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This Week In TurtleCoin (August 7th, 2019)

This is it, lads. We made it.

Developer Updates

This is a place where anybody in our community can submit a post about the TRTL project they’re working on. It’s a great way to attract helpers for your project and show people what to keep an eye out for. We encourage you to show works in progress as well as finished products, as we’re happy to see them all and it shows that we’re an active community. To submit your post, click this link

TurtleCoin on an ATM

TurtleCoin ATM

GENERAL BYTES, the leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturer from Prague (CZ) and Florida (USA) added TRTL to their range of cryptocurrency ATMs. Operators can now add TurtleCoin to the growing number of ATMs worldwide. We would like to cooperate with the community to make TurtleCoin more accessible to the masses. TRTL is now compatible with all ATMs made since 2013. Please note that although TurtleCoin is supported on the BATM platform this does not automatically mean that operators will support it on their networks. Ideally someone in the community creates an exchange connection so operators will be able to add TRTL to their network even easier. For now we are excited it works and think it will provide value to the TRTL ecosystem.


violetminer for Chukwa


The last week I’ve been working on a miner for the upcoming PoW fork, to argon2id / chukwa. This is mainly for fun, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to match the hashrate of other miner developers.

I’ve wanted to create a miner for some time, and this seemed like a good opportunity as there are not that many miners supporting chukwa yet.

So far, I’ve created an argon2 library, which is not yet optimized, but seems to hash at a not too bad rate regardless. I also created a small cross platform sockets library, to help communicate with the pool software. I started building the miner itself yesterday. I’ve only got pool login working with a hard coded username, but hopefully it won’t require much effort to hook up the hashing library, and I can get to work on optimizing it.

I know the current xmrig miner doesn’t work too well on ARM devices, so maybe I can figure out how to get some ARM intrinsics working to squeeze out a little more performance from them. Intrinsics are pretty new to me, so no promises!

Oh – on an unrelated comment, that TonChan update I was talking for a while went out last week. Hopefully it’s working for you all. Sentry flagged up a couple of bugs, but I think they’re pretty minor ones.



Turtle Rock Paper Scissors is a game boosted with TurtlePay where you can choose between rock paper or scissors to kick the npc machine ass, to start a new game you need to pay the amount of trtl required in the game.
In case that you survive against the npc machine choice then you will appear in the Half Of Fame where your nickname will be showed to the other players.

Game url:

The project is open source and you can get it here:


Moving Up!

It’s always good to be recognized! These are the people who gained new roles in the community this week!

  • Congratulations to PstarSR and r00tus3r_ for earning their pink Contributor roles this week for their contributions to the organization repositories!
  • r00tus3r_ achieved Developer role, earning a bright pink hat for contributions of code to the organization repositories! Great work!

Good First Issues

Good First Issues are tickets that are marked as ‘easy wins’ for new developers. If you want to be a TurtleCoin Developer, these are great tasks to start with!

  • Use matches property in ApiDispatcher regex
    Some calls in the ApiDispatcher use a regex, we could instead extract hashStr using the matches property on the req object, by adding a capture group to the hash regex
  • Remove no longer relevant asserts
    Since pretty much everyone runs the daemon in release mode, instead of debug mode, we’ve ended up where we have a number of asserts which constantly trigger, due to altered/moved/rewritten sections of code.
  • Daemon+WalletBackend timestamp adjustments 
    The current /getwalletsyncdata rounds a timestamp to midnight. Depending on what time of the day you start a fresh wallet, you may have no blocks to grab (we need to roll back a bit more than we currently do with the timestamp adjustment), or too many (since it’s rounding to midnight which is quite far away).

