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Weekend Roundup (May 6, 2018)

In this episode, Zpalmtree crashes half the network and we all try to keep eating like everything’s fine…

  • Network Blip — Services are returning to normal after this morning’s interruptions 🙂 Please check your daemons for uptime just in case.

Nest v0.21 released
  • Nest GUI — Jon’s “Nest” GUI gets an upgrade, with help from Zoidian! “With Nest featured on the official TurtleCoin website as the number one GUI wallet came a spike in downloads, and with that, a spike in dev motivation. Today’s 0.21 release of Nest brings, among other things, the possibility to change the fee and the mixin count, a button to transfer the full balance, confirmation dialogs for transfer and wallet creation, the app has its proper icon, and last but not least, thanks to zoidian, no more annoying, unnecessary, exasperating, infuriating walletd black window. Our windows users will know what I’m talking about…” — Jon

  • Simplewallet— “Next version of simplewallet will display payment ID’s if one is present, in list_transfers. This is handy for pestering madk if you fucked up your tip bot deposit!” — ZedPea
  • How to Make a Turtle Pool! — No, this isn’t our famous Turtle Soup recipe, this is actually a user contributed guide about how to set up a Turtle Pool from A to Z! So cool! FunkyPenguin has been on a roll lately and this is something we really needed! Thanks FunkyPenguin!

  • Pools JSON List —In recent weeks a few new pools have been added to the official pools list JSON. — derp3x

  • Nodes JSON List —We figured it was a good idea to also create a list of open public daemons the same way we do the pools JSON.— RockSteady

Congrats to the Facebook Turtles out there! You guys are almost bigger than the chat!

Now you can set your own mining payouts! Thanks Yami!
  • Dynamic Pool Payouts! — “With dynamic payouts turtles don’t have to worry about spam of transactions each day. Now it can be set high enough to get one payment from pool per day or if a turtle prefers even more sparsely.” — YamiM0nster
  • Docker takes over! — Tom, Andrew, FunkyPenguin and a few other Turtles are working day after day to bring us better Docker facilities. Hopefully some day this will make spawning pools and services a one click affair. I asked Tom and FP for comment, 
    “once the automated build gets a bit more review I’ll have something to say. I was thinking of making a version based on that image that syncs the block chain, then deletes the DB so that when a user stands up the image it has a copy of the chain in it. But I am not sure if folks would use that.” — Tom

“Strategic fixes have been applied to the turtle-pool code to make it container-friendly. @tom `uroborus` and I are working towards creating automatically built “official” docker images for the turtle daemon and pools, so that docker deployments can easily be kept up-to-date” — FunkyPenguin

  • RainBorg —“RainBorg has been doing just fine this week, with no down time whatsoever, beyond a few planned updates I made to her code. Her tip balance has been looking great thanks to some charitable donations from some good turtles out there! Current stats are as follows:”
Total TRTL Sent: 487,230.14 TRTL
Total Tips Sent: 6089
Average Tip: 80.02 TRTL

BasedVico’s Web Wallet —“My web wallet has entered beta testing on a testnet, and is getting very close to being ready for the public. This week, I added basic fusion/wallet optimization, a few UI and settings tweaks, as well as… Wait for it… A way to send TRTL to people that don’t yet have wallets! When the web wallet is released, you’ll be able to simply enter the person’s name and the amount you’d like to send, and a link will be generated that you can then share with them. They can use this link to create a new wallet account, and the balance will already be loaded onto it for them.” — BasedVico

New Subreddit logo from NasPower!

Last but not least, have a good week everyone 🙂 You’ve all outdone yourselves!

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Weekend Roundup (APR 27, 2018)

The TurtleCoin Discord chat grew to 10,300 members this week! Join us at

Thanks to AceCore and Cyr0wned for taking this pic at their favorite pizza place in Vienna’s 14th District

Two Turtles walk into a pizza joint… 
AceCore and Cyr0wned were recently at a new favorite pizza place out in their neighborhood, and I got a chance to talk to them about this new Turtles Pizza Shop We were in our favorite pizza place which opened recently. Always satisfied with their product we introduced them to the exciting world of cryptocurrency and especially Turtlecoin. The owner of the restaurant was so interested and agreed to take a photo to share with this awesome community. We look forward to pay our delicious turtle pizza with sweet, sweet Turtlecoin in the near future.” — AceCore

  • TurtleCoin v0.4.4 released — Now with more cheese in the crust!

  • Progress continues on the TurtleCoin Wiki — Thanks to all the turtles involved, and I’m especially proud of all of the new turtles who swore that they didn’t know how to use GitHub or markdown who are turning in lots of work! Great job guys! Welcome back AR-X!

  • NasPower takes papercraft to a new level with all new FREE TurtleCoin designs for those of you at home with a printer and a few minutes! Check out his designs, they’re legit! Download them for free from the link below and submit your pictures of what you’ve made!

The Fancy Truck —

The Corporate Truck —

The Sporty Truck —

The P-40B Plane —

  • FunkyPenguin’s Docker Swarm Army Uprising — FunkyPenguin is our most recent container guy who’s on a quest to Docker all the things! So far, his efforts are paying off, and I look forward to his next creation! “In a bold quest to build an antipodean mining pool for the turtles of the north, south, and west (sometimes referred to as “‘stralia”) isles of New Zealand, I’m working on dockerizing a 3-node testnet (goodbye, 24GB of storage!) and a mining pool stack, with the ultimate goal of being a resilient, production-level mining pool, under Docker Swarm.” — FunkyPenguin

YamiM0nster’s Turtle-Pool Stats are now live!
    Turtle-pool now has worker stats!
    Thanks to YamiM0nster, we now have stats for each miner in the pool software. You can add messages, names, or labels to each miner so you know who hit which block. Good job! 
    “Stat turtles can feel more in control now with worker stats added to the pool software!” — yamim0nster

  • The worker stats feature for the pool earned Yami a cool 300,000 TRTL just for his efforts in that single bounty. Cision, from TRTL AT Pool Party was the sponsor for this bounty, and funded it himself. Completing a bounty like this is a good way for anybody out there with any type of coding skill to join our chat and check out the #bounties channel for new opportunities to get some easy TRTL!

Just for those of you like myself who are curious, here is the transaction that paid Yami, on Cision’s block explorer, using our chat’s own Turtle TipBot++

  • Web Wallet —With much celebration, the highly demanded web wallet, ladies and tortoises.. Here’s a quote from BasedVico — “I have entered the prototyping phase for my newly started web wallet project, the basic functionality is working :)”

What some of you don’t know is, this is I think the 3rd web wallet we’ve had. An unknown pool operator had one on week 3, Fexra has one that’s pretty awesome but yet to be released, and then this one, which I’ll say is really visually appealing. This will greatly help out mobile users, as the video implies. BasedVico is really tearing up the trail this week!

