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TurtleCoin Roles and Achievements

know your roles!

Colored chat names, so hot right now

You may have noticed in our weekly roundups that we have a new section for recognizing those who’ve gained new roles in the past week. We get asked a lot about the colored names and ‘roles’ in our Discord chat, and whether people just want the colored name or actively want to contribute to the community, we’re always glad to see someone wanting to involve themselves with TurtleCoin.

This article will be an explainer for each role and what it means to us, and the way to gain them. If you have questions, just ask us!

Let’s start at the top of the list, and work our way down, from what an admin sees when they log in to TRTL discord.

Green names, some say they aren’t even real people

Green names are Ninja, these are founders of TurtleCoin. This is a closed role, there is no way to earn it, it doesn’t even have any extra privileges other than having a green name. There are a few people with a green name, however this is the most chat-inactive role group on the server.

The first troop of goons to step foot off the Mayflower

Footclan is the role that was created when we were just a few weeks old. TurtleCoin started out with a bang, and we worked around the clock for about a month before taking a break. A few of us took vacations with our families and on our return two weeks later, we found the community still ready for more. We made a decision to move forward with the project in earnest that day, and to remember those who were present and helping, we created the footclan role. Footclan, like ninja is a role that is just a color, and has no functional role advantages on the server.

The exalted pink names. Rumor has it they control the media.

Developer is the first of the roles we’ll discuss that can be attained by anybody, and has some merit attached to it. The one requirement to be a developer is to have code you contributed merged into our repositories. Typos don’t count necessarily but if you submit a patch or a fix for something, or if you maintain your own project in our GitHub organization, you get the hot pink Developer role. This role has functions on the server such as managing messages and access to dev-bridge feeds to IRC for other organizations (IPFS, Monero, currently). A good way to get this role is to check out our Good First Issues which are easy, low hanging fruit objectives.

Do you have a liberal arts degree? We’ve got a job for you!

Some folks want to help with stuff like writing guides, fixing typos, creating branding material. We needed a way to acknowledge people who share non-code contributions with us, and this seemed like a good way to do it. Obviously this one is pretty easy to attain, so to maintain some degree of exclusivity, we require that you register an account and Pull Request your contribution yourself. We’ll help, we just want you to be a well-rounded contributor, otherwise we’d have to give this role to every pedant who points out a spelling error, and that’s no fun!

Nobody knows about this role

Core contributor is a Developer who has had code merged into our core software. If you complete a Good First Issue on the core repo, you’ll get Core Contributor and Developer all in one shot. Nobody really asks for this role so we just apply it to people we know have contributed code to the core software as we notice them. No clue why. Also just a color role.

These are the music makers

Service Operator is a role given to people who operate public nodes, pools, web-wallets, tipbot, exchange, and any other application that integrates with our daemon and has an interest in knowing when things are screwy on the network. This role came out of a need of a way to address all of our service providers when we had patch fixes, network advisories, or critical consensus updates. This role gives you access to a private water-cooler type room that gets used about once a month when a large service optimizes their wallets and fills the TX pool with 1000 fusion transactions.

This role is cursed

PR Guerilla originally was a role we gave to people who made heroic acts of recruitment. The first person to get this role, GT3000, recruited over 500 people in a single week. These were active users that flooded the chat due to his efforts, many of them stayed and became contributors. This role is cursed, however, because every person who’s ever achieved it has disappeared immediately after.

Guest Dev is the title for well known core developers of other well known networks. This role was created so TRTL Developers can easily identify core contributors from other well known networks and talk shop with them. If you’re from a TRTL sized network and you’re reasonably active in our chat, you probably already have this role.

Educators have written classes or course materials for the TurtleEDU platform. What’s TurtleEDU you ask? It’s an e-learning platform we made to turn crypto-newbies into knowledgeable users, and take curious knowledgeable users and turn them into contributing developers. If you’d like to be an educator, we’d currently love to have someone write a course on interacting with REST API’s via a class on interacting with Wallet-API. (hint hint, aspiring educators!)

