tricks mining TRTL! If you’d like to showcase your rig, and share your secrets, submit it and we’ll publish one miner per week until we get to everyone.


Setup – Mix bag of 6 GPUs – 2x Polaris cards, 3x Vega cards and 1x Radeon VII. Efficiency is what i seek for. consistent hashrates at lowest power consumption possible == max efficiency. Memory mods, custom clocks, undervolt, i employ them all to achieve my goal.

Secrets – cn-trtl is heavily memory bound and you don’t need too high core frequencies like other cn algo variants.

Secret tips:
SET GPU_MAX_WORKGROUP_SIZE=1024 for boosted hashrate.
set higher worksize 32 for polaris and 64 for vegas to reduce power consumption and also boost hashrate.

Miner: Teamredminer
19.5 KH/s for Vegas at 1285 core, 1100 hbm2 @ 838-850mV
9 KH/s for Polaris at 1150-1200 core and 2000-2200 Mhz @ 850-900mV.
38 KH/s Radeon VII at 1560 core, 1200 hbm2 @ 850mV.

Miner: xmr-stak
17 KH/s for Vegas at 1285 core, 1100 hbm2 @ 838-850mV
8.2 KH/s for Polaris at 1150-1200 core and 2000-2200 Mhz @ 850-900mV.
30 KH/s Radeon VII at 1560 core, 1200 hbm2 @ 850mV.

Mining rig is inside a grower’s tent with intake and exhaust fans.
Custom cutouts for ducts from window for intake and exhaust to keep the rig cool during summer. I use a fan controller to regulate noise and fan speed.

Featured Miner
heavyarms1912#4136″ I am a sw engineer by profession, hw enthusiast and hobbyist miner

Hashrate 109 KHs

Good First Issues

Once in a while we list an ‘issue’ or bug report on Github as a Good First Issue.. This is for you aspiring devs who might want to snatch some low hanging fruit to get your TRTL Dev role in Discord. No permission is needed, and we’re happy to help, it’s a doer’s market.

Use map to store key images to public keys to speed up block processing

Basically do what was done here – turtlecoin/turtlecoin#778 – but for this repo. Would be using a Map<string, string> of key images to public spend keys.

Testing is relatively simple:

  • Send tx to wallet
  • Should be found
  • Load up wallet in another wallet – for example, import keys into zedwallet-beta
  • Send transaction from other wallet
  • Once transaction goes into blockchain, it should be discovered by the original wallet using this backend, indicating that outgoing transactions can be discovered.
  • Close, and reopen the wallet
  • Send another transaction from zedwallet-beta wallet
  • Should again be found by first wallet, indicating key image map is correctly restored upon loading from file.

Let me know if you have any issues, it should be a pretty exact copy.

we’re cruisin’ through flavor town, baby

TRTL Bounties!

Bounties are easy ways to earn TRTL! If you have some TRTL and need something done, this is where you post it! All bounties need a price in TRTL and a defined goal.

100TRTL “I am Offering a Bounty of 100 TRTL if you add a ‘Pay with TRTL’ button to your website (just 2 lines of code) I’ve been working on, it lets you generate a button and accept TRTL on your website by copying just 2 lines of code! You can check out a demo of a simple html page with 2 lines of code here: is welcome!” Turtle Max /@mrrovot (github)

Free TRTL Advertising

  • TRTLint provides a free API for converting a Turtlecoin address and a payment id to an integrated address. Our HTTP API is easy to use and free for all types of projects, including commercial ones. Made by @fipsi | The Machine
Left: Snoop Turtle, Right: Mayor Wazlo of Exile

Shoutouts & Thanks

Special shoutouts to the inmates that stood together in solidarity today by *not* taking the amnesty challenge being offered. They’ve decided to take ownership of the inmate lifestyle, and claim #exile as their dojo.

In their honor, we will hold our shanks at half-rest this Saturday in remembrance of those those who’ve stuck it through unlike the turncoats who never had the stones to stay their sentence and defend their market-talking ways.

You each have two cup-noodles under your pillow, you’ve passed the challenge.

anon Please add ‘good first issues’ in some of the JS repos for us noobs that don’t know all the crypto stuff but still want to contribute from time to time

Turtle Max Huge shout out to Z and IBMC for their help and feedback to create

Rogerrobers Shout out to rocksteady for keeping it lit

Rock Shouts to the community for crowdfunding Rroger’s taintoo to commemorate his trip to Colombia! Big thanks to the devs completing good first issues. Thanks to the Lethean crew for the hospitality.

Extra huge thanks to fexra for putting together the very awesome for quickly boilerplating turtlecoin powered web applications! you’re the man dude!

Quasimodo ‘i love you sierra, don’t leave?’

Japakar I’m on phone or I’d post I don’t like anyone leaving haaah

lifestyles k12 was a mistake! long live argon2!

vitalik To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Trtl. The protocol is extremely advanced, and without a solid grasp of theoretical computation most of the benefits will go over a typical users’s head.

greywolf thanks to Japakar for being an all-around great turtle. he’s always happy and spreading cheer, and is very helpful. plus, he’s always generously spreading tips around the #general chat channel to keep things lively.

greywolf thanks to Sierra for giving us some uplifting thoughts to break up the commotion now and then

anonfexra is the meme master