  • RainBorg Art Event was held this past week! Check out NasPower’s blog for more deets

  • TurtleNode.IO — “I’m testing a patch to the daemon RPC service on the public TurtleNodes that helps prevents crashes due to socket errors. If that works consistently, I’ll be looking in other places in the daemon for other occurrences of this fault to hopefully resolve it and help increase the stability of the daemon. I’m hoping on fixing up a few other logic errors in the turtlecoind-ha wrapper scripts that cause the script(s) to not always restart the services properly when it detects hangs or other issues. I’ll be traveling heavily next week and progress on either fronts will be a bit delayed.”— IburnMyCD

  • Python GUI Wallet — “Several large pull requests by dbileck were accepted into the python turtle-wallet. Progress is looking good, just a few more things left to do!” — CodIsAFish

  • BasedVico’s Turtle API Wrapper in C# — BasedVico, author of the new Turtle Tip Bot has popped up with another hot repo, this time to help other aspiring graphical wallet makers get going quickly and easily with C# and TurtleCoin. “I found myself re-writing a lot of the same code whenever I wanted to make any sort of utility that required access to a TurtleCoin wallet, so I figured I’d do myself (and hopefully others) a favor, and create this little asynchronous session-based API for creating and managing daemon and wallet connections. My aim was to make it as easy to use as possible, while keeping it flexible.” — BasedVico

RainBorg — To the rejoice of rain-turtles everywhere, #Raindance has been re-enabled! 
To those of you who aren’t in the know, we recently had to suspend a bot that is used to “make it rain” turtles in the chat because there was evidence of cheaters taking too many turtles. The new bot is here now, and better than ever, because no more will have to constantly watch a room to input your wallet address and only maybe catch rain. Now chatters are rewarded by chatting and participating in rooms where we’d like there to be more people concentrated. Currently the RainBorg, as we’re calling it, is watching #general, #help, #mining, #dev-general, and #dev-marketing. This is to reward people who keep #general looking presentable, and the people helping in #help and #mining, and last but not least, we want to attract nerds in #dev-general and artists in #dev-marketing.

Again, as with most of the projects in this week’s roundup, this is another BasedVico production! Way to go, man!

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Weekend Roundup (Apr 14, 2018)


We told you we were going to do it. We’ll do it again too.

The chat grew to 9,750 Turtles this week! Join our chat! It’s been a long minute since the last update. So much has happened between now and three weeks ago, but luckily the mad scramble to a new algorithm has paid off and we are happily humming along at 8.51MH.

Our New Hashing Algorithm

I’ll link the article below, but to sum it up, we were alerted a few weeks ago to credible reports of ASIC miners being available for purchase. Sticking by our commitment to keeping mining ASIC-free and competitive, we pivoted to a new algorithm that you may be familiar with: Cryptonight Lite Variant 1

View at

The transition is a two stage hashing algorithm change that is currently beginning phase two. Phase one gets us out of the way of ASIC for now, and incidentally NiceHash as well, for the moment. Phase two gets us a more suitable long term hashing algorithm to carry us into 2019.

TRTL-Stak, lol

During the transition to our stage 1 algorithm change, we were attacked repeatedly, which rushed the transition to the new algorithm. When we are making these changes, it requires the participation and cooperation of everyone else, which we almost didn’t have as a result of the attacks pushing the transition date ahead by 6 days.

Initially, we wanted to have at least the big two covered, XMR-stak and XMRig, which both voiced support for our algo change. The schedule moving forward made this difficult, as XMRig was the first to swap but most of our miners still preferring to use other software. We had to rush out an adapted version of xmr-stak that we affectionately called TRTL-stak.

As cool as it is having a miner named after us, when XMR-stak is released officially we will be retiring TRTL-stak in favor of the continuously supported XMR-stak. In the mean time, it is fine to use.

View at

Bet your #MCM doesn’t have 5 GUI wallets

There’s a new tag in the chat now to summon a link to all of the graphical wallets currently available. Even with one or two of them currently retired, we still have 5 active GUI wallets currently, which just screams one thing… OPULENCE.

Download one of our wallets today, and put your hands on a piece of organic, fair-trade, handmade, bespoke, poverty-repellent software. Here’s a quick link to all of our GUI projects

#1 This wallet is written in Golang. Supports Win/Mac/Linux

View at

#2 This wallet is written in c# with WinForms. Supports Win/Mac/Linux

View at

#3 This wallet is written in Python w/ Glade. Supports Win/Mac/Linux

View at

#4 This wallet is written in Javascript w/ Electron. Supports Win/Mac/Linux

View at

#5 This wallet is written in C#. Compatible with Windows, Testing Only

View at

  • The TurtleCoin Mining Pool Monitor — app has been re-released on Android now, so that the iOS and Android features will be in-sync moving forward. It has also undergone a few updates recently: — now supports the unified pools list JSON — the pools screen now has last block found time and estimated average block found time — the dashboard now lists the last pool payment timestamp Download the app today! — derp3xIOS —
    Android —
  • — daemons are updated to v0.4.3 and are running like champs. TurtleCoind-ha project received a major update this week that helps with stability quite a bit. Also added a few new features in support of v0.4.3 of TurtleCoin. See for more information Most of my “spare” time this week was spent working on TurtleCoin itself. — Iburnmycd
  • Wiki — is getting a lot of revamp this week, big thanks to zed, guacamole and sajo and everyone for all the contributions and work keeping our documentation up to date, accurate, thorough and easy to follow — bebop
    I’ve been making some big changes to the wiki. Changing the structure of files and adding newer guides on other topics. It’s been coming along nicely, excited to have it done and pushed to the wiki. It’s gonna be great :D” — Sajo
    “We have been updating the wiki to make it a one-stop-shop for all things TurtleCoin. I am hoping that if we can make the wiki as newbie friendly as possible, we can reduce the barriers of entry into our community. Come and give us a hand!”
    — holyguacamole
  • Simplewallet — Hopefully those of you who are using simplewallet have enjoyed the UI changes that 0.4.2 brought. There’s a few new features in 0.4.3
    The `— wallet-file` and `— password` args that some people were missing have been re-added, so you can start up your wallet straight away from a batch file or script. It also adds timestamps to list_transfers, so you can see how long you’ve been a part of this great community!
  • 0.4.3 Fast Sync — “The ability to sync the daemon using a list of checkpoints rather than maintaining bootstrap snapshots was added. This enables fast initial syncing and spreads bandwidth usage across the network rather than a single blockchain download and should aid in faster recovery of daemons when problems arise.”— Ereptor
  • New Algo — “Turtlecoin has officially moved from Cryptonight to Cryptonight Lite Variant 1. This was implemented via a collection of opportune if statements.” — Suml Noether
  • Nest GUI — The Nest wallet is getting featured on as the main GUI wallet. Coming from the industrial and startup spaces, where I developed many apps, but for internal use or for cocky bosses who thought they had the next big idea but nobody wanted their product, it’s a nice change. With already hundreds of users and soon thousands, it feels great to develop something people want and use, and to help grow the TurtleCoin community. — Jon Nest Dev
Image result for turtle nest gui
  • TRTL Wear Watch App — “trtl wear released this week, now you can see the time, date, weather and the vaule of a turtle coin all from your watch. Along with that I’ve been making some fresh exploration into getting android a turtle wallet, hopefully more on that soon.” — Seperot

  • Winforms GUI — We’re actively working on the WinForms wallet, making continuous progress by resolving github issues, adding features, and keeping an eye on #help and #wallets for any issues that haven’t been reported yet. — JerMe404

Winforms GUI
  • Electron GUI — The newly introduced Electron GUI wallet, named WalletShell, has just entered the GUI wallet race. It’s main goal is to provide users with an intuitive and pretty looking interface. Future updates will include a revamped Transactions page and the ability to use a public node. — PermaDeath

Electron Wallet
  • Turtle Racing Alpha — tests have been running through the week and collecting/fixing bugs. Check out videos and follow on Twitch The next features being worked on is a turtle auction where you can buy and name your own turtle with max speed, acceleration, and endurance stats that effect the outcome of the races, and exacta and trifecta betting pools. — Ryan

Turtle Racing
  • RocksDB Upgrade — As Turtlecoin community was screaming to heavens “Oh Great Turtle, please pretty please, bless us with stable daemon!” two brave turtles with capabilities heard the prayers. Here we are now blessed with daemon stable more than EVUR! — YamiM0nster
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Out of the Shell #5: Iburnmycd

Giordano’s Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Welcome to the fifth installment of Out of the Shell, a series of interviews with the developers, designers, and doers behind TurtleCoin. This is @gigantomachia and I’ll be your host.

