Weekly Update

This Week In TurtleCoin® (September 24, 2019)

Developer Updates

This is a place where anybody in our community can submit a post about the TRTL project they’re working on. It’s a great way to attract helpers for your project and show people what to keep an eye out for. We encourage you to show works in progress as well as finished products, as we’re happy to see them all and it shows that we’re an active community. To submit your post, click this link

He said it was a “test” but we know he is really REAL_BITMAIN_NO1


If you read last weeks update, you’ll see I was pretty close to making a violetminer release. This release went out a few days ago, and in fact, i made another release just yesterday.

If you didn’t read last weeks update, the major feature is NVIDIA GPU support.

Please download it and give it a go, and let me know what you think. There are binaries for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and ARM.

I wrote a guide on how to use it here:

>tfw z writes a guide

The update I made just yesterday, adds SSL pool support. I kinda forgot about adding this earlier, the HashVault admin helpfully reminded me 🙂

If your pool offers SSL ports, you can now connect to them with violetminer – Just download v0.1.1 and set ssl to “true” in your config file.

I also added some better validation of your config file, so if you accidentally mess up your NVIDIA settings, you should get an informative error instead of a crash.

I have a few more quality of life features to add, then I’ll probably start trying to add AMD support.

– Zpalm


It’s been a fun week in the land of TurtleCoin-Utils this week. Forgetting how software you put together, refactored, etc works can drive any developer mad. It started with a simple thought, “I’m going to build out the documentation to make this easy for everyone to use.” Well, all good things start with good intentions, right?

Can it really be that simple?

I’ve added a number of features, most notably of which allows for packing up the utils into a single JS bundle that is super easy to import into web project. It packages up the necessary cryptography (both WASM and native JS) and auto-loads the fastest code. Talk about easy!

In short, I’ve gone through and refactored quite a bit of the code throughout the package including implementing the exposed libraries as classes. In addition, I’ve labored to add JSDoc documentation to the package that allows for building easy to read and follow developer documentation. This makes it a lot easier to work with the TurtleCoin-Utils package. The full documentation has also been published at

– IBurnMyCD

Sometimes, if you try hard enough, you get what you ask for.

TurtleCoin® Core Update

This happened a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t think anyone ever mentioned it. We recently merged a pull request from CapEtn which adds ZSTD compression to the daemon, and enables it by default.

ZSTD is much more performant than the LZ4 compression we had in place previously, and also has a minimal effect on daemon speed from our testing. If you want to take advantage of the database compression, you’ll need to compile the latest development code, or wait for a new release. Then, if you have an existing database, you’ll need to delete the DB folder, or resync your daemon.

You should find that your database folder has decreased to about 59GB from somewhere around 76GB. A quite nice saving!

You can of course disable this option if you want your daemon to be as snappy as possible.

– Core Development Team

TurtleCoin® Website –

yo dawg heard you like menus –

Thanks to The Judge#9063 from Discord who rightfully pointed out the misuse of the Windows 10 logo on While fixing this squeeze, it came to my attention that our own dang website does not only break the Microsoft guidelines but also our own. yikes! Luckily, it was not much of a hassle to fix it.

Meanwhile, I have started the development of a brand new version of Powered by nuxt.js, allowing serverless deployment it will follow a more streamlined design deployed already by our block explorer.

– Fexra

TurtlePay® Blockchain Cache

Quite a bit of performance based changes have taken place in the cache API over the last few weeks. I’ve added redis support to help with the speedy delivery of wallet sync data, started adding different data structures, looked at altering the database schema to squeeze more performance out and refactored quite a bit of code to make it easier to read.

My most recent scheme involves a few changes to the cache system (transparent to users) that will allow me to serve data via the CDN edges that will make wallet syncing much, much, much faster. There’s a few things to work out to get that going but I have it framed up in my mind and am ready to get going on it to see how well it performs.

– IBurnMyCd

TurtleCoin® Web Wallet

This week updated the styling of the web wallet according to TurtleCoin brand guidelines and completed validation on wallet creation. andrew | in the Discord chat was so kind to show me how to properly use Vuex store. Recently, I have decided to give nuxt.js a try, and decided to use this framework also for this web wallet, which currently only uses vue.js. nuxt.js extends vue.js by offering various presets to build progressive web apps that are SEO friendly and can be hosted in serverless environments.


These… you can actually help us with

Good First Issues

Good First Issues are tickets that are marked as ‘easy wins’ for new developers. If you want to be a TurtleCoin® Developer, these are great tasks to start with!

  • Use matches property in ApiDispatcher regex #862
    Some calls in the ApiDispatcher use a regex, for example, getTransactionDetails. They then extract the query parameters. We could instead extract hashStr using the matches property on the req object, by adding a capture group to the hash regex.
  • Remove no longer relevant asserts #811
    Since pretty much everyone runs the daemon in release mode, instead of debug mode, we’ve ended up where we have a number of asserts which constantly trigger, due to altered/moved/rewritten sections of code.
  • Daemon+WalletBackend timestamp adjustments #704
    The current /getwalletsyncdata rounds a timestamp to midnight. Depending on what time of the day you start a fresh wallet, you may have no blocks to grab (we need to roll back a bit more than we currently do with the timestamp adjustment), or too many (since it’s rounding to midnight which is quite far away).

Pay With TRTL

In Discord we have a channel called #Merchandise where people can post things you can buy with TRTL. To view items for sale, check the pinned posts in that channel. These are a few of the items from this week.

All items in our shop:

  • ‘Small NEOS Voyager Overshoes’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #124437
  • ‘Xbox 360 120GB with 10 Games (+1 PS3 Game)’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #196185
  • ‘Alan Wake Collector’s edition (Xbox 360)’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #196847
  • ‘Diablo 3 + ROS Collectors edition’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #362655
  • ‘Lot of Zombie Books (Walking Dead Mostly)’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #654412
  • ‘Lot of 15 PC games (Most of them are redeemed on steam and will not be usable online)’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #654681
  • ‘Lot of Xbox One Games (12 Games)’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #702770
  • ‘eBook’ by DroppingThePacketsHard²#4751
    ID: #726088
  • ‘SC2 Collector Editions (Main Game + 2 Expansions)’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #750847
  • ‘Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTE’ by Elkim#7747
    ID: #753245
  • ‘Lot of BluRay discs (Movies, Series)’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #858719
  • ‘ASUS X570 STRIX GAMING-F’ by Elkim#7747
    ID: #862191
  • ‘Final Fantasy XIII2 Collector’s Edition (PS3)’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #867107
  • ‘Lot of 4 Nintendo Gamecub Games.’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #957775
  • ‘ASUS X370 ROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME’ by Elkim#7747
    ID: #010771
  • ‘Sega Dreamcast with 3 original games’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #081097
  • ‘Wacom Bamboo Tab MTE-450’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #001659
  • ‘Halo Reach Collector Edition for Xbox 360’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #032088
  • ‘Logitech MX Master 910-004337 5 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Bluetooth Wireless 1600 dp’ by Dustin Thewind |
    ID: #027270

    Provided by fipsi#0789 and DroppingThePacketsHard²#4751
Weekly Update

This Week In TurtleCoin® (August 28, 2019)

This week, we kicked ass and simultaneously remembered to write about it, further confirming the hypothesis that we live in a simulation.