PSSST! Hey kid, you wanna buy a Nintendo? *opens coat*

These guys are basically moderators of the #Merchandise channel in Discord, where anybody can list an item when the bot is working that describes an item and a price in TRTL to sell it for. We’ve got a weekly column for this in the weekly roundup. Technically one could gain this role, but with the new merchandise bot it may be useless as the bot handles most of this stuff. This role came from an era when the merchandise channel was just for posting a single listing per line and not using it as a conversational channel. As things go, nobody, and I mean none of you fuckers can follow a single damn rule and it quickly devolved into conversations so we just opened it up and told people to pin their listings instead. When it works, the merchandise bot is a great thing to have.

Crash Test Turtles

This is a fearless brigade of self-appointed masochists who test all of our software before it is released. To give yourself this role, and a spiffy yellow name, type *tester in the chat and you’ll receive pings when we need testers for new software releases. This is what the report that testers fill out looks like [link]

To gain access to the EDU chat channels, type *student in the chat. This is for people who are in the TurtleEDU program that wish to receive updates about it. The TurtleEDU program is an e-learning platform we created to help people who are new to cryptoasset networks get more acquainted with their surroundings.

Datacenter nerds are the most socially disjointed kind of nerd you’ll ever meet.

These are people who can add and approve and delete or revoke records to the TRTL DNS system. If you’ve ever seen someone with a .trtl domain name, someone with the DNS role approved it. If you want to know more about .trtl domains, check this article out.

Stay away from these people.

We have a disciplinary area called Exile, and if you’ve seen someone with this role, they’re probably in Exile, with a jumpsuit on as evidenced by their name probably being something like Inmate #558929. These are people who you will have to walk down to #exile in the chat to speak to, because although they can read, they cannot reply anywhere else. You can shout at the inmates through the intercom by typing @exiled and whatever your message is. This role has so few privileges, you’re basically in timeout and only people who love you can come see you.


We use a bot some of you know that applies levels and points when people are active in chat. We use it to help identify new or inactive people to get you involved in the community. When you first enter the chat, you’re an Egg. When you’ve said hello or anything really, you become a hatchling. If you stick around even longer after that your name will turn green and you become a Turtle. After that, sky’s the limit, some say there are level upgrades all the way to 100…

These people want to know everything as it happens.

News is a self applied role you can get by typing *news in the chat. This will give you an alert every Tuesday when we post the weekly roundup. This role was Farhod’s idea, who wanted a better way to know when we’ve posted the weekly update.

You shouldn’t want this role.

We label a certain type of user as ‘spoonfed’, and though it could happen for various reasons, functionally it means you cannot post in dev-general, and it flags you as someone who’s likely to pester helpful devs. If you have this role, you should feel shame. People who get this role typically pop in our chats asking a seemingly basic question, then when someone helpful assists them, they latch onto your leg and won’t leave you the fuck alone because they don’t have any interest in learning anything, they just want someone to do it for them. Helping these types doesn’t help them, and it doesn’t help you, and it aids in all of our own abuse. If these people annoy you, stop hitting yourself. You’ll quickly notice every person with this role has a half-broken TRTL-forked shitcoin network that they’re eagerly waiting to dump on unsuspecting miners as soon as it hits market.

This is a role that we just added recently, it has something to do with basically being a moderator for our karaoke bot, Grandmaster Riddim Bot. Not sure what it does exactly as a role, but the bot required it to acknowledge admin commands or something.


This Week In TurtleCoin (June 17, 2019)

From the Teacup Files

Developer Updates

In this issue we all post shocked pikachu emojis when people forget to upgrade their software for the fork

To update your core:

The countdown until upgrade:

The Teacup Files

Teacup has returned with a bountiful harvest of memes! Check them out here

Rotate Discord Server Invite Backgrounds

Discord’s new Nitro Boost stuff allows for Discord owners to choose custom background images when people use the invite links. However it means people have to manually click buttons in the Discord app.

So please head over to and upvote this post to encourage the Discord developers to expose this feature in the Official API. SoreGums

TurtleCoin Github Bot

I’ve been looking into supporting multiple people making an issue at once with the Github bot; it doesn’t seem like it’ll be too hard to add, and it’ll be a nice little perk. If you don’t know what the Github bot is, I recommend you check it out! It lets you easily create a Github issue on any turtlecoin repo w/out an acc; type !tag issue in the #bots channel to learn more



As mentioned last week, I’ve been working on combining the different versions of this repo together. Good news! It’s done.

