Weekly Update

This Christmas in TurtleCoin 2018

This Christmas we received the blessing of the community’s progress and our mutual friendship with other networks. TurtleCoin users are quickly becoming the most helpful crew in the industry, and that’s a hat we are happy to wear any time 😀

Here’s to another great year, and a good time this New Year for all of our new friends who’ve just joined us!

Developer Updates

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Core Update at block 1,200,000 !! Miners! Service Operators! Users! This is your update! Tell a friend!

What is a fork? -> Click here to see our article about updates like these and what they mean for you!

1,200,000 – This update is a big one, and unlike our normal fork upgrade schedule, this one packs a little bit more of a punch than others in the sense that we have a new hashing algo variant we’ve been working on called CN Turtle. This new algo affects miners two different ways, GPU miners will see about a 4x increase in power, and CPU miners will see about a 6x increase in power. This just means more heat for most of you but for us it means another upgrade without ASIC, and for the first time it means TurtleCoin is branching out from just using whatever Monero and Aeon use. We’re doubling down on our commitment against Nicehash and ASIC, and have already started research on the next PoW change for when that time comes. Everyone probably also wondering, but if you’re on XMR Stak or XMRig, you’re fine, with more compatibility for others coming soon. – TRTL Core Team

This wall of text means one thing- We’ve got you covered. This is our commitment to a 2019 without ASIC.

solo miner improvements – If you’ve ever used the solo miner, you might know it’s a little ‘meh’. You need to know all the arguments to start the miner with, it doesn’t even output barely anything on the default log level, and the output is pretty verbose. One thing you might not be aware of is it actually by default only scans for a new block template every 30 seconds. So, a lot of the time you might be mining on an old block template when the daemon already has a newer template. This fixes that issue, so there should be a lot less orphans. Annoyingly, the windows network stack seems to hold open the closed connections for some time, so polling for a new template every second can end up exhausting the available sockets. I’m working on a fix for this by reusing the same connection. I know most people don’t use the solo miner, but this should help out projects which fork TurtleCoin and don’t have any pools up yet. – zpalm

Oiboo’s Game Emporium – Merry christmas and Seasons greetings to all! Thank you for your support this year. So far we have 11 amazing games made by our community! Well done everyone! I have nearly finished the tutorial section of the website, so hopefully we will have loads more games next year! As always any ideas you have or if you have a project you want featured email me @ or message me in #Dev_Gaming Oiboo – oiboo

New Turtle Game – I’ve started gitting gud with Godot game engine, following guides and exploring uncharted lands! Me and bunny will be working on new turtle games, coming out sometime 2019. Stay tuned! – Sajo8

Fork Watch!

Do you run a TRTL fork, or are you part of a fork community? Take a second to tell us a bit about your fork and get some exposure for your project!
Name of your TRTL fork :
Github link for your code:
What is special or new about your network?
The DeroGold Association is the future of crypto today and we welcome you aboard. An open source project since block number 1, DeroGold plans to be one of the most illustrious cryptocurrencies ever. Forking our coin from TurtleCoin and using their new CN-TURTLE hashing algorithm will be instrumental in helping us to achieve this goal.
Some specs of DeroGold include 100 trillion max supply, only 2 decimals, 10 second blocks, cutting-edge lite-blocks, and a wallet prefix of dg. It has been said to be very reminiscent of the early TurtleCoin days, since we have a low nethash and large block rewards with a lot of questions about our huuuuge supply.
Join our discord to learn more about us:
Special thanks to RockSteady, Zpalmtree, ExtraHash, and Bearybullish for their contributions toward the making of this cryptocurrency, I appreciate y’alls help.
Name of your TRTL fork:
Github link for your code:
What is special or new about your network?
High Fee, Low Emission -> No inflation but mining is still “worth it”. New hash algorithm to assure satoshis vision will be realised Scalable Blockchain (coming soon)

Community Advertisements

Good news everyone! If you’re mining TurtleCoin with us at Cryptonote.Social, you’re now also (solo) mining Aeon through the wonders of “merged mining”. For now if you’re lucky enough to mine an Aeon block, you get to collect the full reward. Make sure you specify an e-mail address in your miner config so you’ll be notified of any Aeon blocks you mine.
The NibbleClassic Faucet has launched! Come and have a little nibble!