..and even with this, we still can’t get @turtlecoin on twitter.
Dear @jack, I’m going to need to see some origami.

It has been known since TurtleCoin® began picking up steam after Bebop lost the bet that something special was happening. The community was coming together in more ways than anyone could have anticipated. People all over the world were flocking to join in the project by creating memes, building tools, contributing code, launching services, hosting public nodes, pools, etc.

The community has grown quickly and has seen numerous code forks that follow our lead as we aim to provide a place for education, innovation, and hard work that gives rise to a smarter, more involved, and all together better cryptocurrency experience for all. The community was and still is building something special, ney, Turtlely, that we hope will become a household name. Over a year ago, one of us began the process of helping to protect the TurtleCoin® brand that has been built. One of the core began the process of applying for the trademark “TurtleCoin” with the USPTO using their own funds. Today, August 27, 2019, we received word that the TurtleCoin® trademark registration has completed and the registration certificate has been issued. As the USPTO does not issue trademarks to anonymous communities, the core member has assigned the trademark registration to one of their holding companies with the intent to use the mark solely with the TurtleCoin® project.

Over the course of the next few weeks, you see updates to the project branding guides, website, tools, etc. that reflect the use of the federally registered trademark TurtleCoin®. This is a milestone that many cryptocurrency projects only dream of and often fail to obtain and it is with great pride and excitement that we let everyone know that TurtleCoin® is here to stay.

Developer Updates

This is a place where anybody in our community can submit a post about the TRTL project they’re working on. It’s a great way to attract helpers for your project and show people what to keep an eye out for. We encourage you to show works in progress as well as finished products, as we’re happy to see them all and it shows that we’re an active community.

TurtleCoin Blockchain Explorer

I did a bit of work this past weekend and put together a quick node package that polls the list of Public Nodes from the JSON repository. It keeps track of the history much like but does so on a 2 minute timer instead of a 10 minute one. Then I wired that up to the TurtlePay blockchain cache API (, added a jazzy display of the data to the Explorer, and hit the commit and push buttons. The result is available via the TurtleCoin Explorer under Nodes. Give it a look and let me know if you have any feedback.


Zpalmtree (pictured) after the first semi-successful VioletMiner test on ARM boards.


“Hello friends,

A week passes so quickly. The ARM optimizations I mentioned last week got completed, but surprisingly, they actually performed worse than the reference implementation! After some investigation, this is actually to be expected. Rotations are quite slow to perform on NEON and this is a large part of the Argon2 algorithm, which might explain the lack of speed. Don’t quote me on that, though. However, the reference CPU still performs pretty well on SBC’s, and for some people may get better performance than xmrig.

As it turns out, GPUs are quite competitive for chukwa, so I have now started working on adding Nvidia support to violetminer. I’ve never used CUDA before, so am not sure how long this will take or if it will be competitive, but hopefully it will turn out well and teach me a lot too.

If this goes well, I’ll also look into adding AMD support – I don’t have an AMD GPU, so would probably have to buy one or rent one of AWS – that’s why I’m starting with Nvidia.

Shoutout to all the guys in the Mining and ARM channels who have helped test or taught me stuff :)”


Standalone Web Wallet

Started working on a client-side web wallet that can be hosted statically (think Github) or ran locally. The interface will allow users to create new wallets which are stored locally on their device. Users can load these locally stored wallets and see incoming and outgoing transactions as well execute transactions, export keys and generate sub-addresses. As default, the wallet will sync against the Blockchain Cache API provided and maintained by TurtlePay, but users will also have the possibility to sync against any daemon of their liking. Currently only generating new wallets work as seen in the video.


daemon pinger

This is part 1, part 2 ought to be done next week. All this does is grab the /info blob from a TurtleCoin daemon’s RPC endpoint and measure how long it took for the request. It has been configured to work with the specifics of Google Functions serverless environment, however, as can be seen, the code can run anywhere that supports Node.js 10. Will post another update in the next roundup with part 2 🙂


Moving Up!

It’s always good to be recognized! These are the people who gained new roles in the community this week!

  • Fipsi gained the TESTER role this week, thanks Fipsi! Tester role is important to us because it is a self-applied role that people can give themselves if they’d like to be a crash-test-turtle for new releases before they come out. If you’d like to be a Tester, in the discord chat, type *tester in any room to get notifications when we have test builds!

Good First Issues

Good First Issues are tickets that are marked as ‘easy wins’ for new developers. If you want to be a TurtleCoin Developer, these are great tasks to start with!

  • Use matches property in ApiDispatcher regex #862
    Some calls in the ApiDispatcher use a regex, for example, getTransactionDetails. They then extract the query parameters. We could instead extract hashStr using the matches property on the req object, by adding a capture group to the hash regex.
  • Remove no longer relevant asserts #811
    Since pretty much everyone runs the daemon in release mode, instead of debug mode, we’ve ended up where we have a number of asserts which constantly trigger, due to altered/moved/rewritten sections of code.
  • Daemon+WalletBackend timestamp adjustments #704
    The current /getwalletsyncdata rounds a timestamp to midnight. Depending on what time of the day you start a fresh wallet, you may have no blocks to grab (we need to roll back a bit more than we currently do with the timestamp adjustment), or too many (since it’s rounding to midnight which is quite far away).


