This Week In TurtleCoin (May 7, 2019)

This is a place where anybody in our community can submit a post about the TRTL project they’re working on. It’s a great way to attract helpers for your project and show people what to keep an eye out for. We encourage you to show works in progress as well as finished products, as we’re happy to see them all and it shows that we’re an active community.

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Developer Updates

Cuvée bits and bobs updates

First things first, cannot believe it was end of March we posted our last update. Reading through the TRTL updates from previous weeks, a lot has happened – and this is true also on the CuvéeTRTL front.

1. Our TurtleCoin pool that runs on ARM SBC hardware passed a stress test successfully. We consider that pool now a mature, stable and reliable. Why? We asked our fellow community members to burn the pool down with tons of a hash-rate*. We had volunteers who together aimed at us their miners of a total hash power of 1.9MH/s** for a total time of 15 hours. And… nothing happened. No drama. No crash. I remember how TP2 commented on this that evening: “The only thing you failed to achive with this test is to crash the pool! :-)”

*actually I said “I will pay 10k TRTL to everyone who participates on smashing the pool up to 1MH/s hash rate. All participants bounties paid out!
**special thanks to @E***m

2. Same boring stuff on the ARM SBC based pool. At the time of writing this roundup, the pool mined 112 blocks, orphan rate 5.66%, all that in two months between 6th March – 6 May 2019. Well done you lovely little beast! This is the future of decentralized, distributed computing!

3. We started which I see as a personal project focused on Singleboard. Distributed. Open. Computing. Best Things In Life Are Blended. There is a lot of relevant TurtleCoin stuff, such as how to run a miner or a node on ARM SBC hardware, which one does best in our view and soon(TM) we will publish lesson’s learned from running TurtleCoin mining pool on ARM SBC. We hope some of the posts will make it to the main TurtleCoin blog, as we discussed recently with Rocksteady!


There are 6 turtles hidden in this image.


Long time no update :(. I finally pushed the captcha, ratelimiter, and transaction history code to github. If you’ve forked shellnet, make sure to pull the latest updates. Also, shellnet now supports url parameters that will automatically fill out the transaction form. ie.
I’m also in the process of cleaning up and replacing most of the codebase. I’ll probably integrate some of the new Go features. Stay tuned 😀



Turtacus disappeared for a while because he ran out of funds and people stopped using him. Due to requests, I have reactivated him, however, his prizes fund will not be topped up unless the community decide to top it up. Turtacus prizes are set to a percentage of his total tipjar, so if the community fills his tip jar, the community will benefit from prizes.
Unfortunately, I have had little to no spare time lately and this is why Turtacus was put to sleep. I will pop my head in as often as I can to make sure everything is going ok but please remember you can DM me if you need help


checkpoints broke, everybody abandon ship

Checkpoints, what checkpoints?

For those of you who sync your own daemons, you might know about a thing we use called ‘checkpoints’. You may have also noticed that the checkpoints repo hasn’t seen an update in almost a week.

To put it simply, Github isn’t a CDN.

What does that mean? We’ve been generating a file every day for a long time now, and every day it gets larger and larger. We started getting complaints as we approached 100mb, and now we’re over 100mb and show’s over. Github isn’t meant for large file storage and distribution, so we’re looking at new options to get this file delivered to you. Likely we’ll just split up the checkpoints file and continue as usual, but a few of us are checking out other options like IPFS as a potential backup option.

OK, I’ll admit, it’s pretty much just me who sees anything in that idea, but who knows, maybe we get IPLD going and offer an option for IPFS block storage. I’m not promising anything, or even that we’ll go further than “looking in to it”, so if you’d like to discuss your ideas or help implementing this one, hop on over to dev_general.

EDIT: sike, I got checkpoints on IPFS working. Download checkpoints from IPFS and delivered by Cloudflare:


This video was a bit inspiring and pushed me a bit further into my “looking in to it”

Running a public node for fun and profit?