Shoutouts & Thanks

anon – shoutout to kev and beary for being awesome

sups – A thank you to everyone

soregums – Kudos to rashedmyt for lite blocks feature

morpheus – Merry Christmas to One and All! May your holiday be filled with warmth and cheer, and all the best of luck and good fortune for 2019.

rogerrobers – Shoutout zpalmtree :3

sups – Massive thank you to KSupremex#5671 for putting together the “How to” videos for NibbleClassic! Absolute star!

japakar – Best. Discord. Ever. Best. Coin. Ever.

gobble – Merry Christmas, eat, play, drink hard. Enjoy your time with mates and family. Crank up the volume on them Christmas Carols and enjoy the smiles on your kids faces. Build a snowman if you’re in the cold, but if you’re in the heat, put ya boardies on and bomb dive the pool, drink them beers, spread the cheers! (ps. eat bunnies not turkeys)

See you all next year 😀 – rock

Weekly Update

This Week In TurtleCoin (Sep 10, 2018)

Developer Updates


The fork happens in about 4-5 days at height 800,000 
This upgrade adds the ability for the network to drop old peers from the swarm when they have not upgraded after a fork. Old peers from the first and second fork are still running daemons and causing slowness and instability for other users. This fix will solve that issue going forward.  <– Get your latest download here

Shell-ebrate the all new Turtle Simulator Game! Turtle Simulator is a full 3D Turtle game made in the Unreal Engine. Try to survive the wretched ocean and grow to be an old wise Turtle! I am happy to announce that development of “Turtle simulator” is well under way and I am aiming to have a closed alpha release in the upcoming weeks! !!!!! I am looking for testers !!!!! There will be a bounty for testers to help tweak the leveling system and make it a more balanced and fun game. If you are interested in helping balance the game mechanics, swimming constantly into walls or generally wreaking havoc to find bugs, please get in contact! Message me with you OS and system spec. Thanks! Discord : OIBOO – @ Me in the Dev-Gaming channel Email: – Oiboo


Krang – Setting up a testlab at home using Rancher 2 and RancherOS to deploy automated TestNets been a slow week. More meaty update next week. – Slash-atello


TurtleCoin Local Block Explorer – This is a small python project I am working on; inspired by RockSteady. This is not the final result, and there are still many things needed to be done and improved. What this project does is just a simple block explorer that you can have it running on your PC. You can search blocks and transaction by hash while having the TurtleCoin node running on your machine, because it opens the TurtleCoin daemon on the PC and then retrieve data from it. In the future, this can be combined with TurtleCoin wallet. -Sabo (Revolutionary)

My Sweet Turtle – This is my turtle (she havent name but from today she is ‘RockSteady’) Happy for a tip of the creator of turtle Coin – IlDuce

Note from Rock: Thanks man 😀 This is the highest compliment <3

Community Advertisements Professionally designed TurtleCoin T-shirts are Finally here! This is your trusted source for cryptocurrency themed T-shirts! CryptoBandit is a new store that is dedicated to the awareness of cryptocurrency! Through these Fun T-shirts, we hope to foster conversations that will help grow all cryptocurrencies and the technologies that back them. CryptoBandit is a sponsor of the TurtleCoin Street Team.

TurtleCoin Street Team is Here! Welcome to the TurtleCoin Street Team! Here is your chance to score some sweet Swag while shilling the good word of Turtle. Please see the Street Team Portal for more information.