Pay With TRTL

This is a great place to list items that you’re selling for TRTL

FTWJason in Discord – Hand made knife

This is a Hand Forged low layer Damascus Hunter made from 15n20 & 1084 High carbon steels. 5 piece handle construction. Mokume Gane guard & pommel, diamond shaped brass screw. Dyed Quilted Poplar handle with a stainless steel pin. 5 1/2″ blade. 10 3/8″ overall. Comes with the leather sheath. Shipped in the United States for 5,310,000 TRTL Internationally shipped for 5,580,000 TRTL This Mokume Gane is a Copper and Nickel silver blend.(edited)

Rig Of The Week

yuge-pp” by Turtley McTurtleton McDrizzle

yuge-pp” by Turtley McTurtleton McDrizzle

35 kh/s cn-turtle, 8 kh/s nerva

I’ve been wanting a quad socket setup after doing so many boring sub-$200 dual socket Xeon E5 builds.

I could have saved $100-200 going with a Dell or HP barebones, but noise is a big factor for me. So hashrate per dollar isn’t stellar, but none of my builds are meant to be dedicated miners.

I didn’t have any narrow ILM heatsinks that weren’t 1U, so I borrowed some heatsinks from my other open air setups, modified the unused AMD mounting brackets, and well I guess they’ll do for now. This put me over capacity on that room’s circuit breaker, so those other two machines are turned off now anyway. When I rack it up I’ll grab some Supermicro SNK-P0050AP4.

  • Supermicro X9QRI-F+ motherboard
  • 4 x Xeon E5-4650 V2 (total 40 cores, 80 threads)
  • 16 x 8 GB PC3-12800R (128 GB DDR3 1600 MHz, quad channel)
  • Corsair 850w PSU
  • Whatever cheap 240 GB SSD Fry’s had on sale until I can get this monster into a rackmount chassis with a proper storage array.

Still waiting on E5-4657L v2 to come down in price so I can swap these CPUs out for some 48 core, 96 thread action.

Turtley McTurtleton McDrizzle

Free Advertising

This is a spot to spam anything TurtleCoin related that you would like to advertise, it’s free to put an ad in the roundup.

Shoutouts & Thanks

This is the place to mention someone in the community who has done something nice or deserves recognition.

  • greywolf thanks to Muf for friendship, and being there during difficult times.
  • TRTL Rocks as always 😀 Love being around here! Thank you everyone!
  • greywolf thanks to CapEtn for working on CHAD TIPBOT.
  • rock thanks to zerouan for always keeping us company in the karaoke room 😀
  • rock thanks to capetn and chadtipbot, i know i give that little bot a hard time but he does a good job
  • rock Cheers to all the Developers and Contributors and Service Operators who are still kicking day after day, you’re pillars of the community

This Week In TurtleCoin (June 17, 2019)

From the Teacup Files

Developer Updates

In this issue we all post shocked pikachu emojis when people forget to upgrade their software for the fork

To update your core:

The countdown until upgrade:

The Teacup Files

Teacup has returned with a bountiful harvest of memes! Check them out here

Rotate Discord Server Invite Backgrounds

Discord’s new Nitro Boost stuff allows for Discord owners to choose custom background images when people use the invite links. However it means people have to manually click buttons in the Discord app.

So please head over to and upvote this post to encourage the Discord developers to expose this feature in the Official API. SoreGums

TurtleCoin Github Bot

I’ve been looking into supporting multiple people making an issue at once with the Github bot; it doesn’t seem like it’ll be too hard to add, and it’ll be a nice little perk. If you don’t know what the Github bot is, I recommend you check it out! It lets you easily create a Github issue on any turtlecoin repo w/out an acc; type !tag issue in the #bots channel to learn more



As mentioned last week, I’ve been working on combining the different versions of this repo together. Good news! It’s done.

This repo now builds the following:

1) A c++ static library (Windows, Linux, OSX)
2) A shared library via DLL (Windows) that can be linked against in any number of languages (C# anyone? — @canti, I see you)
3) Node.js native addon module (same as the NPM package before)
4) Native Javascript implementation (slow, very slow, but it works)
5) WASM module for browser use (much, much, much faster than the Native JS in browser)

All of the builds support the core crypto used not only in wallet functions (creating keys, finding our outputs, generating ring signatures, etc) but they also contain all of the hash functions available in core, including Chukwa (Argon2id with our parameters). The WASM module makes it very easy to bring the crypto methods used in TurtleCoin to the browser which will make client-side web wallets faster than ever*. In addition, if someone wanted to build a web miner based on the package they can do so.