After a bit of a hiatus, I’ve returned to drop a new interview with another outstanding member of the TurtleCoin community: @iburnmycd . Anyone who’s recently hung out in the TurtleCoin discord server will recognize @iburnmycd’s handle. Despite working 80+ hours a week as a chief technical officer at a national managed service provider, he still seems to active on discord 24/7.

His real name is Brandon and he lives in “a small town” somewhere in Ohio. Over the last few months, Brandon has taken a deep dive into TurtleCoin and has become a major contributor to the community. He created as a free set of public nodes after identifying a need and is currently working on developing a set of native TurtleCoin libraries in a number of programming languages to enable more developers to build apps on top of the network.

Brandon and I discuss what drew him to the project, what he’s working on, where he sees TRTL heading, and how what started as finding a cool coin to mine has become an all-consuming hobby.

Tips welcome: TRTLuxvBFVNSxovAp3c9C8h8dUttA4sP8hHELDQJXsQZ7JcKfnn3sLkUPGQgQBkvvhXFfAErUqmf52BzyqFaHhEHicRNLnXYfRj (Gigantomachia)

How’d you first learn about TurtleCoin?
I actually found it through as I’ve been operating a smallish pool of miners using some old hardware and would check the going rates every few days. TurtleCoin popped up one day and my wife and I laughed a bit at the name. After checking it out we were intrigued given the how early in the project it is and we haven’t looked back.

Your wife is involved in TurtleCoin, too?
She’s involved, yes. She’s working on some cool artwork for @fexra’s web wallet.

What’s her handle?

When was it that you guys got involved?
It looks like I started mining TRTL on Feb 8th, 2018. I recall I watched the hashrate surge and drop for a few days before that. I’d have to guess I found it around Feb 5th, 2018.

What was it about TurtleCoin that initially drew you in? What did you find intriguing about it?
I remember when I first heard of Bitcoin. I mined a little way back when as a gaff, ended up dismissing it like many others, lost the keys, and cried in late 2018. Once I found TRTL, I felt like there might be a chance to redeem myself. Honestly, once I joined the Discord, I was hooked. There is an awesome community built around a blockchain in its infancy and I saw ways that I can help. I was also in dire need of a hobby as my professional life tends to consume me.

What does that professional life entail? What’s your day job?
I’m the Chief Technical Officer for a national managed service provider that provides WAN, Voice, VoiP, TV, WiFi, Project Management, and Photo Support services. I lead teams of developers, network engineers, network support staff, field technicians, project management teams, R&D teams, and everything in between.

How did you approach getting more involved in the community beyond mining? What was the first project you dove into?
I’m constantly hopping between my desktop at home, my desktop at work, and my laptop. Keeping three different nodes synced seemed like a pain and I don’t carry around flash drives. So I setup a remote node in one of my personal server farms to use and that worked out well. I knew that there was a remote node available at; however, I had intermittent success in syncing my wallets against that. Seeing a gap, I figured I could help fill it. That’s why I created as a free public set of nodes. In conjunction with that, the TurtleCoind binary would hang up, freeze, or crash at times and that wasn’t up to par with the type of services that I habitually run. As a result, I’ve been working on the turtlecoind-ha project that I created to help keep the nodes sane, in a running state, and current on the blockchain. I’ve got some big ideas that I share with the rest of the community and chime in where I think I can add value. The community as a whole keeps me enticed and wanting to help however I can.

Tell me more more about the turtlecoind-ha project. What’s it about?
In short, turtlecoind-ha is a service wrapper that actively monitors and interacts with the TurtleCoind program to make sure that it’s actually responding (not crashed) and is synchronized with the network. For anyone that likes to start the TurtleCoind program and leave it running, it can help tremendously in making sure that you’re always synchronized with the network. No waiting for TurtleCoind to sync when you just wanted to check your wallet balance quick.

Tired of syncing? Try TurtleNode! It’s awesome! It just works.

What’s your favorite pizza?
That’s a toss up between Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza (Giordano’s or Gino’s) or the coal-fired variety (Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza). Either way I lean towards heavy on the meats and light on the veggies. Whenever someone I know makes a trip to Chicago, I bribe them for a deep dish.

When you’re not working or hanging out in the TurtleCoin discord, what do you like to do for fun?
My wife and I try to relax. Whether it’s hanging out with our dogs, watching movies, or trying to find an event to attend we try to use our downtime wisely. That’s not as often as it probably should be because I typically work 80+ hours a week.

Note from RockSteady: That 80hrs+ figure seems a bit low. [Citation Needed]

What’s next for you and TurtleCoin? We talked about the public nodes you’ve set up and the turtlecoind-ha project, but what are some other big picture ideas you have for the coin and your involvement in the community?

What’s next: I have some work to do on the turtlecoind-ha package to add some more sanity checks as well as an out of band management interface for remotely controlling the node to allow for a centralized master control server. This code will help to maintain the public nodes as the service continues to grow. I would then like to apply some of the same concepts to walletd.

Big picture: Ultimately, I hope to find the time to work with a few others to abstract the cryptonote and cryptonight functions to a point that it becomes easier to build tools that interact directly with the network instead of having to rely on external programs (i.e., TurtleCoind, simplewallet, walletd). Enabling more developers to work directly with a set of native TurtleCoin libraries in languages like C++, Node, .NET, etc. would provide a massive catalyst for the development of additional TurtleCoin applications and solutions. I’ve also discussed the ability to abstract the blockchain storage to other backend database systems that would help enable Service Providers to run high-end services with TurtleCoin. I’m excited as the prospect of what the community can put together when we all work together.

That’s a good lead-in to my next question, which is where do you see TurtleCoin going in the future? In 5 years, are we still just going to be using it to tip peple on discord? Or do you see real-world use cases coming down the pike?
Visualizing the mass adoption of any cryptocurrency is difficult. While I believe that the technology has considerable value to the global economy, whether the cryptocurrency community wants to admit it or not, I believe that for mass adoption to occur strong partnerships with government and banks is required in the long term. Accessibility is one of the most important aspects of any currency. While the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency is one of the major drives behind it; there is something to be said for the fact that FIAT is very easy to work with (aside from regulations).