This repo now builds the following:

1) A c++ static library (Windows, Linux, OSX)
2) A shared library via DLL (Windows) that can be linked against in any number of languages (C# anyone? — @canti, I see you)
3) Node.js native addon module (same as the NPM package before)
4) Native Javascript implementation (slow, very slow, but it works)
5) WASM module for browser use (much, much, much faster than the Native JS in browser)

All of the builds support the core crypto used not only in wallet functions (creating keys, finding our outputs, generating ring signatures, etc) but they also contain all of the hash functions available in core, including Chukwa (Argon2id with our parameters). The WASM module makes it very easy to bring the crypto methods used in TurtleCoin to the browser which will make client-side web wallets faster than ever*. In addition, if someone wanted to build a web miner based on the package they can do so.

Spoiler alert: Someone is building a client-side web wallet built on this using wallet-backend-js.



Using the updates to the turtlecoin-crypto library, I’ve performed a few updates on the development branch of turtlecoin-utils. Most notably, the utils package now smart loads the crypto module. If we can load the Node native addon module, that’s always our first choice. If we’re in browser, then we try to load the WASM first. Lastly, if all else fails, we fall back to the native Javascript implementation. This also has the added benefit of cleaning up a bit of the code that revolves around the crypto in the library.

In addition, due to the exposure of all of the crypto functions in the library now, we’re able to check that the ring signatures that are generated via the library are checked to be valid upon creation thereby reducing the chance of generating an invalid transaction via the library.

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve added a webpack configuration to the project that ties everything up into a nice bundle for inclusion for browser use. Browser use did you say? You betcha. This webpack has been deployed as part of the TurtleCoin Explorer and is used for the tools page (playing with wallet addresses & keys) and the transaction checker. It’s going to make that top secret client-side web wallet shine.”



Over the last week, I have done a lot on the CS-TurtleCoin/CantiLib project. I pushed some major updates, including a full rewrite of the main repo, which features improvements across the board. As I have been fairly silent with the project lately, I’m going to give a quick run-down of what it is and what I have gotten done thus far.

CantiLib is a multi-purpose C# library with many useful tools for a blockchain environment, including a standalone P2P client system, a configurable REST API server, logging utilities, database functionality, cryptography, byte-level serialization, and CryptoNote protocol handling. CS-TurtleCoin is an effort to tie these tools together to create a fully operational TurtleCoin node, coded from the ground up in a C#.

As of the time of writing this, I have P2P connectivity, API handling, CryptoNote deserialization, peer discovery and handshaking, some database functionality, the start of a blockchain cache, and a number of other utilities and functions in place. Lately, my focus has been on refining peer discovery between nodes, porting cryptographic functions from the core code to C#, connecting TurtleCoin-Crypto to the library, adding more functionality and ease of use to the API server, and have also begun work on the sync process and blockchain caching. More to come soon!




This project aims to provide a wrapper for making wallet-api requests with Go. All of the wallet-api responses are marshaled into an appropriate type. You no longer have to manually convert from map[string]interface{}!

If there’s any bugs in the codebase, feel free to leave an issue on GitHub. 😀


TurtleCoin Chukwa Cuvée Testnet available

As everything is in full swing to get ready for the Argon2id-based new TurtleCoin algo called chukwa, we needed to spin up a local testnet.

This allows us to benchmark, test and optimize our different boards, and see how the trtlrig works compared to the native TurtleCoin miner.

We made our test environment available. If you want to see how your harware will do on the new algo, and try out how it feels living on the cutting-edge technology, build your trtlrig from the add_chuwka branch available in the TurtleCoin github, and point your xmrig miner using the following parameters:

-a chukwa
-u your TRTL address

Please note no web front-end available, and no TurtleTestCoin pay-outs. This environment is for benchmark tests only.


34 hot singles in your area are waiting to upgrade your wallet format

Wallet format upgrading

A few people have requested that there be a utility to upgrade a wallet from the WalletGreen format (zedwallet, turtle-service), to the WalletBackend format (zedwallet-beta, wallet-api).

I’ve been working on this for the past few days, and think I am close to completion. Got a few bugs with transfer amounts being incorrect, but hopefully it won’t be a sticking point.

I’m considering adding an automatic upgrade, so you can transparently open an old format wallet and have it upgraded without any user interaction. One downside is that we have to generate the key image for each input when we upgrade the format, which is pretty slow for a large wallet – this can take around 10-20 seconds on my ~8000 transaction wallet.