Hi everyone, after a long weekend of work we finally got our TurtleCoin public nodes up and running, – Right now we got 4 active nodes covering USA and Europe – We are looking to get at least one or two Asian nodes added later this month. We hope this will help the people that dont have the space or knowledge to run their own nodes for the wallets. -Cision

We just finished up the last updates on our blockexplorer over at – it now runs on 6 daemons instead of 1 and got https enabled, we hope it will be a joy to use now. -Cision

Community Shoutouts

rogerrobers – Shout out to artolan

Cision – I want to thank GNU/iburnmycd™ that he havent blocked me yet and helping me to setup my public daemons 🙂

CaptainJac0 – Thank you to everyone who voted for me on

Judderz – You want Turtle decals, come see me 🙂

Rock – Thanks to everyone who submitted a roundup article this week! Thanks also to Jerme and others who contributed to developers this week, and everyone in the Tester Team for helping to prepare 0.8.3



All Weekly Update

Weekly Roundup (Mar 23, 2018)

The chat grew to 9,102 Turtles this week! Great job guys!

  • One Click Miner — I got in touch with the elusive EncryptedUnicorn who whipped up a really cool GUI frontend for a popular mining software most of us use. “In the upcoming version(s) of the One Click Miner project for TurtleCoin you’ll be able to select pools manually or with more automatic selection features like for example ‘prefer smaller payouts’. There’ll also be settings for intensity/xmr-stak fine tuning in the advanced options for both Nvidia and AMD cards. Finally, I want to clean up the code and comment most parts, so that anyone understanding C# will be able to help me, which I’ll need at some point and am looking forward to.”
     Github —

  • ios-pool-monitor — I’m always excited to see what these mobile projects come up with! It looks like there is a visual language evolving herein how our UIs look and it’s really looking good. Of course that’s just my opinion, and I’m only one Rock!
    Here’s a quote “iOS Pool Monitor got a radical new TurtleCoin shell logo loader this week! We also switched the app over to a new remote pools list JSON that we plan to use as a unified list for other applications. Create a new issue here to get your Forknote pool added” Great job! I can’t wait to see what you comes next!

Fexra’s RimWorld base
  • Fexra’s Web Wallet — Fexra turned into a degenerate gamer/gambler over the week, and took a break from web wallet development.
    I been on hiatus this week playing RimWorld. I’m very excited as I’m writing this because Marjot and Nguyen are getting married! It’s sure going to be a good atmosphere in my colony! For those wondering what’s up with the web wallet, I got some decent news: it’s done (more or less yah?)! This weekend I will be stress testing it and preparing the servers for the beta. I would like to thank everyone for being so patient and helping me out throughout these weeks! For those who are worried, don’t be, I just shaved.”
     I figured you guys would want answers though, so here’s at least a picture of his fort in RimWorld. I’ll admit, it’s pretty cool looking!

  • Chuck Turtles — I caught up with the guy running the CryptoGifts store and asked him what we could do to make our blocks faster, and he said he had just the thing! He hopped in his shell and went back in time to grab us this exclusive pair of Chuck Turtles, which are a blast from the past and an instant favorite in the community! “I noticed that the biggest thing the Turtlecoin community was lacking was that nobody yet had badass hi-top sneakers, so I decided to design some. I expect these to be the biggest fashion trend of 2018. Also, the store now finally accepts Turtlecoin as payment using fexra’s Woocommerce plugin and even offers a discount for using it.”

  • TRTL.WORLD — Not sure if you’ve noticed, but when you load our main page, you can see a heatmap visualization of everyone using TurtleCoin currently, or who runs their own node. The same guy who made this, Ereptor, also made us a really cool visualizer where you can scroll around the globe to see all of our users. “TRTL.WORLD displays the spread of Turtles around the globe via geolocation of entries from the node peer list. Future plans for the site include showing pool locations and other network statistics.”

  • Jon’s TurtleCoin Nest GUI Wallet — About the nest, I’d say I thought a universal simple and easy to use gui wallet was missing and I did my best to provide that. Considering that I have a lot of friends who bought a little turtles and they all asked me to keep their trtls as they are afraid to use a cli.

  • Take V’s GUI Shell Wallet —“Taking a break from back-end and functional work to do a complete overhaul/redesign of my UI… So far I’m only (almost done) with the menu lol. I couldn’t help doing some back end work while I was at it, I added locally stored address nicknames (separate from address book names, solely for helping to keep track of addresses within your wallet)… Also started work on a themes option that will be customizable in the end.”