With continued strong community and development support behind TurtleCoin, I believe that the project can help shape the discussion on how cryptocurrency cracks the mass-adoption barrier. Driving for the ability to extend the use of TurtleCoin to other areas in a way that lowers entry barriers, provides a means to strong integrations with third-party systems, and makes it as easy as FIAT to use is my hope for the project in the long term. The TipBot is just the tip of the iceberg in that regard. With the project still being in it’s infancy there are many paths that the project can take. Each community member has their own take on what’s possible for the project in the future and under the core team’s guidance, I have faith that TurtleCoin will prosper.

I can’t speak of any use cases coming down the road any time soon; however, I’ve had some conversations recently with some of the community developers that lead me to believe that there is strong support for working towards the ability to create a TurtleCoin Automated Clearing House (ACH) type system that would allow for the building of a Payment Gateway. Development of these items would help merchants to adopt TurtleCoin as an accepted payment method. The WooCommerce plugin provides a step in this direction and I’m excited to see it used in online stores.

You mentioned you were operating a small pool of miners when you discovered TurtleCoin. How long have you been into crypto?

If I recall correctly, I originally took a look at BTC back in mid-2011; however, as I mentioned before, I saw it as a novelty and something to fiddle with. I saw it as one of those pet projects that teams create and then let die eventually. I largely ignored it for a number of years as I focused on my career and other personal development. Some of the news that was kicking up in early 2017 piqued my interested and I started reading a little bit here and there on the developments. I kept the entire crypto concept at arms length last year until late October when I started to look at things a bit more closely. By the time the bubble jumped, I knew it was too late to get in for that round of gains — and mining it without serious investment was laughable. I saw movement in the Altcoins markets and have a whole bunch of spare hardware laying around that I figured could be put to good use. Most of it has been left powered on in racks or under my desk and I figured I might as well make some money with it. From there, most of my involvement is, at its core, my way of helping crypto succeed to help drive eventual value and adoption.

You mentioned some of the projects or initiatives you’re working on or have in your sights. Any areas where you’re seeking community input? Any opportunities for people to get involved if they want?

Excellent question! I’d love to garner some input from those in the community regarding technical writing, documentation techniques, and other such functions. These things are paramount to the successful development of any project. In addition, those familiar with any programming languages would be more than welcome. The entire community benefits from the combined experience and knowledge of anyone that brings concepts, discussions, or development talent (in any form) to the group. At the risk of sounding like a hyped up CEO on a stage at a developer’s conference, the more “DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS!” we have working towards any of the community’s goals we have, the better off we all will be as a group.

Anything you’d like to add?

If people are interested in helping out, they should check out the #bounties channel on discord. There are some rather high value bounties currently open that are up for grabs for anyone that wants to put a bit of effort in. If you don’t see anything you think you can help with, certainly ask if anyone has anything they would like help with. You may not get a bounty for it, but putting the effort forward to show that you want to help will get you started in the world of TurtleCoin development. We look forward to many new turtles.

Tips welcome:
TRTLv1pacKFJk9QgSmzk2LJWn14JGmTKzReFLz1RgY3K9Ryn7783RDT2TretzfYdck5GMCGzXTuwKfePWQYViNs4avKpnUbrwfQ (Iburnmycd)

Note from RockSteady: Great interview, Iburnmycd! You’ve been here just a short time and have contributed some big changes, I hope to have you around much longer 🙂 Good job with everything. We’re all clapping for you!

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What is the Deal with ASIC?

While we talk about algorithm changes, I wanted to give some detail to TurtleCoin users about what’s happening now, what’s coming soon, and what that means for everyone involved.

ASIC miners have hit the market, and various manufacturers are publicly offering a selection of Cryptonight and Cryptolight miners, purpose-built to efficiently and quickly mine coins on networks like ours. As soon as we heard the news, we issued a statement in a TurtleCoin Meta Forum post that talked about the importance of fairness for miners on the TurtleCoin Network.

View at

The purpose of this post is to explain what we are doing to keep mining competitive, and to keep the community up to date on current efforts in this direction. As time and progress allows, I’ll be updating this article with new information, so be sure to bookmark it!

Let’s talk about our options.

As with all matters, there are many options to choose from, and in our case, we have two: Do we accept ASIC on our network, or do we begin an ongoing effort to exclude them? Let’s take a minute to think hypothetically about what each option might be like.

Figure A. — a bad turtle

What if we support ASIC?

One option is to change nothing, and adapt to a world with ASIC miners on our network. Their presence would offer an increase in network hash-power, a decrease in the orphaned block rate, less pressure on the GPU market, and a new wave of miners currently being excluded from other networks as other dev teams work fast to discourage ASIC compatibility.

Let’s break that statement down, what does it really mean?

  • “ASIC would offer an increase in network hashpower”
    These machines are very effective at turning power into hash cycles, which means that as they board the network in greater numbers, the difficulty, or the amount of cycles it takes on average to unlock a block every thirty seconds goes up.
  • “a decrease in the orphaned block rate”
    If the global hash rate rises 20x as a result of the presence of ASIC miners, the probability that two miners reach the same solution in the same second is drastically less, as the granularity has increased greatly.
  • “less pressure on the GPU market”
    If you’ve been shopping for GPUs recently, as a gamer, you probably noticed that prices have almost tripled since this time last year. As cryptoassets gained popularity around March 2017, mining hardware and GPUs had a surge of popularity and limited supply, as the same hardware is used by gamers and miners alike. ASIC has one purpose, hashing a single algorithm. They can’t run Crysis. When they’re done, they’re done.

Figure B. — a good turtle

What if we don’t support ASIC?

On the other hand, we can choose to keep mining fair and decentralized, we won’t have to take an oath of servitude to the chip manufacturers, we can still increase our network hash-power, and we will have many uses for our old hardware when it’s no longer profitable to mine with.

Let’s unpack those statements:

  • “keep mining fair and decentralized”
    ASIC manufacturers tend to be centralized in the same geographic area, with parts and resources produced sourced, designed and produced in-house. The potential for collusion or tampering with the flow of hardware from manufacturer to consumer is too high. This puts a single point of failure in front of too many parties that could have an interest in “squeezing” this market.
  • “we won’t have to take an oath of servitude to the chip manufcturers”
    When we, as a network, become dependent on a handful of chip manufacturers, all with similar interests, we can no longer make decisions that require consensus to enact. For example, if we decide to change our hashing algorithm to improve the quality of the network, and a hardware manufacturer doesn’t feel like re-tooling for this change, all they need to do is overpower everyone else on the network with hash-power that they’re in control of supplying to us, and there would be no upgrade taking place as a result. This relationship dynamic is unsustainable.
  • “we can still increase our network hash-power”
    Increasing the difficulty is a good thing for us, and in an algorithm change to eliminate ASIC, we are afforded an opportunity to deviate from our current hashing algorithm to a faster one that spins at a faster rate. This speed increase allows less risk of orphaned blocks.
  • “many uses for our old hardware when it’s no longer profitable for mining”
    ASIC hardware is good for a short amount of time before it becomes cost prohibitive to mine with. There is a regular upgrade cycle to keep up with production and difficulty. When your miner is no longer profitable, there is no resale value, and nothing inside the machine to be used for parts. When difficulty rises enough, you have a heater that generates 30 cents per year. GPUs can be resold, used for gaming, password hashing, 3D rendering, video production, and all types of research needing high amounts of number crunching power.

Is ASIC The Only Problem We Can Solve?

