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The Illustrated Guide To Submitting A Pull Request

If you don’t know how to make a Pull Request, then you’re already in the right spot. I’m going to walk you through the process.

Sign up for GitHub
Step One: Sign up for GitHub

Step One

Get a GitHub account. They’re free. It’s like Facebook for nerds except you don’t have to take pictures of your food or pretend to care about your classmate’s ugly children. It’s just code and nerds, and nerds who share code.

Find the code
Step Two: Find the code

Step Two

What are you trying to change? Navigate to the page that contains the spelling mistake or whatever you’re trying to fix. Click on the specific file so that it displays the source code in your browser.

Click the pencil
Step Three: Click the pencil

Step Three

Click the edit-pencil in the top right corner of the page, which will make the code editable on your screen. What this has done is forked a copy of the code in your local workspace so that you can edit it without needing permissions from the main project.

Fifty minute blocks
Step Three: Fifty minute blocks

Step Four

Make your changes. Change the code or spelling or whatever you’re trying to add, and then put a commit message in the boxes below with a brief few sentences about why you’re making the changes. This is important to not leave blank because it gives the reviewer context as to why you’re making this change.

Add Informative Commit Message
Step Four: Add Informative Commit Message

Step Five

Save the file and follow the prompts to submit a pull request!

You now know how to make a pull request
You now know how to make a pull request

Step Six (Optional)

Come to the Discord chat and ask for a Developer or Contributor role, which gives you a colored name in the chat, and lets you do things like change your name or add emojis.

  • If you contributed something to a wiki article, or a spelling fix, you get the Contributor role.
  • If you contributed or fixed code, you get the Developer role.

You should be well equipped to submit a Pull-Request now, and well on your way to adding “TurtleCoin Contributor” to your resume! Thanks again!

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