I have been following bitcoin and monero for a while. I wanted to develop but felt humbled by those big projects, and when I saw TurtleCoin, I knew that it was my opportunity to start developing and learning more technical stuff in the crypto space, in a smaller, more modest and more fun community. 
— Jon, Turtle Nest Developer

  • ZPalmtree’s Simplewallet — “The simplewallet rewrite has had a few bug fixes and is now working 100% on Windows. Hopefully it will be landing on your PC’s soon, when we finish up a few last tweaks on the daemon and push out a ton of fixes to you all”
  • Reddit Turtle Tip Bot — The Turtlecoin Reddit tip bot is long overdue. It has been successfully tested and the instructions for use will be posted to the TRTL subreddit sometime tonight.”
  • Public Nodes by TurtleNode —“I’ve spun up more nodes in Singapore! Next stop, Frankfurt. Currently working on enhancements to the API proxy to provide other supporting data that will be used elsewhere including validation that nodes have not forked. This will help feed data to the HA script that will kick a node if it deviates off track. Also working on a web controller for the HA scripts to make it easier to manage a node.”

  • Madk’s Tip Bot — “The tip bot has become even more popular in the past week thanks to awesome contributions from Pypper. More features are in the pipeline, including tipping directly to addresses!”
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This Week In TurtleCoin (Mar 2/9, 2018 )

The chat grew to 8,467 Turtles this week!

“/V or even /^” — nnamon

Tonight’s Turtle Typhoon Event!! Free TRTL!! 
Mine the Storm!You are Invited to the Raindance Party!

  • From 8pmEST/1amGMT on Friday 9th March

Category5TV has offered to livestream the typhoon:

If you are mining TRTL and would like to donate to the rainbot during the Turtle Typhoon, change your wallet_address in your xmr-stak config to the raindance donation address: TRTLv3nW7vX3WXx5CRprf1ifYcY26yYPiVK9E6ocN91DKpUmqADA17n9qcE9QBCgJriGZZcbHuwwKFC8RomYVPDZah8dBN32BbZ

  • Guys at Coinlib just put trtl up:
  • TurtleCoin now has a YouTube channel for posting tutorials and howto’s for new uers! The guys in the #dev_marketing channel really are turning this into something cool looking, as always
  • Montcalm’s Pool- “Cool Mining Club is back in Cryptonote mining, opening a new Turtle pool at ,high end support/server for all miners, lot of experience from running a Monero pool during one year at early age of Cryptonote coins. Low fee (0.2%) and lot of good luck ! 🙂 Happy Mining eveyrone”
  • TMAC25’s turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-php — “turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-php, is just a simple PHP wrapper for the TurtleCoin walletd JSON-RPC interface. Feel free to bang away at it and let me know where I’ve screwed up. I’ve been lurking around the discord for a while, and really just wanted to start trying to contribute. Love the community around TurtleCoin!”
  • EncryptedUnicorn’s One Click Miner —I’m pretty excited about this project, because it really legitimizes the project in a lot of new user’s eyes. This is a big step forward for the ease-of-entry for TurtleCoin. EU came out of nowhere with this one, which seems to be a theme around the TurtleCoin Discord chat, and something I’ve come to appreaciate about the community 🙂

A few days ago I had the idea of making some kind of (desktop) one click miner for Turtlecoin and I started to develop it myself and it has already progressed faster than I expected. It’s pretty much just a GUI for xmr-stak that selects best trtl pool to mine on (currently only considering the ping time) and starts xmr-stak in the background with the chosen settings. It also has a “mine to raindance” option ;)It’s far from being perfect or finished yet, but it already works as it’s supposed to. I’ve written it in C# for windows.” — EncryptedUnicorn

  • fexra’s TurtleWallets— “TurtleWallet aims to close the gap between TRTL (TurtleCoin) and real world application. Our vision is to lower the barriers of entry for not only the average day-to-day user , but also app and game developers. We hope to achieve this by offering an easy-to-use web wallet, that comes with API support and advanced monitoring and insight reporting. These are just a few of the many features we are working on. If you would like to participate in the beta, follow @fexra on twitter or keep your eyes peeled on the TRTL reddit page.”