Another issue we face is related to the orphaned block issue we spoke about above, rented hash-power. Networks like NiceHash and botnets currently have the ability to cause timing issues on our network. They immediately dump a load of hash-power on the network, and parallel orphan chains start getting created. The increase in hash-power outpaces the difficulty and miners reach the correct result on block after block simultaneously, and sometimes ahead of schedule.

This has many concerns and frustrations attached to it. Some people even look at it as further securing the network, but regardless of which side you’re on, if the network is emitting blocks out of schedule, the reward suffers, the schedule suffers, and it can’t be good for the consistency of transactions for the normal user.

We’ve decided that while we’re at the drawing board, we may as well come up with a multi-faceted solution that addresses everything. If we can somehow make ourselves incompatible with ASIC as well as rented hash-power and botnets, we can give power back to the miners who are investing in our network by running rigs at home.

Stage One: In Testing Now!

We’ve Got A Plan, And We’re Stickin’ To It!

The plan for tackling this two part problem is a two part response, and we’d like to take care of both. This is our plan currently in action for dealing with these issues.

GPU Mining gives an incentive to the development team to always act in the best interest of and maintain a good standing with the community. At any moment miners have the option to go somewhere else.

Stage 1: Algorithm Change 1

The first priority is to get out of the way of the biggest threat to the network, which is ASIC. If we don’t get rid of ASIC first, we may not have the ability to regain consensus to make further changes to our hashing algorithm for any further changes.

We have several requirements for this stage:

  • We must get out of the path of ASIC as fast as possible
  • We must communicate and dedicate our support to pools and services in the transition
  • We must have compatible mining software for users
  • We must improve the consistency of blocks to reduce orphans

In other networks, as we’ve seen, a rushed algorithm change can cause much disruption, as it has had no time to be tested for completeness and correctness, and hasn’t had time to be properly integrated in pools and services. While these things are fun to play with, we know that this is people’s money and time, and we must treat their resources with respect.

The option that fulfills each of these requirements, and still allows for immediate integration to pools and services is CN-Lite Variant 1

Below is a short point-by-point response to the previous concerns mentioned above.

  • We are able to implement these changes quickly and effectively, in accordance with the ASIC avoidance timeline
  • We have support for pools and services out of the box, and are able to easily patch those that don’t.
  • We already have compatible mining software, most mainstream Cryptonight mining applications have patches tested and ready for this transition.
  • CN-Lite Variant 1 spins faster than the mainstream CN variant alternative, which helps prevent orphans, since we have such a short block target interval.

What Is The Status Of This Change?

Currently, we are in Stage 1, with the new algorithm already in testing on our Testnet repository which you can review on GitHub currently at the link below.

View at

Community member Suml Noether is credited with making the upgrade change, and continues to add support and improvements to the needs of the network, like an improved node-multi-hashing library, which is an essential part of running a pool with the new algorithm. Here are links to the associated contributions:

View at
View at
View at
View at

I asked Suml to contribute a quote for this article, and got this in response:

One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know. — Suml Noether, 2018

For those of you that want to get in on the discussion leading up to Stage 2, please see my updated main post and the related GitHub discussion in the TurtleCoin Meta Forum post linked below.

View at

Stay tuned as this article takes shape over the coming weeks. In the mean time, enjoy the testnet, and have a great week!

UPDATE April 9, 2018: The fork went by without errors. All is well. Bummer. Maybe TurtleCash next time 🙁

All Weekly Update

Weekly Roundup (Mar 23, 2018)

The chat grew to 9,102 Turtles this week! Great job guys!

  • One Click Miner — I got in touch with the elusive EncryptedUnicorn who whipped up a really cool GUI frontend for a popular mining software most of us use. “In the upcoming version(s) of the One Click Miner project for TurtleCoin you’ll be able to select pools manually or with more automatic selection features like for example ‘prefer smaller payouts’. There’ll also be settings for intensity/xmr-stak fine tuning in the advanced options for both Nvidia and AMD cards. Finally, I want to clean up the code and comment most parts, so that anyone understanding C# will be able to help me, which I’ll need at some point and am looking forward to.”
     Github —

  • ios-pool-monitor — I’m always excited to see what these mobile projects come up with! It looks like there is a visual language evolving herein how our UIs look and it’s really looking good. Of course that’s just my opinion, and I’m only one Rock!
    Here’s a quote “iOS Pool Monitor got a radical new TurtleCoin shell logo loader this week! We also switched the app over to a new remote pools list JSON that we plan to use as a unified list for other applications. Create a new issue here to get your Forknote pool added” Great job! I can’t wait to see what you comes next!

Fexra’s RimWorld base
  • Fexra’s Web Wallet — Fexra turned into a degenerate gamer/gambler over the week, and took a break from web wallet development.
    I been on hiatus this week playing RimWorld. I’m very excited as I’m writing this because Marjot and Nguyen are getting married! It’s sure going to be a good atmosphere in my colony! For those wondering what’s up with the web wallet, I got some decent news: it’s done (more or less yah?)! This weekend I will be stress testing it and preparing the servers for the beta. I would like to thank everyone for being so patient and helping me out throughout these weeks! For those who are worried, don’t be, I just shaved.”
     I figured you guys would want answers though, so here’s at least a picture of his fort in RimWorld. I’ll admit, it’s pretty cool looking!

  • Chuck Turtles — I caught up with the guy running the CryptoGifts store and asked him what we could do to make our blocks faster, and he said he had just the thing! He hopped in his shell and went back in time to grab us this exclusive pair of Chuck Turtles, which are a blast from the past and an instant favorite in the community! “I noticed that the biggest thing the Turtlecoin community was lacking was that nobody yet had badass hi-top sneakers, so I decided to design some. I expect these to be the biggest fashion trend of 2018. Also, the store now finally accepts Turtlecoin as payment using fexra’s Woocommerce plugin and even offers a discount for using it.”

  • TRTL.WORLD — Not sure if you’ve noticed, but when you load our main page, you can see a heatmap visualization of everyone using TurtleCoin currently, or who runs their own node. The same guy who made this, Ereptor, also made us a really cool visualizer where you can scroll around the globe to see all of our users. “TRTL.WORLD displays the spread of Turtles around the globe via geolocation of entries from the node peer list. Future plans for the site include showing pool locations and other network statistics.”

  • Jon’s TurtleCoin Nest GUI Wallet — About the nest, I’d say I thought a universal simple and easy to use gui wallet was missing and I did my best to provide that. Considering that I have a lot of friends who bought a little turtles and they all asked me to keep their trtls as they are afraid to use a cli.

  • Take V’s GUI Shell Wallet —“Taking a break from back-end and functional work to do a complete overhaul/redesign of my UI… So far I’m only (almost done) with the menu lol. I couldn’t help doing some back end work while I was at it, I added locally stored address nicknames (separate from address book names, solely for helping to keep track of addresses within your wallet)… Also started work on a themes option that will be customizable in the end.”