Of course, this will only have to be done once, so the delay could be worth it.
Hopefully this will make it easier for services to migrate to wallet-api, along with new GUI’s/CLI’s using the new backend.


Rig Of The Week

Each week we like to highlight a person who has sent in pics and descriptions of their TRTL mining rigs. This week is ZenMaster Mr Lahaye’s turn! Ironically, it was his idea to start this column about rig of the week so maybe he had this planned all along! hmmm!

RigRX560 by ZenMaster (MrLahaye)

6 x Msi Aero rx560 4GB with fan upgraded to Artic Accelero Mono plus
1 x CPU Intel G3900 2.8Ghz
1 x 8 gig DDR4 stick of memory
1 x Msi z270-a pro Motherboard
1 x Corsair 850 Watts powersupply
1 x SSD Sandisk 16 GB with HiveOS
1 x Veddha 6 Gpu mining rig Frame as pictured no fans

  • Around 20 Kh/s
  • This rig consumes around 350 Watts taken at wall.
  • I got this complete rig for 600$ CAN on Ebay. Check Ebay auctions often and snipe last minute deals. I can usually get one or two deals like this every month.

I’ve already described myself in a previous roundup :


  • CuvĂ©eTurtle Pool located in the heart of Europe (Prague), with fast connectivity and scalable hardware platform (ARM-based SBC Cluster) is looking for you – miners like you of all shapes and sizes! Help us with our journey to grow our pool. You would still be one of our early adopters. Low payout limits. Our long-term commitment and friendly support by @OlĂ© CuvĂ©e himself. Pool web frontend webpage: Join us now! Point your miner to ./xmrig -a cryptonight-turtle -o -u TRTLxxxxxxxxx --donate-level 1 -p rig2 Flood us with some serious hash rate 🙂 No matter how much you throw at us, we will cope with it!
  • @shelly has finally started creating drawings and paintings for sale versus doing doodles for all of us Turtles. A few of her pieces are available at Buckland Arts. Can you spot which ones are hers? Check out the page and give it a like to support creative Turtles.
  • Browser miner, use it or embed it into your sites and let others use it! Hashes about 200-400 on mid setting.

Buy With TRTL

These are things that were pinned this week in the #merchandise section of TRTL Network Discord

selling asus dual gtx 1060 for 1.25M TRTL shipped (OBO) – Extrahash on discord
ASUS X370 CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME (full package) – 2M TRTL shipping within EU on quote – Elkim on discord
I have brand new, still sealed GPU risers for sale in TRTL. 25k trtl each, 5 for 100k. opened this one to take a pic. Bulk quantities are available. Small amounts can be shipped for around 80k trtl in a flat rate padded envelope within the US. – extrahash on Discord
I have two clusters of RPis. 3 B+. Four in each cluster. 120 watt charging power supply. 2 each 5 port switching hubs. SD cards pre-programmed with Ubuntu and XMrig miner. All set to mine. Just connect to a router or range extender. Edit the config.json file with your wallet address. Good to go! If anybody wants this as a whole, make me an offer. I do not want to part this out. Comes with all 1 ft and 18″ CAT 5e cables. Anyone interested? – radarlarry

Good First Issues

Trying to get your developer role in Discord? Want to be part of the dev team? Here are some ‘Good First Issues’ so you guys can have some low hanging fruit to get you started! Beginners, enjoy!


grey’s pi3b cluster of doooom
  • iburnmycd Shoutout to @shelly for a successful grand opening of Buckland Arts where some of her artwork is featured.
  • JAPAKAR KING OF THE OZARK Once again, shoutout to a great community! This place is unique and awesome!
  • greywolf thanks much to DatsunPatrol for the Optimizing-RPi-TurtleCoin-Mining guide, and to OlĂ© CuvĂ©e (aka LeoCuvĂ©e) for the encouragement and oversight, as i put together a 4-raspi3b+ mini-tower mining TurtleCoin
  • rock shout to zpalm for helping with my golang homework, thanks to dsanon for the wallet-api-go work, thanks to japakar, greywold, mufalito and others for tips this week, and thanks to the community for again being awesome, and thanks to teacup for the memes 😀