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TurtleCoin® Podcast

Where the news at? What do? Why so silent?

Where’d the news go?

Sure has been quiet on the blog lately hasn’t it? Wondering where all the geeky news went?

We may have neglected to mention here on the blog that a while back we started a TurtleCoin® Podcast that brings the latest news to you regarding the project in audio form. Shame on us. Feel free to hop into Discord and give the Rocksteady(s) the heretofore. This is your one chance to put your hands on your hips. Use it wisely.

Once you get that out of the way, you can find the podcast via some of your favorite podcast aggregators. You’re probably a few episodes behind so get all caught up by listening to all of the episodes.

The Struggle is Real – Part 2 TurtleCoin Official Podcast

We're back again this week discussing a v2 development timeline update, the struggle of balancing priorities, and what that means for the community.
  1. The Struggle is Real – Part 2
  2. From Zero To Blockchain
  3. The Struggle Is Real
  4. Shell Shopped
  5. Shitcoin Forkers!

Or find the podcast via your favorite platform.

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