This update was inspired by our conversation together one night with @Elkim about some of the public services. We spotted a trend. Similar to what happened with pool services, in order to attract more miners (respectively more Wallet users to public node services), the community as a whole has the tendency to compete how little TRTLs charged for a brilliant service.

The screenshot introducing this update – demonstrates how the public services are slowly converging to zero. Yet we’ve noticed a few fellow community members in the Discord channels saying they had trouble to sustainably keep their services running, many opting out from it after a while.

Yet I hear many of you probably saying, well, but I do not need to charge more TRTL for my public service, I am doing it for the community. And you might be perfectly right. You personally may not need to charge more. But if you do, you’re more likely to give away in bounties, tips to other members, support or recognition for other folks creating a fun or useful service.

This is why both me and @Elkim raised transaction fees on our public nodes to the other side of the spectrum. To balance things out. We believe in value’s ability to create value.

I used the title for this update based on Rocksteady’s article “Running a Public TRTL Node For Fun and Profit”. We admire you and the community loves you for the fun element and dedication. Keep in mind though … if not the profit, then the sustainablity factor, at least! We don’t want to see you go away frustrated from undercutting the value of the service you provide.



Hello everyone, development has been coming along well with Divine, my new wallet utilizing turtlecoin-wallet-backend-js. It’s currently pretty stable and does all of the things you’d expect a wallet to do, here’s the current feature list:

  • Create new wallet files
  • Open saved wallet files
  • Import wallets from mnemonic seeds
  • View current balance
  • View current sync status
  • Send a transaction
  • Export private keys

If you’d like to try it out, you can install it with npm by using the following two commands: (you’ll need wget, nodejs, and npm installed)


npm i -g divinewallet-0.2.4.tgz

Then run the wallet from anywhere with


I’d really like if people could try it out and let me know what they think. If anyone has features they’d like to see implemented, please raise an issue at the GitHub repository:

Additionally, if anyone would like to help, I’ve raised several issues in the repo that indicate the direction I want to head in improving the wallet further. Thanks alot to @zoidbergZA for the PR to migrate to typescript.

Thanks Turtle Community and peace out!

When you can hear your bot stirring and making noise, but can’t recognize a word of it.

.trtl TLD ChatOps bot

To streamline things with checking and approving domain proposals, we’ve begun creating a bot that will help separate the wheat from the chaff when someone wants to register a domain.

Currently the bot can answer a few commands and validate whether you’ve supplied it with part of the correct syntax. It works a bit like this:
.trtl register A rock.user.trtl

The bot would respond with a turtle emoji to signal that the correct syntax has been used for the A/CNAME/TXT classifier and the IP address (maybe, we’ll see if spaft can pull it off haha) and once we get the rules for domain names plugged in it should be ready to be hooked up to some actual automation like triggering the repo and approving/denying applications.

Skynet is upon us. Press F to pay respects.


Rig(s) Of The Week!

Last week, I derp’d and posted the same RotW as the week before, so this week let’s do two of them!

VegasMiner by ZenMaster (MrLahaye)

This is the computer I use for gaming and work.

It’s powered by :
– 1000W GOLD PSU from OCZ.
– Asus X370-F Motherboard
– AMD Ryzen 1700x (Cooled by a Corsair H100)
– GeIL SUPER LUCE RGB 16GB RAM (2 x 8GB / PC4 24000)
– XFX AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB (Unmodifed bios)
– MSI AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB (Unmodifed bios)

What are your secret tips and tricks about mining TRTL?

For this kind of setup my suggestion is:
Use either a dual boot partition to have an OS dedicated to gaming and one for mining or a bootable USB Key.

My name is ZenMaster (MrLahaye),

I’m a hobbyist cryptoccurency miner that started mining Dogecoin about 5 years ago with a single GPU AMD Radeon 7950.
Afterwards, I’ve bought some SHA256 USB ASIC Block Eruptor and a powered USB hub to experiment with the equipment, software, etc.
I took a break from mining until 2017 and started buying some used equipment on ebay until today.
I now have 2 Gaming computers, 2 Rigs and a third one coming in soon. Will be posting all of them in the coming weeks.