  • 10-20 TRTL “10 TRTL Bounty – subscribe to DeroGold’s YouTube channel Just ping me and say subscribed and I will take your word for it (will give a total of 20 trtl if you want to post a screenshot confirmation)” Rogerrobers
  • 500000 “Integrate TurtleCoin in BTCPay Server
    Info: BTCPay Server is one of the most used, self-hosted, free and fully open-source payment processor project focused on privacy. BTCPay Server has beside other things Point of Sale, Crowdfunding appliations and integration in widely used e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Drupal, Presta, Magento. Please don’t take the bounty if you have no intentions to maintain it. More at: Bonus 100k TRTL if you use TurtlePay™ to get it done” Elkim

Pay With TRTL

In the Discord we have a channel called #Merchandise where people can post things you can buy with TRTL. To view items for sale, check the pinned posts in that channel. These are a few of the items from this week.

All items in our shop:

  • ‘Small NEOS Voyager Overshoes’ by Dustin Thewind | #124437
  • ‘Alan Wake Collector’s edition (Xbox 360)’ by Dustin Thewind | #196847
  • -Xbox one games’ by Dustin Thewind | #355973
  • ‘Orignal NES in Box’ by Dustin Thewind | #496247
  • Lot of bluray tv series’ by Dustin Thewind | #514474
  • ‘eBook’ by DroppingThePacketsHard²#4751ID: #726088
  • -Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTE’ by Elkim#7747ID: #753245
  • -ASUS X570 STRIX GAMING-F’ by Elkim#7747ID: #862191
  • Xbox 360 Slim (120GB) + 9 Games’ by Dustin Thewind | #863214
  • ‘Final Fantasy XIII2 Collector’s Edition (PS3)’ by Dustin Thewind | #867107
  • ‘Lot of 4 Nintendo Gamecub Games.’ by Dustin Thewind | #957775
  • ‘Lot of 5 Game Boy Games’ by Dustin Thewind | #983802
  • ‘Lot of bluray movies’ by Dustin Thewind | #994017
  • ASUS X370 ROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME’ by Elkim#7747ID: #010771

    Provided by fipsi#0789 and DroppingThePacketsHard²#4751

Free Advertising

This is a spot to spam anything TurtleCoin related that you would like to advertise, it’s free to put an ad in the roundup.

Shoutouts & Thanks

This is the place to mention someone in the community who has done something nice or deserves recognition.

  • Rogerrobers Shout out Leo congrats on the baby!!
  • JAPAKAR DUH di doy doy Thanks to all around here still going strong! I havent been able to get online much at all but looking forward to the 1.8 block!
  • rock shouts out to all the nerds who made chukwa possible, and all the service providers who made a smooth landing on the latest version good work. thanks to the testers who helped, and thanks to everyone who’s been dedicated to this task of keeping mining fair for as many people as possible. you’re doing good stuff.
Weekly Update

This Week In TurtleCoin (OCT 23, 2018)

Developer Community

turtle-completo – I have rewritten the local turtle explorer using python and kivy frame work. Initially I just wanted to find a good GUI framework to make a turtle wallet, then I was looking into kivy for its crossplatform feature. So I thought I could move the local explorer to kivy first, then start developing the turtle wallet that I wanted to add on to the local explorer. The turtle-completo project looks better and it is more dynamic in terms of searching behavior, and it is faster than the previous local turtle explorer, though I know there is still a lot room for improvement. (I admit my code is a bit messy, and I probably forgot to remove some unused lines, I will get back to that later and clean it up) The turtle wallet is still under development. If anyone that wants to join the party and make a “project completo” with me, just DM me on discord. Also, if you are developing or interested in developing a mobile version turtle wallet, please let me know, I would like to work together. – Sabo (Revolutionary)

turtlecoin-rpc-go – 2 weeks back I posted about the major restructure that this library (turtlecoin-rpc-go) got and I told about the documentation thing. Here we are today, in this timespan I have tested every RPC call using the library and documented those at . The library also got some error handling as promised. It is up to date with the latest dev branch of the network. I will be working on adding more error/exception handling, making it more reliable (which it is by the way), and follow the Go standard conventions. I am looking forward towards the community to integrate this library in their projects. – rashedmyt

GUI Node – I got the gui node working with the help of Z and ibmcd. The purpose of the GUI node is that home users need to be able to run public nodes on their home computers to avoid centralization with AWS and other cloud providers. A simple port forward is all you need. The chain is getting big enough to where it makes sense to run on home hardware rather than a hosted server. Currently you can start the daemon and define a price and fee wallet. The roadblock I’m having is kind of stupid. I’m trying to assign the value of the fee when entered to the QProcess parameter. It sounds really simple but I’m just dumb when it comes to Qt.  -Rock

Web Wallet – Now that we’re at a point on our fork that we can release, we’re shifting focus back to the web wallet. In progress at the moment is the ability for the webwallet to connect directly to a node (private node). The first step of this is to create some new RPC calls in the daemon to allow the web wallet to retreive transactions directly (thanks @ZPalmTree who’s already done some work on this), this involves some optimisation and stripping of data we don’t need and then we will update the web-wallet’s RPC calls to go direct to node so we can drop the background caching process in the web wallet. The final challenge with this is to ensure that the web-wallet, on an HTTPS interface can connect directly to the node on an HTTP interface. –WhassupZA | Plenteum

billionTRTLhomepage –  The billionTRTLhomepage is a place where you can place ads and get seen. The screen is split in 10000 fragments and you can rent some of them and display your ad there. Payments are made with TurtlCoin. We have over 120 active user from all over the world. – fipsi#0789

Community Advertisements

  • Celebrate the TurtleCoin Network with us by syncing your GUI or CLI wallet with! With our new competitive TX charges, you’ll never need another node again, it’s simple! Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!* “Switching to made me feel great” – Anon. *Money-back offer includes TX fee’s only. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit for more information
  • Turtlecoin decals for sale, in variable sizes and colours. Payment either via Trtl or PayPal. Look me up on Turtle Discord Judderz#6983
  • billionTRTLhomepage – a place where you can rent ad space and get a audience of 100+ visitor per day
  • offers Public Nodes for 5 Cryptonote Variants currently and is expanding. Currently the coins offered are Turtlecoin, Monero, Masari, Nerva and Blur Network. The goal of this project is to provide a quick, easy and private way to broadcast transactions to the coins respective blockchains with minimal effort. To enhance transaction privacy all Nodes are offered as .onion hidden services allowing you to broadcast transactions without leaving the Tor network. This is ultimate Transaction Privacy. This service is free and always will be so please drop by. -Hooftly
  • 5 fee Turtle Nodes! Germany location US West Location Thanks for using the nodes!
  • Come and join to mining pool!

Bounty Listings!