I have been following bitcoin and monero for a while. I wanted to develop but felt humbled by those big projects, and when I saw TurtleCoin, I knew that it was my opportunity to start developing and learning more technical stuff in the crypto space, in a smaller, more modest and more fun community. 
— Jon, Turtle Nest Developer

  • ZPalmtree’s Simplewallet — “The simplewallet rewrite has had a few bug fixes and is now working 100% on Windows. Hopefully it will be landing on your PC’s soon, when we finish up a few last tweaks on the daemon and push out a ton of fixes to you all”
  • Reddit Turtle Tip Bot — The Turtlecoin Reddit tip bot is long overdue. It has been successfully tested and the instructions for use will be posted to the TRTL subreddit sometime tonight.”
  • Public Nodes by TurtleNode —“I’ve spun up more nodes in Singapore! Next stop, Frankfurt. Currently working on enhancements to the API proxy to provide other supporting data that will be used elsewhere including validation that nodes have not forked. This will help feed data to the HA script that will kick a node if it deviates off track. Also working on a web controller for the HA scripts to make it easier to manage a node.”

  • Madk’s Tip Bot — “The tip bot has become even more popular in the past week thanks to awesome contributions from Pypper. More features are in the pipeline, including tipping directly to addresses!”
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Out of the Shell #4: @月饼tom

Tom’s Avatar

Welcome to the fourth installment of Out of the Shell, a series of interviews with the developers, designers, and doers behind TurtleCoin. This is @gigantomachia and I’ll be your host.

The TurtleCoin community is full of talented people who contribute their time and skills, but prefer to stay under the radar. I was lucky enough to lure one these humble turtles out of his shell for this interview. Tom (@月饼tom) is a security researcher from Canada who’s been involved in crypto on and off since the very beginning (he mined Bitcoin when it still made sense to do it from your desktop). He originally discovered TurtleCoin on TradeOgre while looking for valuable coins to mine and was immediately drawn in by the community and the TurtleCoin origin story. He now runs one of TurtleCoin’s block explorers and mining pool trackers (, as well as one of the community’s public daemons (a public daemon allows a user to interact with the TurtleCoin blockchain without having to run turtlecoind directly on their computer to sync with the blockchain).

I chatted with @月饼tom about how he came to join the TurtleCoin community, what projects he’s currently working on, and why he thinks TurtleCoin has a bright future. Enjoy.

Tips welcome: TRTLuxvBFVNSxovAp3c9C8h8dUttA4sP8hHELDQJXsQZ7JcKfnn3sLkUPGQgQBkvvhXFfAErUqmf52BzyqFaHhEHicRNLnXYfRj (Gigantomachia)

How’d you first learn about TurtleCoin?
I could not ignore Bitcoin again after all the attention in November/December of last year and decided to go look for some altcoins to mine. I found Aeon via a forum I was a member of that ran a private pool. After not being so happy with major exchanges for selling the mining proceeds I was looking for new Aeon markets and stumbled across TradeOgre, saw this thing called TurtleCoin and fell went down the rabbit hole.

So, you entered via mining. Do you mine TurtleCoin exclusively, now?
No, not exclusively. I mine some other coins. The nature of the different cryptocurrencies is that depending on the equipment you have it is more profitable to mine some different ones, Zcash/Equihash on Nvidia and cryptonote on CPUs.

What initially drew you to the coin? What was it that enticed you to jump in?
The story of how there was so much BS in the crypto world with white papers, ICOs and whatnot rang true. I had read so many and they all seemed so hollow. They had me at “Hold my beer.” Lets go make a coin without all the pretense and just see where it goes. I am pretty sure all the ICO guys didn’t put down their vodka tonics to go do work, you know?

So the story behind TurtleCoin drew you in and you started mining TRTL. What led you to get more involved in the community and set up a block explorer?
I saw a gap in that basic services like the block explorer were not there yet and knew that cryptonote blockchain software had not been maintained much over the years from working with the Aeon code. I saw it as an opportunity to run a service and enhance my skills in running a reliable service in a coin that I was “invested” in through having spent the time mining it. Basically, it’s a win/win. I get to learn about running blockchain software at scale and help a coin I own a bit of.

For the non-technical people who might read this and wonder, can you explain the purpose of a block explorer and mining pool tracker? How does that service benefit the community?
Ah ya, good question. So the block explorer lets you track all the details of the blockchain, like what the current block is (height), what the reward is for finding or mining a block and, most importantly, to look up transaction IDs and see if they made it onto the blockchain. The pool listing is useful to track the network as most of the mining or block generation is done in pools these days. So, basically, you can watch and see when your transaction hits the chain, and then if someone says they didn’t receive it or it didn’t make a block you have some reference point.

What’s your professional background?
I am a security researcher.

What’s your favorite pizza?
Pepperoni pizza is the best.

You mentioned earlier not ignoring Bitcoin again after the Nov/Dec run up. Does that imply you’ve been involved in the past? How long have you been interested in crypto?
Since the start. But the culture changes and the rapid escalation to more expensive mining technologies (GPU/ASIC) drove me away rather quickly.

The start start? Were you mining Bitcoin when you could do it from your desktop? What year did you get involved?
So early 2010 probably. Yes, I remember being frustrated that I could only mine a few coins and gave up at the time lol.

So you gave up on all crypto until late last year?
I went back and did a review a few times: 2013, 2015.

Besides the block explorer and mining pool tracker, are you involved in any other projects in the TurtleCoin community?
In a small way I feed the results of running a TurtleCoin daemon at scale back into the core project. I am also working on a receipt printer paper wallet project solo.

See Tom print money. Print, Tom. Print.

What’s the application of a receipt printer paper wallet? I’ve only ever seen them as receipts from bitcoin ATMs. Is that what you’re thinking here?
Yeah, ATMs or just an easy way to sell coins to people and give them access via a paper wallet that can be printed quickly.

That implies face-to-face transactions. That’s an interesting angle I haven’t seen the community talk about yet. Good lead in to a question about where you see TurtleCoin heading.
I see TurtleCoin heading into the space of a coin that you can use how you need to use it. If you need to make a fast transaction on the network that will work (it does today), or if you want to go use paper wallets printed on thermal printer paper, that will work too. Hopefully the digit feature will help people understand better the value or amount they are sending at any given time. How much was 0.004005 BTC vs how much is 2500 TRTL.

What does TurtleCoin have going for it that the other cryptocurrencies with an emphasis on privacy don’t?
So another good question. I see other privacy-focused cryptocurrencies having a strong culture around why you should buy or invest in it, and usually a strong “leader” who is directing the investment “advise” and the project. In TurtleCoin I see strong leadership in the technology and culture, but the whole market aspect is not the focus. They kicked all the “when’s the next exchange” and “price!?” folks to a separate discord a few weeks ago so that we could focus on the technology. This means to me that the leadership values privacy and this is not just another pump-and-dump scheme. I guess that does not just apply to privacy coins, but crypto in general.

Are you saying an emphasis on the tech, not marketing, is a good sign for the coin’s long-term viability?
Well marketing is important too, and that happens for sure. I am saying that my interpretation is that marketing is done with concern for the users interests the same as it is with the technology.

When you’re not working or hanging out in the TurtleCoin discord, what do you like to do for fun?
For fun I like to do things like cryptocurrency hacking, time travel and hockey.

Any particular projects or initiatives you’re working on right now where you’re seeking community input? Any request for the reader or community, or opportunities for people to get involved if they want?
So, the block explorer codebase was forked from Karbo and it does not really reflect the branding of TurtleCoin. I would be happy to work with folks on updates that use the material that the folks in the marketing channel have created.