Spoiler alert: Someone is building a client-side web wallet built on this using wallet-backend-js.



Using the updates to the turtlecoin-crypto library, I’ve performed a few updates on the development branch of turtlecoin-utils. Most notably, the utils package now smart loads the crypto module. If we can load the Node native addon module, that’s always our first choice. If we’re in browser, then we try to load the WASM first. Lastly, if all else fails, we fall back to the native Javascript implementation. This also has the added benefit of cleaning up a bit of the code that revolves around the crypto in the library.

In addition, due to the exposure of all of the crypto functions in the library now, we’re able to check that the ring signatures that are generated via the library are checked to be valid upon creation thereby reducing the chance of generating an invalid transaction via the library.

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve added a webpack configuration to the project that ties everything up into a nice bundle for inclusion for browser use. Browser use did you say? You betcha. This webpack has been deployed as part of the TurtleCoin Explorer and is used for the tools page (playing with wallet addresses & keys) and the transaction checker. It’s going to make that top secret client-side web wallet shine.”



Over the last week, I have done a lot on the CS-TurtleCoin/CantiLib project. I pushed some major updates, including a full rewrite of the main repo, which features improvements across the board. As I have been fairly silent with the project lately, I’m going to give a quick run-down of what it is and what I have gotten done thus far.

CantiLib is a multi-purpose C# library with many useful tools for a blockchain environment, including a standalone P2P client system, a configurable REST API server, logging utilities, database functionality, cryptography, byte-level serialization, and CryptoNote protocol handling. CS-TurtleCoin is an effort to tie these tools together to create a fully operational TurtleCoin node, coded from the ground up in a C#.

As of the time of writing this, I have P2P connectivity, API handling, CryptoNote deserialization, peer discovery and handshaking, some database functionality, the start of a blockchain cache, and a number of other utilities and functions in place. Lately, my focus has been on refining peer discovery between nodes, porting cryptographic functions from the core code to C#, connecting TurtleCoin-Crypto to the library, adding more functionality and ease of use to the API server, and have also begun work on the sync process and blockchain caching. More to come soon!




This project aims to provide a wrapper for making wallet-api requests with Go. All of the wallet-api responses are marshaled into an appropriate type. You no longer have to manually convert from map[string]interface{}!

If there’s any bugs in the codebase, feel free to leave an issue on GitHub. 😀


TurtleCoin Chukwa Cuvée Testnet available

As everything is in full swing to get ready for the Argon2id-based new TurtleCoin algo called chukwa, we needed to spin up a local testnet.

This allows us to benchmark, test and optimize our different boards, and see how the trtlrig works compared to the native TurtleCoin miner.

We made our test environment available. If you want to see how your harware will do on the new algo, and try out how it feels living on the cutting-edge technology, build your trtlrig from the add_chuwka branch available in the TurtleCoin github, and point your xmrig miner using the following parameters:

-a chukwa
-u your TRTL address

Please note no web front-end available, and no TurtleTestCoin pay-outs. This environment is for benchmark tests only.


34 hot singles in your area are waiting to upgrade your wallet format

Wallet format upgrading

A few people have requested that there be a utility to upgrade a wallet from the WalletGreen format (zedwallet, turtle-service), to the WalletBackend format (zedwallet-beta, wallet-api).

I’ve been working on this for the past few days, and think I am close to completion. Got a few bugs with transfer amounts being incorrect, but hopefully it won’t be a sticking point.

I’m considering adding an automatic upgrade, so you can transparently open an old format wallet and have it upgraded without any user interaction. One downside is that we have to generate the key image for each input when we upgrade the format, which is pretty slow for a large wallet – this can take around 10-20 seconds on my ~8000 transaction wallet.

Of course, this will only have to be done once, so the delay could be worth it.
Hopefully this will make it easier for services to migrate to wallet-api, along with new GUI’s/CLI’s using the new backend.