100,000 TRTL – Looking for a “Hunter” turtle design logo. The style of the design can range from the stereotypical “Safari Hunter” look to a badass tribal Hunter turtle. -Xaz

20,000 TRTL – Make a turtle dab emoji -Sajo8

10,000 TRTL – make a guide on how to mine trtl on an iphone with “XMR Miner”. Must follow format of the existing ‘mine on your phone’ guides. -Sajo8

Shoutouts & Thanks

Poike Stompers#3053 – You guys do an amazing job out there!!

Sabo (Revolutionary) – Everyone go use the turtle-completo local explorer! Be a turtle node, explore locally!!

anon – shouts to rashed and sajo for being awesome

anon – crappy we miss you

aseriousgogetta – Shillin’ These Shells.. It’s What I Do

anonymoose – IBurnMyCD is cool

rock – shouts to scarabey, looking forward to your blog

rock – thanks to watter for the interview

Barelycloakedish – Shoutout to @Rocksteady for some kickass motivational speeches. Thanks for being the coach we need in our locker room.

anon – alien we love you, even if we cant show it

rashedmyt – Huge shoutout to dsanon for using my RPC package in his webwallet which is TurtleCoin’s first production ready webwallet..


Feature Story

Interview w/ WhassupZA from Plenteum

RockSteady (TRTL)

OK great, thanks for doing the interview. I understand that you came across the TurtleCoin/Masari web wallet porting project because you yourself operate a TurtleCoin fork known as Plenteum. Since Plenteum was the motivator behind porting this web wallet, can you tell us a bit about the vision behind it, and where the fork is headed?

WhassupZA | Plenteum

It’s a pleasure, thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk with you. Plenteum is a project I started a few months back, I have had an interest in the technical aspects of Crypto Currencies for a long time now. Initially I was just looking at various coins source code and trying to figure out how it all worked purely for my own interest.

As I got deeper into the technology, and did more reading, an idea struck me. Without getting into too much detail, and as you probably already know, a number of existing blockchain implementations have the problem of Dust. It causes users wallets to get clogged up, which in turn causes the cost of transactions (fees) to increase, it also adds additional load on the network. Coupled with that, there has been speculation, or concern that transaction fees alone will not be enough to sustain the incentive for miners to continue mining once coins enter their tail emission phases, or the emission runs out entirely. So, I thought that with Plenteum I could offer a potential alternative to funding future mining rewards, and reduce the amount of DUST in the blockchain.

By extracting dust from the users wallets when they send transactions (as a replacement for fees, and only where there is dust to extract) we could then use that to build up a “Dust Fund” over time, which would then become the basis for future mining rewards when the coin enters it’s tail emission phase. This has the added benefit that mining rewards can also be more consistent than pure fees would be, as with fees, how much the miner earns for each block is dependant on what transactions are added to that block that the miner submits. With the Dust Fund, we can calculate a consistent reward that is based on transaction throughput over a longer time period, allowing miners to more accurately calculate what they might earn from mining.

RockSteady (TRTL)

That’s interesting as a concept with dust. How would this affect pools, faucets, and micropayments who are the chief creators of dust? Would this end up in a network that is more geared toward large transactions? How does the ability to fuse inputs affect this?

WhassupZA | Plenteum

The thinking at this stage is that dust will be extracted from outputs on transaction send, due to the cryptographic elements, we cannot “alter” transactions once they’ve left the users wallet, so the idea is to take the smallest 6 units out of the transactions outputs when any user sends a transaction, be they a pool, faucet or standard wallet user and redirect those to the dust fund. Under the hood, the coin itself operates on 8 decimal places, but only 2 are useable, so the remaining six would make up the dust. By way of example, if I sent you 23.25 PLE, this would be made up of up to 10 outputs, 8 behind the decimal point and 2 in front of it. (essentially the amount might be something more like 23.25760213). We are then redirecting the lowest 6 decimal places, so you still receive 23.25 PLE, the initial wallet owner has not paid any fees, but has contributed to the Dust Fund from the “fused” outs that make up the smaller amounts. So when that TX hits the receivers wallet, there are less outs for them to fuse into future transactions. So it should not affect fusing inputs, and not necessarily only geared towards large transactions, but is dependent on there being a significant number or volume of transactions going through the chain. The more “divided” each transaction is, the more Dust there should be.

Just as a side note, we are not removing fees entirely, they will become non-mandatory as we felt users should still have the ability to push transaction priority up should they so choose. We also did not want to make changes to the extent that miners would be required to have custom mining software etc. So we’re aiming to do this as a simple change initially, and then allow community feedback, results of early operation etc. to inform how it progresses from there.

RockSteady (TRTL)

That’s a pretty cool idea, I can’t wait to check it out. You seem pretty capable, and in fact you’re the first fork to contribute something back upstream. Can you tell us a bit about your background in programming, and maybe tell us about what drew you to the crypto space initially?

WhassupZA | Plenteum

Why thank you :smiley: I have gained so much knowledge, assistance, help etc. from so many over the years that I’ve always tried to remain conscious of giving back, or paying forward. When I settled on TurtleCoin as the coin I wanted to fork, I wanted to make an effort to give something back to the turtle community (which I’ve been a small part of since February or March 2018, albeit as a miner / user and not a dev).

I started programming when I was in my teens (I’m now in my early 40’s), I’ve always had an interest in tech, and love a good challenge. Initially as a youngster I thought I wanted to study Accounting and I took Computer Science as a “filler” during my degree. The bug bit and I haven’t looked back. Since then, I’ve worked as a custom software developer in various agencies. I’ve largely had a web based focus over the years, and my experience is predominantly on the Microsoft Technology Stack (ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server etc.) but have dabbled in Java, Delphi and a few other languages over the years. What drew me into the Crypto space was really just a personal interest, I love new toys, and I love technology. I wrote a paper in my Honours year at University titled “Towards a Model of an Electronic Cash Payment System for Business to Consumer Electronic Commerce”. This was a primitive (with hindsight) attempt to come up with a model that Blockchain has essentially solved today – my model was nowhere close to Blockchain, but it sparked an interest while doing all the research and I’ve tried to keep up with developments in the Crypto world.

RockSteady (TRTL)

That’s pretty much the perfect recipe for “Guy-who-ports-webwallet-for-obscure-codebase” if that’s what you were shooting for when you went to school all those years ago :smiley:

So tell me more about your work with the web wallet. Can you tell us a bit on some of the changes you’ve made? Currently, Masari is a Monero-based network, and though Monero was originally based on Bytecoin, like us, they have evolved significantly since forking, just like us, so a bit of squeezing in some places was required for us to be able to use it. Would you like to talk about the changes you’ve made and which ones were required vs which ones you added to improve on what was there before.