Average : -Ryzen 1700X : 10800 h/s -Vegas 64 : 16 000 h/s -Vegas 56 : 16 000h/s

“Fake Vega Rig” by Zerouan

Community Advertising

CuvéeARM TurtleCoin Public Node for sending your large amount transactions. Low power consumption. Powerful. Reliable. Just of you. 1900 TRTL fee per transaction.

Shoutouts & Thanks

greywolf – thanks to all the developers working their asses off in the #dev channels, really behind the scenes to the average user. it’s fun to watch them collaborate on different things in our open atmosphere. well, at least it looks fun to a non-developer. of course, i gotta duck now and then when things start getting thrown around a bit, but it always settles down and is worth the reading.

Rock – [this space for rent.]

greywolf – thanks to Sierra for always bringing joy and sunshine with her.

Weekly Update

This Week In TurtleCoin (April 30, 2019)

This week we'd like to give thanks to the pizza guy for always being on time, and never forgetting the parmesan. You make this whole thing possible dude-friend-guy.
This week we’d like to give thanks to the pizza guy for always being on time, and never forgetting the parmesan. You make this whole thing possible dude-friend-guy.

This is a place where anybody in our community can submit a post about the TRTL project they’re working on. It’s a great way to attract helpers for your project and show people what to keep an eye out for. We encourage you to show works in progress as well as finished products, as we’re happy to see them all and it shows that we’re an active community.

To submit your link, click this link

Developer Updates

TurtleCoin Wins “Best Crypto Community” 2019

This week we won another award for being an awesome community! Pat yourselves on the back 🙂 Thanks for the guys at Crypto Influencer Awards for honoring us for a second year in a row 🙂

Thanks Oiboo for the awesome TRTL acceptance video!
.trtl Domain Name System

Deploying global .trtl resolvers with docker

Ok, been a while away, but as it is Winter now i think i can find some inside time, cold blooded and all that. I was excited to see the trtl resolver announcement and went to work straight away deploying them around the world onto 6 droplets globally.

I put together a Dockerfile that uses node:lts-alpine as ibmcd documentation is amazing as usual. I added some comments at the top of the file on how to build and run. The comments will assist in building the image, running the container and testing that the resolver can actually resolve by hitting it with a GET request using curl.

Not seeing much on my resolvers in the way of logs (apart from bots hitting the port looking for services that don’t exist, sneaky guys). Maybe i’m missing something, if anyone wants to do some tests or knows something i don’t know hit me up.

Looking forward to see what is going to develop out of this service, I’m sure it will make life easier for a lot of TRTLs.

This was a good task to get back into the game. I have another little project in the works also, so stay tuned for that. Another thing to make life a bit easier. Plenty to do in TRTL town. – Slash-atello

Divine – A TUI Wallet for TurtleCoin

Divine – A TUI Wallet for TurtleCoin

“I just began work on Divine: a TUI wallet for TurtleCoin utilizing node.js. I’m utilizing wallet-backend-js for the wallet operations and blessed for the terminal API. My goal is to make this a responsive, easy to use “”command line””-like wallet with full mouse support. Of course it will also be able to receive commands by keyboard as well.

I’d love for somebody to help me out with the ASCII art. If anybody can help let me know.” – ExtraHash


Been doing some work on the JS wallet backend this week. The main thing is that I’ve added fusion transactions. Extra has started making a wallet using the backend, which has given some valuable feedback on the docs, and other things, so thank you extra.

I’ve also started work on adding an auto optimize feature, which will keep your wallet fully optimized with no input from you or the wallet developer – it will automatically send fusion transactions whenever needed to ensure you’re always good to go. Of course, this can be disabled, if the developer wants to handle optimization themselves.