TurtleWallets has one vision: lower the barrier of entry for 1) average people, 2) app/game developers

Hence TurtleWallet will come with API support, and offer plugins for wordpress, magento and perhaps even libraries for langauges in the future

“I have a day job working on games, and am working on a turtle racing game at night, I hope to share more with you guys in a few weeks.” -Ryan, Turtle Racing Game
  • Ryan’s Turtle Racing — “Turtle Racing is a 3d game being developed in Unity that will be a livestreamed and let viewers place horse race style bets via chat commands. Players can enter and name their own turtle, and buy them cosmetic hats! It is mostly using open source assets and being developed in my spare time slowly but steadily. I am hoping to have a beta race in a few weeks!

Actually betting would be cool, it is being developed for pure fun not profit, I am planning to give a free daily reward of an in-game currency and have a special race once a week or so that the winner would get turtle coin as a prize, but I am up for other ideas or when I’m done someone can take the source code and make it into a gambling thing.” -Ryan

  • GT3000’s TRTL Game — “Another week another milestone, with content complete, we have begun polishing the UI. Here’s another teaser image to keep you guys sated. Still no date on release but it won’t be too much longer now. Keep fighting the good fight against our ILLUMINATI overlords! Turtle Forever!” 
    Man I cant wait to see how this one turns out, Im dyin! — RockSteady
  • derp-derp-derp iOS pool tracker — “You might remember Adi G.’s pool monitor for Android being released a few weeks back. Well now an iOS version is available as well. The functionality is similar to the Android version, where you can put in your wallet address and the pool you’re mining on, and it gives you all of your stats right on your iPhone or iPad. TRTL Power!”
  • cvstn’s Riddle — “I made a series of riddles to give the folks in the TurtleCoin Discord something to scratch their heads over while hanging out. Each level in the riddle contains keys to a wallet with increasing TRTL rewards. It’s been a lot of fun watching the community tackle the weird questions in the riddle, even if certain questions are a little abstract. At the time of writing there is still over 1 Million TRTL waiting to be claimed by some clever person.”
  • CPUGuru’s Pool — “The Challenge Coin project (, whose mission is to ‘Give Back’, is utilizing mining as a means of social outreach and purpose for disabled, mobility impaired and shut-in Veterans.They have fired up an off-centered Turtle Pool called ‘Turtle Power’ at where currently 24% of TRTLs mined by the pool are donated to the @TurtleBotRain address for raindances!The Challenge Coin project chose TurtleCoin as their debut cryptocurrency because of the community involvement and laid back atmosphere.”
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This Week In TurtleCoin (Feb 24 2018)


It was another steady week here at TurtleCoin HQ, many rains were had, but no turtles were hurt in the ensuing floods!

Aditya’s TurtleCoin Pool Monitor

Let’s enjoy Reddit while it’s still a thing!

The /r/TRTL Subreddit is celebrating 1,200 subscribers!! Congratulations to our community team that is memeing our way to the top, around the clock! Subscribe now for all of your quality TurtleCoin content and discourse ->

  • Decentralized Exchanges — Work continues on getting TurtleCoin added to a decentralized exchange, for the purposes of reliability and security. Remember, if your TRTL is on an exchange, you’re not in full control of it.
    The current integration effort is for a DEX called Bisq, which you may remember as BitSquare. The qualifications and requirements for being listed are few, but you have to code your own integration and then get it successfully merged as a pull request to the main software repository for the exchange, and the author explicitly states that you get one chance, and one chance only at this, or you’ll be blacklisted. Needless to say, we are measuring three times and cutting once!
    Bisq DEX —
  • Fixing Stuck Transactions — Recently, we’ve noticed people sending transactions with a large amount of inputs, but only the network minimum fee, and they get stuck easily in the transaction pool, which can really suck! Fortunately, we’re working on making these types of sticky transactions less of an issue. ZedPea had a quote and some ideas in regard to a solution: “Would be cool if you could mentioned the transaction pool bugs being attempted to be fixedI guess just don’t worry folks who have stuck tx’s, we’re working on fixing it — if they want more info there’s an explanation here —
    Thanks, Zed, I hope we’re able to help free the Turtles! — RockSteady