WhassupZA | Plenteum

The first thing I looked at was the background caching and client sync process, I was aware when I started that the JSON output of transactions from a node on our code base would be slightly different to what Masari’s looked like, but found a few things I wasn’t expecting. So I set about breaking down the processes of syncing and caching and extracting everything we needed in a transaction in order to sync a wallet. The main difference (aside from the structure of the JSON output) was that Masari uses RingCT, which we do not, so we needed to change the way the transaction ownership was verified for the currently active wallet. I managed to get that out the way fairly painlessly, and then moved on to raw transaction sending. That was a whole different kettle of fish for me. I set about stripping out RingCT signing from the existing masari code, reworked the Tx Extra structures to match what we had in our Tx’s and then started looking at the construction and signing process. I struggled to find anything online (and ultimately did not) that would point me in the right direction for how to piece together a transaction outside of the core software itself.

Ultimately it was a case of trial and error, I manually broke down a few transactions into their individual parts, and ultimately found the error I’d made in the process of removing RingCT and sent my first successful transaction from the web wallet. Had you been in the room with me, you might have thought I’d won the lottery or something I was so excited🤣

Once I had the wallet sync’ing and was able to send transactions I moved on to optimising the sync process, made some minor styling and layout changes and started looking at how and where we could improve things.

I also built a Web Socket proxy to allow mining from within the wallet, but we decided to remove that. I am currently working on some enhancements to how “pending” transactions are handled and displayed (these are transactions in the mempool, as well as un confirmed transaction) and am also working on a change to show fusion transactions that still need to be confirmed. Once that’s done, I will look to add the ability to send fusions (optimize your wallet).

RockSteady (TRTL)

You’ve done so much in so little time, are you grinding this out alone or do you have help? Is the Plenteum community already testing out your fork of this, or are you waiting to deploy it until those last few action items are knocked out?

WhassupZA | Plenteum

I am working alone at the moment, mostly in my spare time as I also have a day job, but am actively looking for dev support, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, please ask them to contact me :-). We have a beta wallet setup for both Plenteum and Turtle’s wallet instance (although I’ve taken turtle’s offline temporarily as I need to move the git repo and resync the chain following some optimisations). A few people have had a go and reported back a few things that I’d ideally like to get fixed before it gets deployed. These are mostly minor things, that don’t affect the ability to operate the wallet, but may create some confusion for end users. For example, when the wallet displays a pending transaction that’s in the mempool, it shows up in the transaction list, then, when it’s removed from the mempool and added to a block, it disappears from the transaction history for a minute or two as it’s added to a block. The background caching process will not yet have picked up that block and then it can take a few minutes for that transaction to re-appear in the wallet having been added to a block, but yet confirmed. So that has confused a few testers and we need a way to improve that.

I haven’t opened up the beta to everyone in the Plenteum Community, but have invited a few users from Plenteum and a few of the TurtleCoin dev’s and contributors for an initial look at each.

RockSteady (TRTL)

It’s ok :smile: After you’ve got the wallet up and running for your first beta release, do you have plans to extend the functionality any? You mentioned breaking off the web miner, which I think is a good idea, do you plan on making that a standalone deployable tool for web miners?

WhassupZA | Plenteum

The longer term vision for the web wallet is to make it the foundation for all wallets for all platforms. Using Cordova for mobile, and Electron for cross platform desktop applications the web wallet gives us the opportunity to have a single code base for all wallets (other than the cli and service wallets), which is a great advantage from a maintainability perspective. I’d ultimately like to add the ability for the web wallet to connect directly to a node, and not have the background caching process, which will let users connect their web, mobile or desktop wallets to their own node, which will greatly improve sync speed and add that extra bit of security. This is difficult for the web interface, as it will operate over https while a nodes RPC interface is over http so a bit of trickery will be required to get that working. I’ve had a couple of initial conversations with Gnock, who’s aiming at the same approach longer term and has made some progress on this aspect so I probably have a few things to learn from his experience with that before I tackle it.

The web miner is definitely something we’d like to work on as a stand alone project. I think it would be a great tool to introduce new people to mining without having to outlay on hardware. Also, for those community members who want to donate, they could point their CPU at the web miner and help the project along, while also contributing to the network decentralisation, which would be fantastic

RockSteady (TRTL)

Good idea. I like the idea of keeping web miners around. I think they can be a great tool, as long as they are being used with the user’s permission at all times. Is there anything on the roadmap for Plenteum or TurtleCoin that you have up your sleeve?

WhassupZA | Plenteum

Agree 100%. We do have a couple of use cases we are working towards with Plenteum, but they’re dependant on a few other things falling into place first, so I’m playing those cards close to my chest for now. I am also weary of over promising, I think far too many coins shoot for the stars and barely get off the ground, so I’m just trying to keep things realistic for now.

As far as TurtleCoin is concerned, I’d love to continue contributing. I have started digging around in CantiLib (the dot net re-write of the core software for those not familiar) and am very keen to contribute to that as much as I am able.

Other than that we’re working on building our community and just keeping things moving forward in general

RockSteady (TRTL)

I think the community is going to really enjoy this interview, thanks for your time and the depth of your answers. Is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap it up?

WhassupZA | Plenteum

Thank you! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you and looking forward to seeing it published. Nothing extra to add from my side, just to say I really do appreciate it :smiley:

Feature Story

Getting TRTL Network Ready For Enterprise w/ Fexra from TRTL Services

RockSteady (TRTL)

fexra thanks for agreeing to the interview. I think this one will really put some perspective out there for people who are skeptical about the enterprise capability of the TRTL Network. If you had to shill me your hosted services in 30 seconds or less, what would you say?

fexra |

Hey rock. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me. TRTL Services provides a simple interface and RESTFUL API for developers to start building with TurtleCoin right away. It takes care of all the under the hood infrastructure such as hosting and maintaining the turtlecoind and turtle-service so developers can focus on what matters; building decentralization applications on the turtle chain!