On another note, I’ve been looking at the feasability of rewriting TonChan in Qt with C++. This will of course take quite a while, but may eek out a bit of syncing performance. It seems there’s a large performance loss from passing data from JavaScript, to J***, to C++, and back again, in the realm of 10x. Or, I’m doing something stupid. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
So far I’ve stripped out all the code aside from everything needed for the C++ WalletBackend. That sounds like an easy job.. but takes an age when everything is linked to a huge module, and you have to shuffle stuff around.
Anyway, that’s done, so hopefully I can try compiling it into a library I can chuck into a Qt app, and can get some initial numbers on sync speed, so I can tell if this is worth persuing.” Zpalm

Awesome TRTL

Awesome TRTL

Created a simple list of all the live .TRTL domains I could find.
Please do a pull request if you created something on a .TRTL domain” – Turtle Max

Rig Of The Week!

Rackmount SBC Cluster

There are 14 NanoPi Fire3 boards in the front row with 10 OrangePi One+ boards in the second row. Six fans are situated at the front of the rack and blow air past all the boards. The boards use hexagonal standoffs for positioning and are also supported by the ethernet cables on the bottom that feed through the plexiglass.

Try to be mindful of power consumption if you can. I mainly view TRTL as a hobby mining project with some good potential upside but I think its important to be mindful of energy consumption nevertheless.

I am a low-power computing enthusiast and a fan of ARM architecture Approximately 24 kh/s give or take. Each NanoPi Fire3 produces about 1.2kh/s and each OrangePi is producing about 700 h/s. I’m hoping to optimize hashrates more in the future as more stable OS options become available for the OrangePi boards.

Submitter didn’t include a name, if you’d like your name up here, just let us know in the chat and we’ll get you credited. -rock


  • 4/8/2019 23:00:19 100 “I am Offering a Bounty of 100 TRTL if you add a ‘Pay with TRTL’ button to your website (just 2 lines of code)
  • 4050000 “Trezor T and turtle-services integration

What: Integrate popular hardware wallet from SatoshiLabs, Trezor T with Trezor’s backend and turtle-services in order to create and encrypt, decrypt wallet and sign transactions with the device.

Why: Trezor T is fully open-source hardware wallet project with it’s own responsible-disclosure program. As hard as it is to get added into Trezor’s frontend app, one of the unofficial requirements is to have Trezor integrated in project’s application first.

We might have a guy who would do it so here comes a softcap for the job:

Soft-cap: 10 000 000 TRTL

+1 000 000 from @Elkim |

  • 2 050 000 from @TurtlesHill
  • 1 000 000 from @LeoCuvée | |

Total: 4 050 000 TRTL” Elkim

Community Advertising

  • Turtle Pool with Loki Merge Mining from
  • TRTLint provides a free API for converting a Turtlecoin address and a payment id to an integrated address. Our HTTP API is easy to use and free for all types of projects, including commercial ones. Made by @fipsi | The Machine
  • Live in Maryland? Need a 6card open air case? I’ve got one for free. Not shipping cause I just don’t feel like taking it apart. DM Mining4Vets on discord. Need gone asap. Case is one in back with red fans. MINING HARDWARE NOT INCLUDED
  • Hands on your hips about extortionate TX fees? strives to provide a reliable and affordable public node service you can trust. You can find it in all reputable GUI wallets; look for the node with a 4.2 TRTL fee and that’ll be The node operator would like to thank everyone for their continued support!

Shoutouts & Thanks

Happy birthday Alien 😀

  • Ksmith1532 Want to give a shout out to @pstarSR#7761 @wll1rah#6816 for helping me with my endless questions with fixing my mining problems. #turtlepower
  • zerouan thanks to teacup for trying to get a skateboard graphic
  • zerouan thanks to grey for the pixel to inches to dpi conversion
  • greywolf cheers to oiboo, who always comes in to start the day off with lots of happiness
  • roger alien, go shill turtlecoin on the ETN discord for some attention.