Anything you’d like to add?
I think that TurtleCoin is a good somewhat safeish place for folks to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology if they keep in mind that the markets are super risky. Just use the opportunity to run the wallet/daemon and get some TRTL with mining or the rain and see how it works for them. Other than that just a big thanks to everyone out there in the community. It has been a blast and let’s see where this goes.

Tips welcome: TRTLv2MxqomYoBNjKD1jPeQBRZ6ghG9xpED51C3uSv2VDNgt7u8fHVtA8oEF5sjXC7U1kavfTLAPQKKoPUodidGuDULqYNXihwJ (月饼 tom)

Tom, you’ve been a really big help since the beginning, and an expert diagnostician! Thanks for putting up with all the shenanigans :) — Rock

All Weekly Update

Weekly Roundup (Mar 16, 2018)

The chat grew to 8,902 Turtles this week!

“When I first came across TurtleCoin I loved the idea of it and the culture behind it. I wanted the logo intro to show the speed, encryption, and strength of the coin with the reminder to, have fun in the end. I look forward to being a contributing member of the community with the goal of helping to translate the concept of Turtle Coin visually, through design and marketing.” — Nolo Yojimbo

woo-turtle makes it really easy to accept TRTL on your woo-commerce store
  • Fexra’s Woo Turtle Extension — Fexra made a Woo-commerce integration that securely talks to our TurtleCoin software so that merchants can open stores in just a few minutes and start selling! This is awesome! I had to get a quote: “The TurtleCoin WooCommerce Extension, a gateway plugin for the ecommerce software WooCommerce that runs on WordPress, has received some very much needed updates today! Thanks to @TheTimeWalker the plugin supports now any local currency that CryptoCompare offers a BTC pair with. Furthermore, I have added RCP password support, allowing the plugin to interact with the latest version of the TurtleCoin walletd daemon. I would also like to thank @derp-derp-derp for getting me motivated to siginificantly improve the readme file and admin panel instructions. For instructions, screenshots and the code head over to our repo. Much love, Fexra.”

Iburnmycd’s Public Tracker and Public Daemons! Thank you!
  • Iburnmycd’s Public Daemon Tracker and Daemon Proxy— “My wife and I love TRTL and the community. This is our way of contributing. I’m working on improving on my node monitoring wrapper over the next few days that helps keep the node synced and responsive. Once that’s done I’ll be working on cleaning up my API proxy that interacts with any publicly reachable node so that I can publish that to github as well. Sometime in between those things I’ll spin up additional nodes in Europe for my Public node service. Looking forward to big things with Turtlecoin.”

Wiedo’s Transaction Checker Bot
  • Wiedo’s Transaction Checker Bot —“I love the TurtleCoin community so I’d like to give something back. I have a little bit of time and it’s been a while since I programmed something so I started with something small. Four hours later I had a discord bot running which checks if your TRTL transaction is confirmed or not.” Great job Wiedo! I can’t wait to see this in our #bots channel!

Ms Bones aka Mooshmouse on Facebook submitted some really cool fan art that got a really positive response in the chat a few nights ago! Her art is NSFW I’ve been told, so save that search for after work!

When asked to provide a quote about his new role as Warden, Moot slid a kite under the door to Watter which read the following…

ZPalmtree’s new CLI wallet
  • ZPalmTree New Wallet — “I’ve been working on updating simplewallet to be a bit more user friendly. Hopefully the UI will be a bit a bit easier for newbies to get used to, and the program will let you know when things are taking a while rather than leaving you in the dark. It also has some cool new features like fusion transaction and transaction splitting to prevent your turtles from ever getting stuck, and view only wallets!”

  • Cision’s Block Explorer —“I’m really happy that i’m able to contribute a blockexplorer service to our turtlecoin community, i will set up a load balancer over the weekend so there will be a failover system for it — alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
    Turtle-Block Block Explorer —

Take V’s GUI Wallet
  • TakeV’s GUI Wallet “Shell Wallet”— “Slowly adding a simple network monitor to my wallet app, and fixed most of the bugs I was having. Need to fix up the loading time since it still takes like 5–10 seconds to load a wallet file and verify the password and server info, getting there”

Rainbot’s taking a week off — It has come to our attention that the rainbot has been used for a malicious purpose, for this reason, we have decided to temporarily disable it. In hopes to relaunch with a fair and equal system that makes everyone feel included — Xsais

Wise words from Alien

Madk’s Tipbot++ is an instant hit!
  • Madk’s Tipbot++ — “Turtlecoin is a community project, and the best way to grow it is to share the love, which is why I wrote trtlbot++, a new tipping bot for the discord channel. Plenty of new features are on the way, including tipping multiple people at once and joining in on someone else’s tip!” mad “not a professional quote maker” k

  • CptCrunch’s Stickers — Looking to show off to the other TRTL Miners? Wanna Slightly increase your miner’s hash rate? Then get yourself an OFFICIAL TRTL Sticker. Currently we have The Turtle Shield with the Name And just the Turtle Coin Shield Each Sticker can be yours for 9K Turtle. + FREE Shipping within the US. For all you International Turtles. Shipping is $1.15 USD. I am currently still covering this cost but I do take TIPS to my Wallet 
    All payments can be sent to : TRTLuy3FLBFaqyi13pgp3g7h8tH5BffSNeeEMF9c2e2CRKx2yJFpN9kcDnpfrHbynr5LpM8Li9UY4ifTrs4wAtm2WxVyYfQRi59
    DM me your shipping address or an address you can pickup the stickers from if you want to stay anonymous. I don’t disclose your mailing address with anyone or 3rd party Advertisers! LOL Above is a Picture of the Stickers. Cowabunga! TRTL Crew

Ryan’s Turtle Racing
  • Ryan’s Turtle Racing — “Turtle Racing is developing slowly and steadily. Turtles are now saved entities so every time you see one by that name it will have the same skin, accessories, and some base stats that will be surfaced. Names are now read in from chat and put into a database with a daily login bonus. Betting odds and camera angles are currently being worked on. Keep an eye on the chat where I look forward to having some test races soon.”

Fexra’s Web Wallet
  • Fexras Web Wallet — “Development on TurtleWallet took a slight detour this week, with the implementation of a queue job processing system. In simple words, this will allow turtles too keep using the TurtleWallet like normal (except for receiving transactions), when connection is lost with the blockchain. This creates a very smooth user experience, which I hope will make the web wallet and its API a stable solution. I’m further pleased to announce that sending, receiving and confirming transactions is now fully functional, along with an app and email notification system. About 95% of the functionality has been implemented now, and focus will be put on the public website, user design and server security the coming days in preparation of the Beta. I know I promised the Beta this week, but it may take a tad longer due to the slight detour, stated earlier :)” — Fexra Zuckerberg Esquire III
  • TurtleCoinCashGold RIP — We hardly knew ye.