RockSteady (TRTL)

That’s really cool, to help us visualize this, can you give me a few examples of what a user would use the system for?

fexra |

Right on. The possibilities are more or endless; ranging from integrating TurtleCoin you mobile apps and games to creating your own bookmarking tool :). To get more specific: some of your readers may remember the web wallet that I’ve been working on. The code that TRTL Services runs on is more or less the backbone of that web wallet, but separated and hosted as a service. The web wallet ( is fully powered by TRTL Services and a good example of what could be build with it. Currently, I’ve got a few developers and merchants waiting for the release. One wants to build a TRTL Messenger app; another wants to start accepting TRTL on their online store without worrying about the technicals and a third wants to integrate TurtleCoin as a currency in a mobile game he’s building.

RockSteady (TRTL)

So it’s not necessarily a service where you could point and click deploy something like a pool or explorer, right?

fexra |

No, currently we only offer Turtle-Services access via API, but what you’re hinting at is ultimately the goal and is something I’m working on with Slash-atello. The idea is for users to be able to deploy their own turtlecoind/turtle-service daemons in Dockerized containers in minutes which they could connect their pool or explorer too.

RockSteady (TRTL)

That’s pretty cool. How do you charge for something like that? I’m guessing people get allotted a certain amount of API access- I could be wrong. Is there any plan for how something like this can be priced and paid for yet?

fexra |

Currently, Turtle-Services charges a 2.1% convenience charge on every transaction completed with the API with no other limits – it’s really up to the developer to decide who carries that cost. As the project expands and the userbase grows I will be looking into diversifying prices. I have some ideas that would incorporate the flat node fee and am also looking at offering packages, but for now I think it would be wise to keep it simple and not create walls that may get in the way for developers.

RockSteady (TRTL)

How are you able to charge a percentage convenience fee on each transaction? I imagine that’s quite difficult.

fexra |

When the user creates a new transaction with the API, the API splits that up in two transactions. One for the intended receiver who and one for the fee wallet. Hence when sending a transaction with the API, you will have to calculate in the service fee beforehand. There will will be for the API in Node.JS, PHP and Python that come with tools to handle this.

RockSteady (TRTL)

That’s quite the undertaking. How long until people will be able to get their hands on this service? We know the web wallet, which as of this writing, still isn’t released, is there a time frame when the API services that rely on the completed backend of it will be ready?

Image result for freedom is a meme, only the intelligent survive

fexra |

Yes it is indeed. Code wise everything is there ready to go online. I’m currently, with the help of Slash-atello, setting up the backbone; mainly spinning up servers and putting the daemons behind node balancers. The web wallet will go live first and will act as a kind of test for the Turtle-Services network. While this is happening, a few developers will get access to the Turtle-Services API to start building and testing their apps; they can expect to start building this weekend :). Depending on the amount of problems that will occur, I expect some, Turtle Services can go public soon afterwards.

RockSteady (TRTL)

That’s really cool. If someone reads this interview and says “wow man, I want to get involved in this”, where can I point them? Is there a repository where this is being worked on currently so people can pitch in? If someone is a developer of their own apps, is there already a learning resource or website or something where they can grab an example piece of code and start working?

fexra |

Yes! The API documentation is already available – however the repository is still private. I been promised a security audit by IBurnMyCD, which I would like to wait for. However, the Node.JS, PHP and Python wrappers will be available at the time when the first developers get a go at it. The repo for the web wallet will go public too, and will act as the first demo app utilizing the service.

RockSteady (TRTL)

This is all coming together very nicely, good job to you and IBMCD, I know I’ve been watching you guys work on this for quite some time. What made you finally break off this bit of functionality from the main web wallet? Surely you saw a need for it, but what was the moment when it clicked that you needed to build hosted services? What types of applications do you see people deploying initially, and what do you hope they use it for down the line when it gets more popular?

fexra |

Thanks man, it means a lot :smiley: Well since late January my ultimate vision of the web wallet was to be a bit more than just a simple online TRTL wallet. I got the idea of building the web wallet because of my first project, Woo-Turtle, which allows WooCommerce powered e-commerce websites to accept TRTL. I realized quickly that although this was a neat plugin, most people that run an online store are well … not so tech savvy – and so I came up with the idea to build an online wallet that comes with API integration and third party integration plugins to allow merchants to accept TRTL in ease. As I started working away web wallet got quite bloated and it became difficult to have an oversight on the code and IBMC suggested to turn it into two standalone projects, one powering the other, which honestly is the best advice I have still received from him so far :wink:

I expect most of the customers to be online merchants and mobile app developers that are looking for a quick and easy way to integrate TRTL as payment option on their store, game or app. I’m the most excited about integrating TurtleCoin in mobile apps and games and see an huge market potential for that. As it gets more popular I would love to see apps completely build around the TRTL Network but that will also depend on the development of Karai and if Turtle-Services can keep up with the demand.

RockSteady (TRTL)

Ah that’s making a lot of sense now, with your vision for the future. Will this be powering the first TurtleCoin <-> Karai <-> Athena exchange also? Until we get smart contracts going on Karai and cross-chain transfers on Athena, we will likely need that as a means of exchange between the three. I’m very optimistic about your API services and look forward to see what gets built with it. Who are the app developers who have helped you so far with the core system, and who are the developers who will be the first ones to develop apps, as testers on the platform? We should recognize their work here, because I’m sure it’s quite the responsibility.

fexra |

I like your thinking! Although that is certainty possible with Turtle-Services, I think IBMC’s TurtlePay™ project may be better suited for that – I’m sure if we put our heads together we can come up with something 🙂 Thanks Rock, it means a lot! All the code has been written by myself so far and I must say it has been quite a journey the last half a year… but I have learned so much! None of this would ever been possible without the countless hours of advice, help, guidance and patients from @Ereptor, @Bebop (TRTL), @rockSteady, @IBMC and @SoreGums, and the hundreds of others who have helped me beta test and have provided feedback, bugs and exploits. Currently three devs: @fruktstav, @sajo and @AndΞrson one merchants: @HamHands and a pool owner @Cision – will get early access. I would also like to give a shoutout to HamHands who has been so generous to cover the costs for my servers for a month when I was in trouble :t_heart: Honestly TurtleCoin is one of the, if not, greatest online communities I ever been part of.(edited)

RockSteady (TRTL)

Sounds great, I look forward to seeing the developer guides that are coming out soon, and I can’t wait to write about the first services that get deployed on your system. Good luck! Is there anything else you want to mention?

fexra |

Thanks! I think we pretty much covered it for now. All I can say for now is keep your eyes peeled for the developer guides!