Rig Of The Week

Each week we like to highlight a person who has sent in pics and descriptions of their TRTL mining rigs. This week is ZenMaster Mr Lahaye’s turn! Ironically, it was his idea to start this column about rig of the week so maybe he had this planned all along! hmmm!

RigRX560 by ZenMaster (MrLahaye)

6 x Msi Aero rx560 4GB with fan upgraded to Artic Accelero Mono plus
1 x CPU Intel G3900 2.8Ghz
1 x 8 gig DDR4 stick of memory
1 x Msi z270-a pro Motherboard
1 x Corsair 850 Watts powersupply
1 x SSD Sandisk 16 GB with HiveOS
1 x Veddha 6 Gpu mining rig Frame as pictured no fans

  • Around 20 Kh/s
  • This rig consumes around 350 Watts taken at wall.
  • I got this complete rig for 600$ CAN on Ebay. Check Ebay auctions often and snipe last minute deals. I can usually get one or two deals like this every month.

I’ve already described myself in a previous roundup :


  • CuvéeTurtle Pool located in the heart of Europe (Prague), with fast connectivity and scalable hardware platform (ARM-based SBC Cluster) is looking for you – miners like you of all shapes and sizes! Help us with our journey to grow our pool. You would still be one of our early adopters. Low payout limits. Our long-term commitment and friendly support by @Olé Cuvée himself. Pool web frontend webpage: Join us now! Point your miner to ./xmrig -a cryptonight-turtle -o -u TRTLxxxxxxxxx --donate-level 1 -p rig2 Flood us with some serious hash rate 🙂 No matter how much you throw at us, we will cope with it!
  • @shelly has finally started creating drawings and paintings for sale versus doing doodles for all of us Turtles. A few of her pieces are available at Buckland Arts. Can you spot which ones are hers? Check out the page and give it a like to support creative Turtles.
  • Browser miner, use it or embed it into your sites and let others use it! Hashes about 200-400 on mid setting.

Buy With TRTL

These are things that were pinned this week in the #merchandise section of TRTL Network Discord

selling asus dual gtx 1060 for 1.25M TRTL shipped (OBO) – Extrahash on discord
ASUS X370 CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME (full package) – 2M TRTL shipping within EU on quote – Elkim on discord
I have brand new, still sealed GPU risers for sale in TRTL. 25k trtl each, 5 for 100k. opened this one to take a pic. Bulk quantities are available. Small amounts can be shipped for around 80k trtl in a flat rate padded envelope within the US. – extrahash on Discord
I have two clusters of RPis. 3 B+. Four in each cluster. 120 watt charging power supply. 2 each 5 port switching hubs. SD cards pre-programmed with Ubuntu and XMrig miner. All set to mine. Just connect to a router or range extender. Edit the config.json file with your wallet address. Good to go! If anybody wants this as a whole, make me an offer. I do not want to part this out. Comes with all 1 ft and 18″ CAT 5e cables. Anyone interested? – radarlarry

Good First Issues

Trying to get your developer role in Discord? Want to be part of the dev team? Here are some ‘Good First Issues’ so you guys can have some low hanging fruit to get you started! Beginners, enjoy!


grey’s pi3b cluster of doooom
  • iburnmycd Shoutout to @shelly for a successful grand opening of Buckland Arts where some of her artwork is featured.
  • JAPAKAR KING OF THE OZARK Once again, shoutout to a great community! This place is unique and awesome!
  • greywolf thanks much to DatsunPatrol for the Optimizing-RPi-TurtleCoin-Mining guide, and to Olé Cuvée (aka LeoCuvée) for the encouragement and oversight, as i put together a 4-raspi3b+ mini-tower mining TurtleCoin
  • rock shout to zpalm for helping with my golang homework, thanks to dsanon for the wallet-api-go work, thanks to japakar, greywold, mufalito and others for tips this week, and thanks to the community for again being awesome, and thanks to teacup for the memes 😀