  • Just in case you missed our livestream on Category5TV, our community members 98Shiraz and Jeffw did our first 4 hour long typhoon party live stream on their awesome channel, Category5TV on YouTube. You guys should check them out and give them a subscribe to show thanks!
  • turtlecoin-walletd-rpc -python — “this is the beginning of the library and basic funcationallity like creating addresses, viewing balances or keys, sending transactions work fine. Fusion transactions are missing but i’ll work on that next. Also there will be proper docs and package will be uploaded on pypi (so people can just pip install it)” -FantasticSleep

  • derp-derp-derp iOS Tracker — “The iOS version of Pool Monitor picked up some help from another Turtle this week and we published a couple of maintenance releases including:
     — Remote pools list management for faster updates
     — Bugfix where app crashed when no hash rate chart was available from pool API
     — Connection check and API down error handling
     — Added
     — Added
     — Removed
     — Removed”

Shoutouts and Honorable Mention

We are excited to be introducing a new dev-turtle to the pack! Welcome wmccurry!

Alien shouts out the TurtleCoin Instagram

Join our Steam group TurtleCoinTeam
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The Traveler’s Guide to #exile

This is a guide for all of those who’ve suddenly found themselves read-only in our chat with an #exile role applied to their account. This is a welcome-guide of sorts, and an explainer for the TurtleCoin Judiciary Appeals Process.

Oh no! I was happily shitposting and now I can’t say anything except for this one room with the grabby wolf-turtles! — ExileTurtle RIP

We have to accept the responsibility that free speech and anonymity can lead to some disasters, and if you don’t discourage troublemakers, you lose a lot of good people. We don’t want to kick you or ban you, we just can’t have you in the front room showing your ass to guests.

You can see here, CrappyRules eating an inmate.

The good news is, most people get out of exile within minutes. Sit tight.

Probably by the time you’re done reading, not skimming, this article, you’ll have someone waiting to talk to you. In the mean time, here’s what’s about to happen.

Arrest & Intake

An exile role is applied to you. You are now read-only in all chats except for #exile, and there are other chats you just won’t be able to see anything. At this point, nobody has addressed what has brought you to #exile and your case is awaiting arbitration. Your username will usually have the label (INMATE).

Note: Exile is completely a free speech zone. I’m not saying to go and harrass anyone with an (inmate) tag, I’m saying if you want to tell someone exactly how you feel about them, this is for sure the place, but beware, being directly hazardous to the community, or disregarding an order to chill out will get you in a sticky situation, and don’t be surprised if you step over the line and notice the exit door a lot harder to find!

This is Shortok’s baby. Look at it.

The Appeals Process

There is a voluntary appeals process. Everyone is given a chance to sway the community sentiment in their favor. If you’d like to appoint a representative to help petition for your release, this is allowed.

If you have decided to submit a statement, an ad-hoc committee of your peers will be created to evaluate your appeal.

Rare Origami Turtles are a sure bet.

Judgement & Redemption

If you’ve made your appeal, and it is decided you need to get right with the community, you’ll be given three choices for redemption:

  • A tribute — You must pay a tribute to the rain bot, or tip the person you’ve wronged.
  • A challenge — You’ll be issued a challenge, like singing for us, or crafting a bespoke haiku to convey your apologies to the Appeals Committee.
  • A sentence — Doing time in #exile is always a respectful way to repent. Some of the most caustic members of our society have gone through this way, the longest being a month or more, and come out as gems of our society.

That’s all there is to it.

In all, #exile can be a scary place, and there’s a lot of reasons why you don’t want to get sent there. Keep in mind though, you’re there for a reason, and we’d rather you be a good sport and earn your way out. It’s a rehabilitative process that will help integrate you with the community. And most of all, you don’t want to run in to Wazlo.

Seriously, you don’t want to meet Wazlo.
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How To Be A Good Turtle

Thanks to Uurayan for inspiring this article, I hope it inspires some of you! -RockSteady

An illustrated Guide For Identifying Good Turtles

As always, we Turtles learn by doing, and while I was doing a bad job of informing the community what we like to see, a Good Turtle came along and showed me some resources that I could use to help you guys! Thanks Uurayan!

1. A Good Turtle Always Says Hello!

Seeing someone pop in the chat is always exciting. Take a second from your conversation to welcome them!

Here you can see Mr. Bones and Shiraz being very welcoming Turtles. Great job guys!

Say hello to someone by @’ing their username when you see them, and maybe a small welcome phrase if they’re arriving from a recent event that got us a lot of new faces.

When a new user joins, they can’t type for the first 5–10 minutes, so be patient!

Bring the new person up to speed on the conversation at hand and give them some context, and then ask for their input. Everyone has a voice here, and a good way to get to know someone is to get them involved as soon as they hit the floor.

2. A Good Turtle Is Happy To Be Helpful!

Being new can be scary and frustrating, especially if you need help! When you see Turtles who need help, even if you don’t know the answer, acknowledge them and allow them to explain to you what’s going on.

Ereptor and Turtle? are two Good Turtles in the #help channel

When someone asks for help, even if you don’t know the answer, please take a second to pop in the #help channel and grab someone who can help. Try not to just bark back at them “Go ask #help”, if you can, take them by the shell and go there with them and see that they find help.

People will be frustrated, that’s okay! Keep your convo 100% related to fixing their problems and you’ll win them over every time when they’re fixed. The most angry people will be your most passionate supporters if you help them.

3. A Good Turtle Knows Their Surroundings!

Sometimes the party can get a little out of hand, and conversations can drift into uncertain waters, that’s okay! We’ve made lots of channels for you to express yourself.

When in doubt, take it to #market-talk
  • Are you in #dev_marketing because you invested at 1235 SAT and demand to know when the next sweet pump sesh is happening? Is your question in any way related to price, trade, or markets?
    Market talk goes in #market-talk.
  • Are you sure you need to post the brand new issue of NSFW Turtentacle Hentai vol. XVII in general chat? 
    Post it in #off-topic
  • Do you see someone complaining about not being given enough free TRTL or otherwise disrespecting the general giving spirit of the chat? 
    Tell them to post it in #exile where there are no rain or tip bots.
  • Are you standing in #dev_general shouting about not being able to sync your daemon? 
    Get a glass of water, and post it in #help.

Disappointed with the amount of your free TRTL? We can fix that.

General is the first chat where all the new users end up, and this is where they form their first impressions. Please be nice, and be thinking at all times “Is this conversation representing the community in a good way?”

You don’t have to be a party pooper to kindly guide the conversation where it belongs; don’t point fingers if you get called out for being in the wrong spot, and don’t put up a fight when you’re asked to go.

What To Do When You See A Good Turtle!

  1. Thank them! Tell them they make the chat a better place. Tip them if you feel like they did something good!
    If others see you recognizing a Good Turtle for their effort, they’ll want to do the same. You don’t have to take it from me, just Google search “The Big Bang Theory Episode About Pavlov Response”.. Here’s a clip:

2. Help them! Good Turtles Multiply!

Anybody can help, even if you’re not a coder. If you see someone trying to help a user and the user is taking the drama to a new level, be the soothing voice that pops in and reiterates what the helpful Turtle is trying to say. Sometimes hearing something from another person’s words helps.

Never forget the Turtles who helped you

3. When You See A Good Turtle, Post A Link To This Article And Let Other’s Know What Makes This Person So Great!

Good Turtles make this community thrive, and without them we’d be lost. Even if it is not on this list, find a way to acknowledge the Good Turtles, and let them know you appreciate their hard work!

Thanks again to Uurayan for helping us pay attention to the things that matter and urging us to create a framework for what exactly makes the ideal chatter.