RockSteady (TRTL)


Weekly Update

This Week In TurtleCoin (Sep 17, 2018)

Developer Updates


This week on Krang – I hit some walls with Rancher and decided to focus on a more traditional basic solution. This is a nice to have feature but can be included later. – Started on a simple python Script that will (Work in progress)

  1. Setup the Terraform pre-requisites for each provider on the client system (Complete)
  2. Initially Krang will support Digital Ocean and Linode (fexra’s request)
  3. Once checks and setup is complete will be able to deploy a testnet onto the provisioned computer using a combination of ansible (config management) and docker (application) (Working on this week – 50% complete)
  4. Once done the TestNet can be destroyed (to be completed)
    NOTE: Initial release will focus on functionality, Flexibility (more providers with custom deployments) will be the focus after a working product is available.
    I will be working closely will Fexra this week as he is working on a Web Frontend to deploy, manage and monitor the TRTL stack. Seems like a great opportunity to TRTL power it up and add a frontend to Krang. I’m sure Fexra will include it in his Weekly update, right Uncle Rock! 🙂 -Slash-atello

Turtle Mining Pool

Pool Interview w/ Cision – The latest installment of the small pools series highlights Cision’s pool which was one of our earliest pools. This series highlights smaller pools to help decentralize the hashrate to balance out mining power. – RockSteady

TurtleCoin v0.8.3 Released – This version is hopefully one of our most stable. Many improvements went into this release, and a lot of hard work went into it as well. This release lays the groundwork for a system that allows us to disconnect old clients from the network during fork upgrades to reduce the chances that legacy clients poison consensus. The fork at 800k was a little bit rocky at first, because we didn’t account for the mixin 7 transactions that would be in the mempool during the switch to mixin 3, which caused miners to be unable to create block 800,000. The solution was to custom-build a daemon that would only pump out empty blocks, and running that on a pool until we were sufficiently far away from block 800,000 where the legitimate block-producing, transaction-processing v0.8.3 could be used. Thanks for everyone’s time who stayed awake to watch the change and help us along. – RockSteady


Turtle Network CLI – Turtle Network CLI is a command line interface extension that is meant to enable users to get updates on the turtle network without having to go to a website! New features have been added such as checking public nodes to see their status and URL, checking the transaction pool, and checking if your transaction has been confirmed. We are looking for more ideas on what should be added as well as user feedback in general. Pop in the discord and let us know what you think about our awesome and convenient program! – Xaz

WalletShell Screens

WalletShell Resurrection – LabayLabay has taken the time to update MacroShock’s Electron Wallet for us. I tried it out, and it sure is smooth. I highly recommend you try it out, it’s really cool and works on most platforms. – labaylabay (description written by rock)


TRTL-CLI-PY – I rewrote mrrovot’s TRTL CLI in python, so that I could add my own changes to it. It does everything TRTL CLI does, and more! Thanks to zpalm for helping me optimize it a bit, and big shoutout to Xaz and mrrovot who wrote this tool in the first place! Check it out 😉 –Sajo8


Turtacus – Every Sunday, the tournament prize of 20,000 trtl is paid out and it was a painstaking process of getting the leaderboard, typing out the tip to each person and adding in how many wins they had. It took 10-15 mins each time, time which with my new job, has been increasingly hard to come by! So now we have a new auto payout function. If I type *payout, the tip 3 are automatically awarded their prize, with their wins listed. Upon completion of tips, the leaderboard is reset and the tournament starts again. Reducing the entire payout cycle to seconds! Ahhhh sweet AI automation! –Rynem


T-Scripta – T-Scripta is a turtlecoin wallet made in C# .NET. If you are curious what T-Scripta means, it is short for Pond slider(Trachemys scripta). More to come to the wallet it currently has some issues here and there but nothing too major. – Val

Shellnet – Shellnet has grown to 235 users and over 22K transactions!
The “latest transactions” panel is working again and now shows payment-IDs. Thanks to JerMe404, the webpage design has also improved significantly.
Join the shellnet discord to get the latest dev updates -dsanon

zedwallet – Only some small zedwallet updates this time – fixed a bug where auto saving wouldn’t occur whilst syncing, or when you ctrl+c out whilst syncing.
Hopefully it makes syncing a lot less frustrating if you’re having issues.

Also, there was another patch to make the node connection shut down a lot faster in the wallet – not a big thing but it should make shutting down a lot more responsive.

I meant to put this in a roundup a few weeks back, but zedwallet on Windows now has auto-complete support, to bring it up to par with Linux and Mac.
This works anywhere you have options of commands to pick, like the open menu, the main menu, and the ‘node not open’ menu. Saves you a tiny bit of time if you’re lazy 😉

Hopefully you’ve been liking the new menu system if you’re using 0.8.3 – note that you can type both the command names and the numbers, whatever takes the least effort 😀

Meanwhile, I’m working on something bigger which will take some time… stay tuned!


Web Wallet – Busy applying changes to masari’s webwallet so it will work for Turtle. This includes, a project restructure to dotnet core (done), re-write of the background caching process to handle large chains (done), re-work of the client side crypto functions to work for TurtleCoin (done), re-brand for turtle and a few other minor things. Am currently working on some improvements to how mempool Tx’s are handled in the web wallet and am adding some additional info to be displayed if there are unconfirmed fusion transactions. -WhassupZA (Discord), Dave (GitHub)


Nest – Version 0.34 of Nest, your GUI wallet, was released this week. It has been intensively tested, so you will not encounter the issues we had in 0.32. Please upgrade as it uses latest core 0.8.3, which is not compatible with previous versions. I think you will like the new address directory and wallet scan height features. If you are the maintainer of a fork of TurtleCoin, I made a guide to fork Nest for your coin. – Jon Nest

Community Advertisements


Do you want some TURTLE merch like buttons and other assorted things? Then check out for your TRTL needs. Also shout out to some other TRTL merch shops, like @bbanditt#3011 and @DonMatus#3519 on Discord! Give them a big round of applause!

Want a faster wallet sync? Try the worlds most reliable public node;! Free to sync, and only 99TRTL’s to send!


Curious re whether my contented VPS resources were negatively impacting my pool’s luck, I migrated the pool to Google Kubernetes Engine (recipe forthcoming). 800Kpocalypse aside, the pool does _feel_ luckier on GKE, and I now hope to sleep (more) soundly at night, and work on more Geeky Cookbook recipes (
So, If you’re a geek who happens to like mining TRTL (among other geeky things), come and visit, or jump into the “kitchen” discord (it’s not all mining) at Re the pool features, it’s all the usual features, my fav feature is a discord community, followed by telegram/email notifications on blocks discovered etc. This makes mining a more shared, enjoyable activity 😉

Community Shoutouts

Rogerrobers – Shout out to artolan

Cision – I want to thank GNU/iburnmycd™ that he havent blocked me yet and helping me to setup my public daemons 🙂

CaptainJac0 – Thank you to everyone who voted for me on

Judderz – You want Turtle decals, come see me 🙂

Oseru / Hasagi – Amazing work by for hosting a low tx fee node! Glad to use your node my man!