This one came attached to GT’s quote, and I’m just going to leave this filename how it is… (wrongneighborhoodmotherfucker.png)
  • TRTL Game Devs, UNITE! — Our game devs really lit a fire under things this week in the chat, and I can really see some steam building in that department! If you’re an aspiring game dev or asset designer, you should check them out in the chat! Bebop took a second to get with GT3000 for a quote on this week’s developments, “Work progresses on our untitled turtle game, we’ve finished the Minimum Viable Product, and have begun fleshing out the content. Our noses are on the grindstone to really get this out to people and we’ll have more information soon but here’s a teaser image to tide you over. Keep fighting the good fight against our ILLUMINATI overlords! Turtle Forever!” Nice! I can’t wait to play! Good job, you all!
  • Life’s Pool Tracker and Converter —“I’ve made an android app for pool tracking and converting TRTLs to other currencies. there is no github repo yet, it’s going to be opensource someday… it’s getting updates weekly, I’m currently working on notifications, so if your miner stops, you get notified, etcyou can test it out yourself” — LiFe[MGLolenstine] 
    Good job! I hope to see this one open sourced some day, so the community can learn from what you’ve made. — RockSteady
    Pool Tracker —
  • Derp’s Pool Watcher —“hoping to have an alpha of iOS pool watcher ready by Sunday or Monday night. steady she goes on my side” — derp-derp-derp, thanks for your hard work! We for sure need more of an iOS presence, and this could help.
  • Turtle Runner — Kinjo shared with us a preview of the Turtle Runner Game that’s being worked on. This one’s really cool, and takes me back to my early Atari beginnings, thanks! I can’t wait to lose hours of productive time playing this 🙂

Turtle Runner!

Turtle-Wallet, Python GUI Wallet for TurtleCoin (Image credit, CodIsAFish)
  • GUI Wallets — Just in case you weren’t aware, we have a few GUI wallets that are receiving regular updates and lots of love from our community contributors, and if you’re into graphical programs rather than command line, these are right up your alley!
    Turtle-wallet is our python GUI wallet; if you’re into Python or like tinkering, this is the one for you!
    Xamarin-wallet is our windows GUI wallet; if you just want to unzip a folder and double click an icon to get started, this one is your best bet.
  • Docs and Wiki — AC, Bebop, Zed, and a bunch of other industrious Turtles have been working hard on our documentation fragmentation issue lately. We have a lot of guides, but they’re all spread out, so these guys came together to bring you some cool documentation repos for users, devs, and operators. When they are done, these repos will merge, and become our knowledgebase. I hope some day we can be the most well-documented project out there, and these guys are pushing that vision forward every day!
    “docs repo has been consolidated with turtlecoin-wiki and closed. Documentation organization and cleanup is underway and we’ll have a nice, organized structure for documentation and guides together in the next couple of days” — Bebop
  • —” has been updated with a new way to add your pools. Go to and enter the data. Requirements are not set in stone, and will change with the network. “— Watter from

Bebop’s shoutouts:

AC — invaluable work on documentation, dev site, etc.

fexra — working on a web wallet, support and testing for turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-js

Rybofy — ads

cpnCrunch — stickers

Note: As I’m writing this weeks update (Mar 2, 2018), I see that this article was here, almost-done and unpublished. My logic in posting it now is that I figured it was best to post this in it’s half written state rather than not at all, for historical purposes. Bebop and I were working to pull together quotes and mentions for this issue, but he thought I was posting it, and I thought he was posting it, and ultimately neither of us did it, and while everyone was all-hands-on-deck for a few important issues, this article had to be re-prioritized. If you submitted an update or a quote, please contact me personally and I’ll update this article. — RockSteadyI’m probably missing a few; it’s been a big week! If you’d like your project or update added, please shoot me a line! — RockSteady