Oseru / Hasagi – Also a shoutout to Turtle?#3684 for his birthday! Expect a few shells sent your way on Monday. 😉

Moneymind420 – Give big shout out to RockSteady !!! We love Turtles !!!

anon – zpalm’s voice gives me the tingles

Khem Boi – Shout out to all the forking projects including monkey tips, and shout out to all the new miners out there helping the network!

Freeman – riche en information, merci

Captain Jac0 – Arrrrrr to all Turtles

CaptainJac0's Pirate Flag
CaptainJac0’s Pirate Flag

Weekly Update

This Week In TurtleCoin (August 19, 2018)


Try the web wallet!

Developer Updates

Shellnet Web Wallet!!! After many weeks of development, the Shellnet Web Wallet is finally online. To get started, make an account and export your wallet keys into a secure location. Contact me on discord if you have a feature request or need support – – DSAnon
Features currently in development:
– Add message in transaction
– Delete account
– Change password
Shellnet donation address: TRTLv2A8Gum5ZAUvfdTEaJQVHmUizpje6hAs3dhTH6hZijzqxv3GkFiX9vamnUcG35BkQy6VfwUy5CsV9YNomioPGGyVhMKsaFR

Cision’s Turtle Pi Case – Hi everyone, i really wanted to do some 3D printing for Turtlecoin because Rocksteady unt friends want to get Turtlecoin going on Raspberry pi 3, so i got the idea to make our own case for it, Turtle Style 🙂 I installed my new 3D printer last weekend so im still learning, if you know what you are doing the case will look amazing after a “real” print. – Cision

TurtleCoin C# Rebase – Hey friends, Work is slowly continuing on cs-turtlecoin. If you don’t know what that is, it’s our effort to build an alternative daemon implementation in the C# programming language.
Motivators include: improved stability and ease of modification, along with allowing the network to continue functioning when one implementation encounters a bug in the code.
This week we got some optimizations to the Cryptonight set of hash functions, though there’s still more work to do! Currently we’re hashing at about 1/5th of the speed of the platform independent C code. This is far faster than the initial implementation, which was about 8x slower. If you’re a C# or low level wizard, we would appreciate your help eeking out a bit more performance.
We also now have the basic shell of a wallet, so it will be easy to get stuff tested out when we get to implementing transactions. There’s a simple spec for password encryption for the wallet files hashed out, which hopefully will be easy to port to other programming languages.
BONUS: Now with continuous integration, so we don’t have to try your code to know it’s broken shit :^) Are you a C# developer? Maybe you can help us out! – Zpalm

Efforts to spread hashrate – Maintaining an even distribution of hashpower among pools is always best, and in an effort to encourage people to try new pools, I’ve begun a new article series that will interview new and innovative pools that are integrating features and things to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pools as a way to get people more acquainted with different pools. If you’re on a top 3 pool, please consider choosing a smaller one.

Sajo8’s TwitchTurtle Maps – So I adapted Jerme404’s forkmaps to show the list of twitch turtles! It shows the twitch turtles and a map of which games there are. There’s a lot to be done; need to change the logo, repo names, etc and I want to add a seperate list of cards for the games. But so far, it’s not too bad! ;D

Turtle Fork of Masari Web Wallet – I have been working on porting Gnock’s Client Side Masari Web Wallet to TurtleCoin after Gnock was so gracious to open source it and offer pointers for developers wishing to fork it. I’m currently done with porting all of the purdy bits, and am now working on listing which methods we can use and which ones are a construct only in monero/masari that made need some massaging. If you’d like to help, you can start with the methods, and I’ll be uploading the visuals later this week.

Community Events & Advertisements

Hi everyone, just letting the you guys know we just had our 3rd trtl snail race! You can watch it here – Roger Robers

Our group is not different from the other groups, it is the only one that differentiates us in what we support the Latino community in Spanish, as there are many people who do not speak English. We support through Telegram, Discord and even through Teamviewer in case the operation of its miners becomes very complicated. Our gurupo is
Mine2Gether invites you to our weekly Blockchain Bingo! The next Blockchain Bingo is Monday August 20 @ 5 PM GMT, in our discord #bingo channel: Blockchain bingo is for community fun, open to everyone, and completely free to play! It is a variation and similar to traditional bingo, and uses the turtle blockchain to draw the numbers: Everyone is welcome! 50K TRTL prizes, 250K jackpot, slots mini game, and more! Hope to see you there!


Rogerrobers – Shout out to zpalmtree for being a shining beacon of light in a dark cold world

Mad-max – I would like to shout out to dsanon for shellnet, iburnmycd for his work on upcoming CN Soft Shell, and finally oiboo for upcoming turtle game in its early stages!!

anon – install gentoo

ExtraHash – welcome back to TurtleCoin crappy

Rock – Shout out to Jerme for always making sure I wake up with surprises in my inbox 😀

Rock – Thanks to for taking a chance with me and being the first test subject for our new pool interview series

zpalm -Shoutout to DiscoTim and CodIsAFish for running their great pools and keeping the network together – Say thanks to your pool operators folks!

zpalm – Hey check out this neat ‘predictable solo mining’ payment scheme – (Expand the ‘details’ section for info

Sajo8 – Shoutout to Japakar and Jerme for the tips!

Rock – Big shouts out to new dev contributor LabayLabay because I can tell you’re ready to jump in to core dev and I can’t wait to see what you bring

Sajo8 – Shoutout to Jerme for helping me out with the twitch turtle map thing

Anonymous – RIP Sandwich Cart

Rock – Shoutout to Leaf for figuring out how to compile TurtleCoin-Nest Wallet before I did

Sajo8 – Shoutout to watter for making twitch turtle!

Sajo8 – Shoutout to everyone who watched my stream! 🙂

rock – welcome back crappy, hope they dont hassle you too much upstate

rock – thanks to shredder for giving me a few pointers this weekend on wilderness things and making sure we didn’t get eaten by bears.

Sajo8 – Big shoutout to nacho and MaTy$! for working on the spanish translation of the docs! You guys rock!